Light Years AwayMature

Daisha is a daydreamer. Not the regular "bored to death in an exam" type of daydreamer - shes a daydreamer with a secret.

Her daydreams show the future. But what does the future hold?

I sat thinking. Thinking about how I had been thinking about a lot of things recently.

"Still out there?" A saddened voice called. Jack had been checking on me every half hour, to make sure I hadn't fell off the roof. "You know, climbing out of the skylight to sit and watch the sky isn't the smartest thing to do. Come back in babe." 

I sighed before answering. "Come out and join me. The sun should be coming up soon." Jack muttered something, but he soon climbed out and joined me on the flat bit of roof that was above my bedroom.

"Woah..." Jack whispered, as the sky suddenly turned purple, then pink, then red, as the sun came up. "I see why you like coming up here Dia." he said, kissing my cheek.

"Thanks Jacky." I leaned against him, and his arm snaked around my waist.

"You're freezing Daisha." He sounded mildly amused. "Has that jacket offended you already?"

I smiled against his shoulder. "Being cold helps me." He knew about the things I saw, but seeing the curiosity in his maghogany eyes made me want to cry. He couldn't know about the last daydream, or it would be the last of us.

The End

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