The silence after that was kept, their bodies keeping each other warm. But after a while the silence became awkward and she turned to him, not saying a word as she scanned for his emotion, she didn't want to say that she was bored. "You okay?" He queried, not letting her move from his grasp, not that he wanted to.

"Umm, yeah," she smiled awkwardly.


She took a moment, before sighing, "No, I'm bored. I don't do silent moments and it has been a while. I just hate to be rude."

"Oh, yeah, sorry," she sighed once more, shaking her head.

"No... The last thing I wanted was for you to apologise, I shouldn't have said anything."

"Just didn't know what to talk about," he shrugged.

"You were going to compose, what happened to that?”

"I was composing. I just didn't write it down."

She tilted her head slightly, an amused smile on her face, "Oh?"

"Mmm," he nodded, "you can hear if you want."

"When were you composing?"

"While you were singing."

"Oh," she lifted a few fingers delicately to her lips, "I'm sorry, did I disturb?"

"No, if anything it was helping," he smiled

"It's another piece inspired by me, isn't it?"

"Got it in one."

She smiled softly and rose, "you really shouldn't."

"Why not?"

"Such beautiful music... should be for someone more deserving."

"You perfectly deserve it," he said, turning to watch her

"Hmm," she hummed, flicking on the kettle.

He stood up and walked behind her, his arms sliding around her waist as he leant forward to kiss her on the cheek. "Nothing but the best for the woman I love."

"Aww, Lazarus..." she blushed, "there really is no need."

"I know. I want to."


"Because I love you."

She sighed, pouring the hot water into the chocolaty powder mix. "As I love you,"

"What was the sigh for?" he asked, letting go as he looked in the fridge for something to eat.

“Go, sit. I’ll cook something for you,” she smiled, taking a sip of the watery chocolate with a smile, the smile only widening when her insides began to warm.

He smiled, "You sure?" he asked as he closed the fridge door.

"Of course, go, sit." She urged, shooing him from the kitchen.

He laughed and obliged, sitting at the piano where he lifted the cover and began to practice. As soon as he left she began to route through the cupboards, before finally finding what she was looking for. She cooked each component perfectly, remembering her lessons as she served it up.

She then moved into the living room, the two steaming plates before her as she rested them on the coffee table that lay just before the sofa. "Dinner is served."

He moved over to the sofa and grinned, "Thank you."

"You're perfectly welcome," she grinned back, twirling the thin strands of pasta around her fork, laughing as Lazarus wolfed the food down. When they had both finished she picked up the plates and moved into the kitchen again before returning with a hot, melting chocolate pudding  smothered in cream and two forks, “voila,” she laughed, placing it before him.

He laughed too, taking the bowl and fork, "you're spoiling me," he smiled

"Only the best, for the one I love."

"I'd say there's no need, but... this is delicious.”

She laughed, delicately finishing her own, smaller portion. "Thank you."

"Thank you," he countered with a grin. She rolled her eyes but smiled, picking up the bowls too and moving back into the kitchen where she began to wash up the plates and cooking equipment. Lazarus however, laid back and switched on the TV.

When she came back she moved to the doorway to the bedroom, "you going to stay up?"

"Mmm, I'll be with you in a bit,"

"Don't be too long," she smiled.

"I won't," he promised, returning the smile, giving her the signal to return to the bedroom and get changed; into the same silky number as the night before. But this time, she slipped under the covers.

When Lazarus came in a few moments later she threw back the covers, her arms opened wide. He lay down on the bed next to her, not bothering to get undressed yet as he put his arms around her and she curled up close to him, making sure her arms wrapped tightly round his waist. "What do you think I'm good at...? For a job,"

"Cooking," he laughed softly, "you could be a chef."

"Nah, those skills can solely belong to you."

"I feel special," he chuckled, "music?"

"No one wants to hear me play."

"That's because no one has had the pleasure of hearing you play before."

"And no one will I am sure it will not be as... pleasurable as you make it out to be."

He kissed her cheek, "you really are a lot better than you believe."

"Mmm... I have no confidence, you know that."

"And I shall do my best to give you some," he murmured, sitting up and pulling off his top and jeans before settling under the covers with her. "One concert. I will go back into playing professionally if you will play one concert with me."

Her arms slipped around the waist band of his boxers and considered it a moment, resting her head on his chest, "but if you don't want to go into professional work, there's no point in making that deal."

"I s'pose I wouldn't mind trying again."

"One concert?" She asked, turning her head to look at him.

"Just one," he nodded.

She sighed, "Okay." He smiled and kissed her lovingly and she kissed him back, "but I don't see how you plan to convince me."

"You play beautifully, people will love you,” she looked at him doubtfully. "If you won't believe me then believe the audience’s response."

 "A few drunks in a bar, of course," she sighed.

"It's not a bar for drunkards, Melissa. People listen."

"I don't believe you,” he sighed and she shrugged, "Stubborn as a mule."

"You should learn to believe."

"I don't like believing."

"Fool," he mumbled with a small smile.

She shook her head, "Not foolish, safe."

"Mmm," he hummed sleepily, unwilling to start a fight. She moved off him, resting her head on the pillows, her arms holding onto one of his arms. He closed his eyes, relaxing into the bed and she kissed his cheek swiftly. Smiling he opened one eye and turned his head to return the kiss but she moved away from him with a mischievous smile, before moving closer again, fulfilling his wish. He laughed slightly and rolled onto his side, putting his free arm over her.

"Belief is a big thing to ask for," she whispered in his ear, her lips lying close as she rested her head beside his.

"I know," he whispered back, "so for now, I shall believe in you enough for both of us," she smiled, blowing on his ear softly as her eyes flickered closed.

The End

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