I Have Some News...Mature

She lay on the bed, her eyes heavy. But she didn’t want to sleep. She sat up, breathing slowly, her hands on her stomach. She felt really funny and even Amber stirred making slight whines in her head. When Lazarus returned she looked at him warily, “could you perhaps, go get me a test?” She murmured, “I don’t want to be a pain but I feel so strong about this.”

He hesitated a moment before nodding, "yeah, okay. Want anything else while I'm there?”

She paused, a weak smile coming to her lips, "a tiny hug, perhaps?" He smiled softly; perching on the edge of the bed beside her so he could put his arms around her. Her smile became real and a little wider. Hugging him back she whispered softly, "I love you, Lazarus. God knows I do. More than anything, you know."

He nodded, kissing her neck gently, "I love you too. With all that I am."

She pulled back, kissing him softly. "Please, hurry back. This suspense is killing me."

"I'll be back as soon as I can," he promised, standing back up. He picked up his wallet and blew her a kiss as he walked out of the room. He walked down to the local chemist, where the woman gave him a warm smile as he saw what he was buying. He smiled back awkwardly, thanked her and made the journey back; his mind running in circles at the possibility.

When he returned she stood, looking at him. Her eyes tired, but still shimmering, she had seemed to forget all about Albert at this moment, focusing on only one thing. Her heart skipped a beat as she smiled at him. He handed it over and she kissed his cheek swiftly before disappearing into the bathroom.

She sat there, on the floor waiting for the test. Counting each second. Taking every little breath. Her heart skipping a beat as the test slowly changed. Amber let out a giddy howl in her mind and she sighed... this was it.

“Lazarus,” she stated coolly, standing in the doorway to the living room from the bedroom.

“Mmm?” He edged forward a little as she looked at him with a small smile.

“I have news.”

"What is it?" He asked, really apprehensive as he edged forward a little more.

She opened her arms, "I'm pregnant." His eyes widened, unsure how to react. He put his arms around her, silent, which made her pause, her smile fading, "you're not happy."

"I'm... shocked, not unhappy. I just never thought... wow," he mumbled, half laughing, "are- are you happy?"

“I'm delighted. Four hundred years of thinking it'd never happen, and, here I am... we are."

"Yeah... wow, I'm gonna be a dad," he laughed again, "that's such a weird thought."

She tightened the hug on him, "I'm gonna be a mother!" She grinned giddily, "my God! Wow!"

"Mmm," he smiled, kissing her warmly, "you're gonna make a great mum."

"Oh... wow," she laughed slightly, "we need to talk to the Alpha though, being practical."

"Really? Do we really need to see him now?" he whined, "can't we just enjoy this?"

"I never said now," She laughed, "I do just want to enjoy this," her hands roamed to her stomach, "Oh my God..." she muttered absently, Amber yipped in her mind, just as happy as she was.

He smiled, putting a hand over hers. "I think I'm gonna be doing a lot of reading over the next few months. I gave up on the idea of being a dad a long time ago... I've not been paying attention to how to be a dad," he laughed, "I'm not gonna be using my dad as an example."

"No, me either, though my mother... angel on Earth," she smiled, "you'll make a wonderful father, my love," she reassured him as her smile softened under his warm touch.

"It comes naturally to women," he grumbled, "they're just good at the whole parenting thing without needing books," he chuckled, "but I'll do my best."

"It does not! You may not remember my sisters but they made my life a living hell and their children were little monsters!" She huffed, her green eyes shimmering with new life.

He let out a soft laugh, giving her a careful squeeze, "I'm sure it'll come naturally to you, my love."

"As with you, you have no need to worry," she paused, "oh... but there are so many things to do!" She muttered, a list running through her mind, getting ever longer.

"We don't need to worry about that for a couple more weeks," he smiled, "just relax and try not to freak out about getting everything straight away, hmm?"

"Of course, but how am I meant to go to the doctors? I've been medically dead for years, and I'm going to become so fat! Not to mention, boy or girl..." she breathed slowly, "oh but it's all so exciting!"

"I'm sure the pack can figure something out about doctor records and stuff like that,” she grinned, kissing him passionately. He kissed back, the passion in his touch equal to the love in it and her arms hooked around his neck, her smile shimmering in her eyes as she kissed him a little deeper.

Suddenly, he couldn't wait; finding he was looking forward to finally being a father more than he believed could be possible. She finally pulled away, smiling at him, "I love you... both," her mind finally caught up to her as her eyes began to flicker again, "it's been... such a long day."

"I love you too," he murmured, returning the smile, "let's go to bed, hmm?" She nodded, taking his hand as she tugged at him, gently moving him into the bedroom where she got changed slowly and weakly pulling on her nightgown.

He pulled back the covers for her as she got changed, quickly stripping down to his boxers. Climbing into the bed, he smiled up at her and she slipped into the bed suddenly feeling the weight on her as she pulled the covers back up to her. She realised, just what was going to happen. But for the moment she simply smiled, allowing the warmth of the news, and Lazarus, to overtake her. Sending her into the most pleasant slumber she had for years.

The End

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