Looking for a time machineMature

When they woke, Lazarus was still curled up on top of the covers his head next to Melissa's stomach. He shuddered slightly at the cool breeze that rushed in as he moved, stretching out the aches in his stiff muscles. He found he was growing more excited about being a father every day, even beginning to look forward to the idea of shopping for things.

As he shifted so he was lying normally on the bed beside her, he smiled, rolling onto his side so he was facing her. He kissed her cheek gently, not sure if she was awake yet.

"Morning, Lazarus," she said, opening her eyes.

"Good morning," he murmured. She smiled weakly, clambering out of bed she made her way over to the bathroom where she splashed her face with water, attempting to wash away the horrors of last night. Lazarus got up a moment later, pulling on a pair of boxers before walking into the kitchen.

"You want a coffee, or something to eat?" he asked, pulling out a mug for himself, his hand hovering next to a second one, ready if she were to say yes.

"I really want some cake... strawberries," she murmured. He nodded, closing the cupboard door and making his own coffee.

"I'll get you some in a moment, when I'm dressed," he promised, scalding his mouth on the hot liquid.

"Be careful, sweet," she giggled, collapsing on the sofa again with a sigh, "Eugh, it's so much effort..." she whined.

"At least it's only three months," he smiled, "it could be nine, after all," he abandoned his coffee on the side, moving to the bathroom to have a quick shower. Wiping the steam from the mirror when he was done, he criticised himself for a moment, considering shaving before going to the pâtisserie, but shook his head, leaving his reflection behind. He got dressed and picked up his wallet.

"Want anything else?" he queried as he finished his coffee off. She beckoned him over and opened her arms after pushing herself up feebly. He put his arms around her, "no need to push yourself, hmm?" he smiled, kissing her warmly.

"I'm not, but I'd hate to become useless," she smiled, hugging him back, her lips softly grazing his. He put his hand gently on her belly, feeling as one of the twins kicked. Grinning he kissed her again and pulled away, picking up his keys.

"One strawberry cake coming up. Nothing else?"

"Yeah, a time machine for two months please."

"I'll see what I can do," he smiled.

She laughed, kissing his cheek daintily. "Please, hurry back."

"I will," he vowed, leaving the apartment. He made his way quickly to the shops, picking up a few things for the fridge, and then the strawberry cake. Still smiling to himself, he got a few other sweet things for her to snack on if she felt like it, and returned swiftly to the apartment. He greeted her warmly as he dumped the bag in the kitchen, pulling out the box with her strawberry cake in it. He put a generous slice on a plate for her and brought it over to her on the sofa with a fork.

She grinned, "Yee!" She took the slice and dove into it, although she still used the fork he gave her, "thank you!"

"Not a problem," he smiled, sitting beside her, watching as she devoured the white sponge and the fresh strawberry on top. She dropped the plate on the table and grinned, relaxing as she finally felt her craving fulfilled.

"What now? Did you find my time machine?"

"No, I'm sorry, my love," he sighed, "I looked all over for one, but there just didn't seem to be one around. I'll have another look tomorrow, hmm?"

She sighed, "it's such a long time, why have I become so fat, so quickly?" She moaned. He put an arm around her, hugging her close.

"I dunno, maybe the first month is really quick and then the next two slow down a bit?" he suggested with a shrug, "once this cycle is over though, we can go shopping for baby stuff, hmm?"

"Lazarus," she sighed, resting her head on his shoulder, "I feel so tired already. Not sleepy, just... tired."

"I promise I'll look harder for that time machine then," he murmured, kissing the top of her head. 


The End

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