Life; just a series of momentsMature

It was but a few weeks later when the moment they were waiting for happened, Melissa was stood in the kitchen when she yelled out, calling instantly for Lazarus, “I think... my water just broke,” she moaned, grasping at the counter.

He ran in and Melissa leant back against the cupboards, her back aching, "Wanna go to a hospital?"

"You’re kidding right? I'm a fucking werewolf! How do I explain that I’m not actually in that much pain because the transformation's worse?" She growled, "We're not meant to exist!"

"Think I know how to deliver babies?"

"What about birth certificates? Mum: Melissa Thorn, born 1600's!"

"You mean you don't have fake documents?" he asked incredulously as he guided her over to the sofa.

"Why would I need them? I was a vampire, I heal. I don't need fucking documents!" She snarled irritably as she sat down, laying across the whole couch. He nodded, not wanting to row with her.

But although they both knew nothing, Kito was right and nature took its course easily. The day slowly changed to night and soon Lazarus had two children in his arms, a boy and a girl, just like predicted by both parents. She smiled as they slowly began calm, ceasing their crying almost instantly. “Annie and ...” she muttered, her breathing heavy. 


She nodded, her eyes flickering slightly, "take care of them,"

"I will," he vowed, nodding. Leaning over, he kissed her warmly, "I love you so, so much," he murmured.

"I love you too, but, I'm scared."

"Scared of what?"

"I can't keep my eyes open, but I’m not tired."

A look of concern flickered across his face, "I'm surprised you're not tired. Maybe you just need a little rest, even if you don't feel tired."

"Don't let me fall, into any deeper of a sleep." She whispered, "I want to see them grow."

"You'll be fine, I'm sure," he said, kissing her on the cheeks, though he wanted more to hold her, "I'll be right back, I'm just going to put them in their cots."

"Sure," She mumbled, already feeling her body repair and return to normal. *puts them in their cots and returns* "Beckons him over* "Hold me, please." *holds her*

“Tomorrow, I'm buying you condoms."

He laughed slightly, "Well that should be a novel experience," he muttered.

"I love you," she repeated, "I love all of you."

"I love all of you too," he smiled, "remember what part of me loves you the most?"

She weakly lifted her hand to his chest, "How could I forget? I've been keeping it close and safe, for almost a year now."

He put his hand over hers, "you've taken very good care of it."

She smiled, "As you have, mine."

His own smile widened as he moved his hand over her heart, "good to hear."

She pushed herself up, wrapping her arms around his stomach, "I'm starving," she laughed, "but I also want to kiss you."

He laughed too, pressing his lips against hers, she pushed back, sighing slightly as they began to cry, "What would you like to eat?"

"Cake," she grinned, "I'll see to them,"

"And I shall get your cake," he smiled, "what kind of cake do you want?"

She shrugged, "cake, cake."

He laughed, "That cake shop must have made a fortune out of us the last few months."

"I have a sweet tooth," she muttered, pushing open the door to their room.

"You've got a sweet everything," he winked, picking up his wallet, "I'll be back as soon as."

"Flatterer," I called after him.

"Honesty," he called back before closing the door behind him.

When she walked into their room she found them both crying, Annie was reaching out to Lucas, who seemed to be reaching back. So she picked her up, placing her in Lucas’ cot where Lucas folded his arms around his sister almost. She smiled, walking back into the living room with a smile.

He came back a few moments later, with just what she was looking for. A white cake box. "Yay, I love you!" She grinned, taking the cake from him.

 He laughed and sat back on the sofa, "I love you too. How are they?" He replied, not realising she was actually talking to the cake.

"They wanted to be with each other, that's all."

He smiled, "We're gonna need to get a bigger place soon. I doubt they'll want to share rooms for very long."

 "Yeah, you're right," she muttered, walking back over to him after she had demolished a rather large portion of the cake, "God I missed this figure."

He pulled her down onto his lap and gave her a tight hug, "I missed being able to hug you properly," he mumbled.

She grinned, hugging him back just as tight. "Me too, I miss being able to sit on your lap, to be honest." But, her arms weakened slightly and her eyes flickered ever so slightly as she looked confused just for a second, “but... I feel fine,” she muttered as she fell against Lazarus, her eyes closing, her breathing slowing.

The End

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