Light and Darkness [Working Title]Mature

The sky was dark, darker than it had been in thousands of years. Though stars illuminated the night sky, it still seemed obscured. The moon hung low above the world, attempting to brighten that which it could not. For it could not reveal the secrets and horrible treachery that were hidden amongst the sprawling land of Daereith. Suddenly, something happened, something that hadn't happened for thousands of years.

Crimson flames blazed across the dark sky, illuminating the world in its reddish glow. Everything was bright for seconds, but then it was gone, and the Star vanished upon the far horizon-- gone just as quickly as it had come. The world succumbed to darkness once more, forgetting the excruciating light that had just raked across the domed heavens as if it were no more significant than a single ant upon the wilting grass of a once beautiful Daereith.

Grass blew silently in a gentle breeze, and the world seemed... alright for once. But not for long. Darkness and orbs of violet light congregated together in the middle of the wilting plains. In a flash of luminous brilliance, a man appeared there, a crooked smile etched into his ancient face and evil burned into his sunken eyes. The spellweaver looked up into the sky and lifted his arms into the air and it became darker than ever, shadows crawling around him and peeling themeslves from the dead grass.

He brushed his sandy hair from his face as he created his army, forcing the calignosity to become creatures, flesh and blood and all. The murkiness continued to spew forth its monsters, spawning a terrible army from the pits of Hell. The twilight that was cast upon the land strengthened... them, allowing the newly created Children of the Shadows to creep forward, following their new master.

Balthazar laughed maniacally, a melancholy sound that sounded like pain and death and sorrow and mourning, all pulled into one disturbing noise. And with a snap of his slender fingers, they were gone, leaving the wilting plains vacant. It was like nothing had happened, and peace was with the land once more.

It was more silent than it had been in thousands of years.

Or, so it seemed...

The End

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