Running AwayMature

As she feigned tiredness Lazarus set her down on the sofa while he went to check on the children. As he did she rose to her feet and cautiously snuck toward the door, closing the door behind her silently she broke into a run down the corridor, disappearing down the stairs. But Lazarus was a more seasoned wolf than Melissa and easily heard her leave.

He followed her, wondering where she was going and as she sped up he began to worry, “Hey wait! Where’re you going?”

“You weren’t meant to hear me!” She hollered back, swiftly racing down the street; she instantly missed being a vampire. She was much faster as a vampire, but now, her form was heavy and Lazarus easily chased her.

 "How could I not hear you?" He asked, his calm quickly breaking.

"I used to be so silent; it's this god-damn wolf form!" She growled, stopping just for a moment to sigh.

"The form you chose!" She stayed still, twitching slightly, anger brewing in her blood.

"I had no choice! This was forced upon me! I liked being dead!" She shouted, running off again.

"How was this ever forced upon you?" He set off again behind her as her mind reeled. Did he remember nothing?

"I didn't choose to be a wolf! I just... become one! If I was still dead, I wouldn't have to feel the heat on my skin, or have the sun blind me. I wouldn't have a beating heart to slow me down, or annoying voices in my head and I certainly wouldn't have children!"

"You wanted me to turn you! And if you didn't want kids, you should've told me!"

"I didn't want to die. Now, I wish I had. I want to be cold again."


"I miss it."

"You hated it."

"I changed my mind."

"So you're abandoning me and the kids because you 'changed your mind'?!" He growled and Melissa stopped, turning to him. Her face blank.

"Yes! I never wanted kids, when I became pregnant I saw your face and I just couldn't get rid of them. That would have killed you."

"I never wanted you to be unhappy. You should've said." She nodded, still not showing any emotion.

"And I didn't want you to be unhappy, but I just can't do this," she stated plainly. He stopped just arms length away from her.

"You didn't want me to be unhappy. So you're running away. Some plan."

"I didn't, now I figure I should think about myself. The world's tough but I should be able to survive. I mean, I did okay as a vampire and that was much more risky."

"So that's it. All we worked for, all we fought for, marriage, integrating into a pack, helping bring down a vampire leader, kids, everything, it meant that little to you?" He pleaded with her and she thought for a moment.

She nodded her face still blank, "Mmm, I suppose I was just tricking myself. It was unfair for me to bring you into it. What do you think of America? I've never been to America."

"Unfair? I-" he was cut off with a strangled yelp as Bane tried to force his way through. Melissa rolled her eyes and tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for the mutt to push through or give up.

Lazarus' knees buckled and he fell onto all fours, shuffling away from her "Just go," he cried, she contacted Kito and tried to sound urgent as she pleaded for his help, truth was a part of her didn’t want to see him fall back into a slump. At least the pack should help.

She nodded and began walking away, leaving him in a heap on the floor, "I called the alpha for you. He should be able to help you."

“I don't want the fucking alpha," he roared, collapsing as his arms twitched and gave way

"Tough!" She called back to him.

He choked as his vocal cords snapped and reformed, leaving him literally speechless. Bane, filled with the same fury and hurt that Lazarus felt, would sooner kill her than let her walk away.

She carried on walking, with a grin on her face as the moon slowly ascended the skies before her. She missed night-time. She missed the cool breeze it brought. In fact, it was perfect. She was living her old life again. Free. Kito struggled to restrain Lazarus, watching sadly as Melissa walked away "Thanks Kito, you're a... star!" She smiled, running off again.

Kito growled, almost tempted to let Bane take over and finish her off - she had betrayed not only Lazarus but his pack.

"Who cares!?" She called, catching his thoughts. She was too euphoric to care.

"The whole pack, Melissa; it's not just him that's affected by this"

"I killed their Beta. Why would they care if I left?"

"Because the beta we have no is going to be next to useless until he recovers from this, not to mention there're now your two kids without a mother."

"I'm sure there is some other werewolf whore in your pack that wants a position as Betaess."

He growled again but the sound was lost as Lazarus' bones began to snap and reform, the transformation taking hold.

"So, I'll see you later ‘kay?"

"No, just don't come back. I knew I was making a mistake when I put my trust in vampire scum"

"Once a leech always a leech right? Hmm, I'll only come back a little later to gather my stuff."

"If you ever set foot in this district again, you won't have time to even register that you've been killed. Now get out of here."

"A challenge. I'll see to it." He silently registered her reply, his attention focussed on the snowy white wolf trying to break his hold.

The End

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