I Don't Think I Could Really SurviveMature

"In all the years we've lived here, I've not once been up here." Jack murmered. Slowly I stood up and swung myself back inside. Hastily, Jack followed.

Jack didn't live here - I did. He slept over often enough for the neighbours to think he lived with me, but seeing as I didn't speak to any of them anyway, I hadn't bothered to correct them. A soft squeak came from the corner of the loft room, and I opened the pen to let my house rabbit out.

"Morning Zodiac." I said, scratching the top of the rabbit's head. Zodiac moved in with me the day I met Jack. Typical how you meet the man of your dreams at the rescue centre. But, that is what happened. My dreams tell me things nobody else knew - I knew I was going to meet Jack, just I didn't know when or where. I knew I was going to adopt a rabbit whose previous owners died in a house fire.  When a house a few streets down burnt to the ground, killing all that lived within except for a rabbit and a parrot, I knew it was time to visit the rescue centre.

"Didn't you want to know why I've never been up there before?" Jack said, nervously standing near the door. He looked scary with his long red hair, nose ring and ear ring, but he was a total softie. He pushed his hair behind his ears, before his hands returned to his back pockets.

"You know that its my zone out zone." I smiled at him, as I sat down on the floor to play with Zodiac. "And you don't like to disturb me." I picked up the black bunny and started to work on brushing out her fur.

"Zone out zone..." he smiled as he shook his head. "I hate disurbing you. I don't know what you've seen, and I'm not sure wether to ask or not." He sighed. Jack was easy to read, but sometimes it was unclear if he just needed a hug and a kiss, or if he needed to be alone.

"Come 'ere Jack." I kissed the top of Zodiac's head and put her back on the floor. She hopped back over to her day tent and snuggled down inside it - it was shaped like a penguin and Jack had bought her it a few months ago. I stood up, wrapped my arms around Jack's neck and looked deep into his eyes.

"Hmm?" he half asked, his mouth tugging up into a smile at one side. I didn't say anything. "What Dai?" he started to sound worried. "Come on Daisha, what?"

"Oh, nothing." I said, releasing and walking past him. Confusing him was easy. Too easy...

And then it happened.

The End

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