How The Universe Died

The Universe is dying. Only two stars remain. Bastion - the star of humanity and Bastam - the star of the Others. Fighting over limited resources, Scavengers search the old, dead worlds for anything they can sell. Then they find something else.

Who killed the Universe? Nobody really knew. 

Man took the universe by surprise, stretching out across the galaxies faster than anything could prepare for. The old species died. All of them. Wise beings, they had watched over the Universe for millenia. But they had grown complacent. They were unable to contain the plague of humanity as it spread from world to world, killing, devouring, experimenting. 

Everything died. Man's touch proved fatal to the universe. 

With the universe at its disposal, humanity squabbled amongst itself over its resources. It wasn't long before they realised that they could harness the power of the universe. That they could drain stars.  The stars without planets died first. Their screaming serving to satiate the hunger and bloodlust of man. Then, gradually, more stars died. Man's addiction to power and fuel only grew with each system they destroyed. 

And then something else arrived. The Others.

To this day, it remains unclear whether The Others evolved from humanity or whether they were something else. Some believe the Universe created them to defend itself. Some believe The Others are not of this Universe. Nobody will ever know. 

Regardless of where they came from, The Others seemed intent only on the destruction of mankind. At first, it seemed that they would succeed. But, as it always has, the resilience and adaptability of mankind showed itself  and The Others were pushed back. Realising that the only way they could defeat humanity would be by matching them, they too began to drain stars of their energy. 

Millenia passed. The two species locked in an infinite war. There could be no compromise and there could be no victory. Neither side possessed the strength to defeat the other. Resources thinned. Only two stars remained, at opposite ends of the universe from each other. Bastion and Bastam. 

The End

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