Light DawnMature

A new book on the love between Jacob Black( wolf boy) and 16 year old Renesmee( vamp girl). They will love and fall apart beacause of the parent drama.

Chapter 1

As he held me tightly his lips came to my ear and then he said it."I love you Nessie." and kissed me on my cheak, then my neack, then chin, and then he made it to my lips. After that we made it up to my room and kissed for almost the whole night. Soon I lifted up his shirt and thats when he pulled away. "Nessie are you sure you want to do this while your parents are gone?" he asked sounding scared to death. "Yep!" I said sounding out of my mind.

We yelled and screamed all night and as soon as we herd that door slam we both jumped up, got dressed, and picked up a text book to act like we were studying. "Hello?!" my father yelled coming up the stares to my room. "What are you two doing up there?!" he yelled. "They probbly heard us when they got closer to the house!" I said smiling.

When the door opened we both looked up and said hi to my dad. "What were you yelling about and why is this mutt here?" he said sounding up set with us. " Well..I.. was being chased and jacob heard me and came to my um... rescue." I said trying to make up a lie. " JACOB BLACK!!! GET OUT OF MY HOME NOW!!" he yelled after reading his mind.

The End

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