Lights Out

I have always believed that I had an "Energy" about me. When I am in a bad mood, a "dark" mood, electrical equipment and lights seem to malfuntion.

When I lived in Hull, UK, I worked for a nightclub. On occasion I would feel anxious before work, and on the way to work, several street lights would simply go out as I approached. I chalked this down to random coincidence... until August.

I am currently living in Vancouver, BC, Canada (although moving back to Bradford, UK next week) and on 21st August I was having the day from Hell. I was working in Downtown Vancouver at a Starbucks, the day was busy, several of the staff had annoyed me, my landlady had given me a week to move out (for no reason, which REALLY made me angry) and then I found out that my girlfriend was seeing other people (which topped off my fury).

It was 1am and raining heavily out, but I decided to walk home in the rain to "cool off". The walk took me from Granville Street, down Nelson Street, across Cambie Bridge, and up Cambie Street to West King Edward Ave where I was living (a 45 block walk in total). I put Rammstein on my iPod and set off from work.

The first set of street lights I passed extinguished as I passed, then the next, and the next. Right the way to Cambie Bridge (10 blocks total) every street light on the same side of the road as me extinguished. The more I dwelled on the events of my day, the more angry I became. And the more angry I became, the street lights started going out much before I approached them, 2 lamps ahead, and then the lights on the other side of the street began going out.

I decided that it was a fluke, as I was walking in a direct North/South path. So I took a detour. West on Broadway... and the lights continued to extinguish. Then crosswalk signs started flickering and flashing as I passed them.

As I walked I looked down side streets and those lights remained on. So I knew this was no phenomena... I could feel the air around me crackling with energy.

There was a dog living next door, who is normally tied up in the yard, in its dog house. You would never know it was there, as it NEVER made a sound. As I approached my house it began to bark, howl and make a more noise than I had ever heard. I decided to go and stroke it, but as I approached, it backed away and bared its teeth to me, and shrank back into its kennel.

I abandoned the dog, and decided to get inside and change out of my wet clothing.

When I got home the lights in my house all blew as I passed under them. And my electric shower decided it was only going to switch onto boiling hot, or freezing cold.

I slept like a log that evening, and when I awoke the next day I felt drained, as though I hadn't slept at all. I managed to eat my weight in food (which was unusual for me). When I walked to work that night, no more lights extinguished.

Recently I moved to another home, on the North Shore, miles from my old house. I made the decision to move back to England and leave my girlfriend behind. It was an emotional day, and when I was walking to her place, nearly a dozen lights I passed under extinguished, and when I returned home I couldn't get reception on my TV. I slept, and when I awoke, I felt better and my TV worked fine.

The End

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