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As the full moon grew closer, Lazarus and Melissa finally dragged themselves out of the apartment to go and see the alpha. Her stomach was already rounding with maternity, and in a state of slight concern, Lazarus had consulted Google about the pregnancy of a wolf. "Three months?" he had been slightly skeptical. He'd been expecting the human average of nine, but it seemed to make sense. Melissa seemed to be swelling almost visibly by the hour.

Kito seemed incredulous. "Didn't it ever occur to you to use a condom?" he asked, "or... was this planned?"

"It hadn't even occurred to me that Melissa's body would be completely functional after spending the last four hundred years as a vampire," Lazarus muttered, still in shock, even a week on from finding out. He'd always wanted to settle down with someone at last and just be happy. It had been enough that he'd got that wish, but after their previous talks of family and wishing after something that they had believed would never happen, it seemed like his dreams were almost coming true, "so no, it hadn't really crossed my mind to use a condom."

"Umm, I'm right here," Melissa reminded them and Kito nodded.

"Yeah. Well, are you both happy with this, then?" She nodded and smiled, turning to Lazarus, who grinned, kissing her firmly.

"Very happy," he murmured, squeezing her hand gently, "I just have one question... well, two; what happens at the full moon? I mean, while she's pregnant... and after, even. What happens to the kids?"

"You know you're lucky I've had experience of this... wolves generally pass on their genes by scratching another human, not by conceiving children," Kito half smiled, "anyway, Melissa won't transform while she is pregnant, which is roughly two or three cycles. Depends when you... yeah. As for the kids, they won't start to transform until they're about ten or so, but it's part of their DNA, they'll understand what's happening to their parents. Any other questions?"

"Yeah, um..." Melissa paused, slightly shy, "what do I do about a doctor's appointment, I mean... does the pack have their own doctor or something?"

"Doctors?" Kito held back a laugh, "you don't need one, that's what nature is there for."

"Of course," she mumbled in disbelief, "nature."

"Well what do you think a doctor would have to say to a three month pregnancy, hmm?"

"But, I just thought you might have your own, perhaps a werewolf that was a doctor... I mean, I'm not sure how far along I am already..."

"No, sorry. You'd be talking to the doc now if we had one," he shrugged, "but hey, nature seemed to serve us pretty well the last time this happened. I mean, it was only a litter of three, but what can you expect, eh?" he smiled widely, as if remembering something that he still felt was worth celebrating. Lazarus' eyes widened ever so slightly. Only three?

"Only a litter of three..." She paused, still maintaining her soft smile, "so, the whole pack won't be there, will they?"

"No, why would we all be in your apartment?" he laughed slightly, "you might be part of the pack, but you guys are still entitled to some privacy, y'know."

"The apartment... I'm guessing you'll be there though." Kito shrugged.

"Well it's up to you where you give birth, and who's there. I'll be there if you want, but I figured it'd be something between you and your mate."

"Crap. Wolf!" She exclaimed, causing both Kito and Lazarus to look at her in confusion. "Amber, she's not Bane's mate, plus... what she going to be like with pups? She's a pup herself!" she explained and the two men both murmured an ‘oh' as they understood.

"That's nothing to do with me; it's entirely up to you two to work that out."

"Aiee..." she moaned, glancing at Lazarus, "plus you'll have your hands full being Beta...perhaps, it's not a good idea after all..."

"It's fine, we'll be fine," he promised her; he suddenly wanted to keep the baby - or babies - more than he realised. The desire to protect his unborn offspring was as strong as his desire to protect Melissa.

She sighed, "I'm gonna get fat."

"I doubt it," Kito smiled, "anyways, do you need me for anything else?" She nodded, hugging him for a moment, thanking him. He returned the hug briefly, "no problem. Let me know if you guys need anything, ‘kay?" he retreated a few steps, lifted a hand waving them goodbye, before walking away.

"Okay," She nodded, turning back to Lazarus, "only a litter of three..."

"We'll work something out," he smiled, taking her hand again as they turned to walk back to the apartment. They would have to make creative use of the spare room. At the moment, it was filled with their unpacked boxes and gathering dust. They'd have to do something with that, and quickly, if they only had three months before she would give birth.

"What do you mean?"

"Three kids must be a handful..."

"No doubt... but, I'm really worried about Amber. I mean, you're my mate but, I don't want to push her into loving Bane." He sighed, nodding.

"I suppose all they have to do is get on. It'll be us raising the kids after all."

"And at full moon, when they need their mother and father more?"

"I dunno... like I said, we'll figure it out."

"Oh... but there's so much to figure out." He nodded again, more to himself this time. There was a lot to figure out, and he wasn't entirely sure how he was going to go about it, but he was sure that he would think of something. He smiled slightly, Bane, you're gonna have to stop being such a grumpy old bastard and help me make this work out.


The End

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