77 Wilson Road

 Ms Watersmoke wrapped her arms around her daughter with her eyes watering. "Me and Felix's dad were so worried!" She said. "You went without shoes as well you silly girl!"

"Felix said-"

"I don't care what he has to say, Lara, I care that you are alright."

"I am."

"I don't know for sure. Come inside properly and wash the mud off your feet."

Wilson Road, on the outskirts of Esford, consisted of tall narrow grey bricked terraces once grand but now quite average. 77 in particular was rather worn and shabby but with love rather than neglect. In it lived Talulah Watersmoke and her three daughters, Sylvia, Mariel, and Lara. The father of these children's had left long ago, shortly after Lara was born. Coincidentally Jane Chaseton from the neighbouring house died at the same time, leaving her husband and son who had become good friends with Lara.

Lara was in the kitchen sipping hot chocolate as her mother questioned her about where she has gone.

"The Singing Cat." Lara replied naively.

Tallulah paused. The concern on her face became fear.

"And why did you go there?"

"It was Felix's idea."

Lara was suddenly scared by her mothers drastic mood change.

"Lara. Never go there again. In fact... I don't want you to speak to Felix anymore."


"I'm sorry Lara and I understand he's a very good friend of yours but please trust me and don't speak to him anymore. Please, for me?"

Lara didn't say anything but just glowered at her mother.

"...I doubt you got a proper nights sleep." Tallulah continued. "Why don't you go to bed. NOW."


"I shouldn't talk to you anymore?"

"Mummy says I can't but she didn't say why."

Felix seemed as confused as Lara about the whole thing. "It's probably because we ran away."

"We needed to!"

"Your mum doesn't know that!"

"She knows what I am, Felix."

"Does she know I'm the same."


"She won't understand until you tell her then."

"I will."

Lara and Felix weren't friends by coincidence. Five years ago when Lara was three she was idly forming small little flames and watching them fizzle out onto the damp grass. She was too young to realise most people couldn't do that. Felix, then five, started to join her. As they grew up, they realised they were different. Felix called it witchcraft and it stuck. Now here they were aged eight and ten on the swings in their school playground.

"It doesn't make sense." Felix said after a while.

Part 3 one year later


Felix crept into view. It was dark and this summer was intensely cold.

"I'm here." Felix sat down beside Lara on the damp grass,  shivering.

They had done this for a month now, as the weather getting just about bearable. It had started to get strange around here.

"Felix, I've had an idea."


"We go back."


"To the Singing Cat, of course. I can ask why my mum doesn't like it.

She still hasn't told me."

"I wish I had a mum."

"I'm sorry. I wish I had a dad. Well, I do. He doesn't like me though. He'll see my sisters but not me." Lara wasn't entirely sure why she had said that. It hurt.

"I need to pack!"

"I forgot! Well have to go tomorrow night."

Unfortunately Lara had forgotten to whisper.

And her mother wasn't asleep.

"You can stay a while."

"I know-" Said Felix, interrupted.

Lara's mother has walked into the garden.

"Lara get inside. Get away from him."

Lara, not thinking, ran of back into the house. Her mother soon followed. She never asked whether Felix was in trouble but the next night, when she crept out into the garden, he didn't turn up

The End

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