Light of A Dragon (Prologue)

"It is said that the mystical dragon only shows itself to pure humans....why haven't I seen this dragon? Aren't I pure?"

After feeling that all is lost after the passing of her grandmother, and feeling that her older brother is not himself anymore, but a shadow of his down-talking girlfriend, a young girl decides she wants to become a seer in order to know that her granny is well with the gods.

With the help of a fantasy nerd, she takes off on an adventure of traveling through the world,



“Look at the stars” I said pointing up to the night sky. My older brother was lying next to me staring up at the sky from the rooftop of our temporary home, just has he always has. This time around, I had joined him.

            “When I was about your age” he began, I knew this was leading to another story “Granny use to tell me about this mystical dragon which would come from the sky. It would only show its face to the most pure of humans.” I sat up quickly. Of course I did. I was only 7 and I thought myself to be pure.

            “I am pure, aren’t I?” I asked him, astounded by the fact that I have not seen this dragon.

            “Have you seen the dragon’s face?” he questioned with a smile. I shoved him.

            “But I am a good girl, aren’t I?” I asked. I was a bit hurt that I’ve never seen this dragon’s face before. He looked at me slowly. I knew he could sense my hurt. He sat up and placed his hand on my head.

            “You are a great girl. I’m sure someday you will see the dragon’s face.” He smiled.

            “But…you are a pure human, aren’t you?” I asked him “why haven’t you seen the dragon’s face?”

            He began to laugh. I didn’t understand what was so funny. Maybe he wasn’t so pure after all is what I started to think later down the line.


The End

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