I Want My Time Machine!Mature

In her final month Melissa found out Lazarus was right, she began to get her energy back and she knew she needed it. She had stopped growing but now she looked ready to burst and she was ready to give birth. They had moved the boxes out of the spare room and unpacked, which meant they had gained a bookcase in the main room full of Melissa’s books.

She had awaked and had a shower and now sat in front of the mirror, weakly brushing through her hair, “So... what are we shopping for today, Lazarus?”

 The spare room had two cots in it and was still painted cream. There was a toy box in the corner that was empty and Lazarus’ stereo was also in there. It was serene and peaceful, but they knew it would never stay that way.

He was stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders, massaging them gently, "umm... what do we still need?" He asked as she put the brush on the table in front of her.

"Clothes, I'll go with you, of course... I just dunno what I'm doing..." *nods* "We're having a boy and a girl though, I know it," there was a feeling in her stomach, a deep rooted feeling that was so clear to her.

"How can you be so sure?" he asked curiously.

She put her hand on her belly, looking at Lazarus in the mirror, "I know."

Bending, he kissed her cheek and wrapped his arms around her shoulders gently, "thought of any names?"

"Have you?"

"No, not really, I'm no good with names."

"I wanted to call her Rose," She muttered, but had second thoughts as she thought of her father.

"Interesting name, considering our surname," he smiled.

"I know and it's silly, but my maiden name..." she sighed, "well, there are other names I was thinking of."

"What other names?"

"Well, I like Annie."

"Annie?" Lazarus' eyes unfocused for a moment as his sister's face swam in his mind and Melissa saw it, "could do.”

"What's wrong?"

"If you're happy with that," he said.

"Of course, are you?"

"Mhmm," he nodded, his smile widening a little.

"I hadn't really thought of a boy's name."

"No, me neither... How about... Jasper?"

"Jasper...I do like it."

"Mmm, I just hope when they grow up they like their names," he laughed, "it can't be much fun being called something you don't like."

"Yeah..." she smiled, "let's go," she started, but as she pushed herself up she crashed back down again with a sharp moan.

"What's wrong?" he asked, concerned.

"My legs feel so weak..."

"D'you need something more to eat?"

"No, I'm not hungry... I just, oh." she sighed, failing to stand again.

He kissed her cheek again, "maybe we could do the shopping online instead?"

"Yeah, that might be best... I need to lie down." He offered his hand to help her up, she took it, her grip weak. He moved over to the bed before he picked up his laptop and sat beside her. She rested her head against him, "I feel...so tired."

He put one arm around her, using his other to work the laptop. "I know. Not long to go now, hmm?"

"It almost...hurts." She whined, moving away from him, her hands on her stomach as she curled up as best she could.

He put the laptop on the floor and laid down beside her, "not long," he repeated, "I'm proud of you, my love," he smiled.

"Eugh," she mumbled in reply, "I want my time machine," she whined.

"I know you want your time machine. I'm still working on it, unfortunately," he sighed

"Well work faster," she growled.

"Mmm," he sat up again. He wasn't enjoying the hormonal mood swings at all, but he was grateful at least that it was only for three months, not nine. She snarled pushing him out of the bed with a huff, before sprawling across it herself. You should never annoy a pregnant woman, a lycanthrope pregnant woman... it's even worse. He sat on the floor, taking a deep breath, before deciding it was safer to stay where he was. Amber giggled through Melissa's lips and eventually it mingled so both of them were laughing at Lazarus as she peaked her head over the edge to see him sat on the floor. Looking up, he smiled calmly, picking up the laptop again, looking for a site to buy baby clothes from.

The End

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