Light Shadows, Dark Brightness

When the Light becomes Gray;

And the Dark becomes Day.

Who shall the Lion kill?

Who shall the Lamb save?

Thou shalt know at 

the Dying of the Day.


Prologue: Cousins.

        My Heart beats wildly has run away as fast as I can. Pounding footsteps follow me down the alley. I turn a corner and come to a dead end. I turn to face my killers. "Dammit!" I think to myself as I look through my coat pockets for my wand and metal stake, "Where the hell did I leave them?!" I find them just as my followers come around the bend. "Hello Arthur," says a voice that sends ice through my veins, "Did you think that  I would not catch up to you.?" "Tony," I breathe with horror, "Why are you doing this?" "I always knew that you were a coward. I told you so." Tony responds, deflecting the question as he comes striding forward, a wicked dagger glinting in his hand. "And now you shall die like the one you are." He laughs raising the dagger. I raise my weapons, ready to use whatever spell and move I could remember that my mother once taught me.

"Really, do you think I'll let you kill me that easily!" I spat at him, my body shaking. I raise my wand and turn one of the men behind him into ash. He just smiles. "Please, your little parlor tricks won't scare me." He says lazily, like a predator waiting for the kill. "You're not strong enough and you don't have the guts to kill me. I'm your family remember?" He scornfully says. I growl softly, feeling my body shaking with the power I had kept hidden. "I am as strong as you are! You made an alliance with the Demonic side! Well, I made one with the Angelic!" I reply. His eyes widen a little, and surprise shows in them. Tony regains his composure, and regards me like I'm just a child. "That may be, but you're still not strong enough to shield yourself from Dark energy." He says as he hurls a dark mass, darker than any shade of black. I cross my wand and stake together just as the energy hits me. It collides with a wall of light that burns away all the darkness and removes all shadow. Tony and I are thrown back from the impact. 

He rolls over and slowly stands up, laughing as he does so. I roll to my knees, gasping from the loss of strength. I look up as he continues to laugh. "Ahh, well, I guess I was wrong." He stops laughing when he sees the hatred in my eyes. He sighs and turns to the others behind him, "Are the reinforcements here yet?" He asks. "They are halfway down the alley sir." A hoarse voice answer him. "Good." My cousin says as he turns my way. "Are you ready to die?" He asks. "Never." I say and I drive my weapons into the ground and shout, "O God Almighty, thy servant calls upon thy aid. Hear my plea, O God of Israel!" Tony shouts an order, but is too late as a bolt of lighting strikes down on me. I feel the drain of power as I begin to transport to Guardian Hall.

                                                                  * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The End

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