The bell rung and I stepped out of the class room to a smiley Jamie. "What did you ditch again?" I raised my eyebrow and he laughed. "Yep. What do you want to ditch second too?"

I shook my head. "I have do not want to be a part in your ditching games." I took his hand and we walked down the hall. "Really, you don't want to? I mean we can go anywhere. We can go bowling, or maybe have a picnic?"

"Nope, you can't lure me in, Jamie." He tilted his head. Jamie was always trying to get me to ditch school with him. But I always replied with a stern no. My mother would kill me if I did. I wouldn't tell her, but she's find out someway.

"You have Science?" He sighed and sadly said, "No." Darn it! Jamie and I had not had one class together since seventh grade. We thought it was our parents. His dad wanted Jamie to have nothing to do with me. My mom wanted me to steer clear of him. But that was impossible, we were unseperable.

" you want to come over tonight? My dad won't be home. Maybe we could hang out, then get pizza." He grinned.

"Sure, but one thing. What will I tell my mom?" I squinted my eyes at the thought. "Just tell her you'll be at Chloe's. Chloe'll cover up for you, right?"

Chloe was my best friend. But she wasn't near the friendship Jamie and I had. I was constantly covering up for her, and she's been telling me she owes me. Maybe covering up for me will help her not owe me so much.

"Yeah, sure." The bell rang, our three minutes between classes had passes. I pushed open the door. "See you soon?" I yelled out to the empty hall. Jamie had already left, probably went to go ditch, again.


Science was boring with out Jamie, every class without Jamie was boring and that meant school was very very boring.

"Hey, Jamie said you wanted to ask me something?" Chloe asked, her voice breakign me from my thoughts.

"Oh. Yeah, can you cover for me while I got to his house tonight?"

"Yep. I'll tell you're mom you'll be at my house." I slipped my hands around her waist in a lame attempt at a hug. "Thank you, Chloe! I love you!" I stood up and ran to Lunch where I found James sitting at a table. Our table.

"Hey James! OMG, guess what?" I practically shook with excitement. "What?" "Chloe said yes!!" "Nice. Hey, do you want to go get food, then I will so nobody take our table?"

I nodded and skipped into the lunch line. God, I was so happy!

The End

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