In Sickness and In Health.Mature

She smiled at him, resting her head on her hands as she watched him. She knew this song all too well by now and she remembered her violin accompaniment. She felt everything he played with, remembering all the sweet and sorrowful moments they had with each other, which just made her want to jump up and cling to him again, ignoring the fact that he was working.

When he finished and rose from his seat, she didn’t wait for him to step off, instead she casually walked up to him, suppressing the urge to jump at him and wrapped her arms around his waist with happy tears; she had felt everything.  He smiled, kissing the top of her head as he returned the embrace tightly and she tightened her own grip, "You put everything into that didn't you?" She sniffled.

"Mhmm," he nodded, which just made her want him more, but this time lust wasn’t involved.

"I felt it," she murmured, taking one of his arms from round her and placing his hand over her heart.

"Mmm," the humming reverberated in the base of his throat as he smiled, his own heartbeat matching hers as he kept his hand there.

"Shall we go? I think the alpha's burning me," she whispered, moving uncomfortably.

"Yeah," he took her hand and stepped away from the piano, glancing at the alpha, nodding in acknowledgement. She returned the grip and leant into him, not even glancing at the alpha. She dropped his hand as they got outside and instead walked with one arm around his waist.  “That was beautiful, Lazarus. I mean, I truly felt everything,” she said, not meaning it to be a simple compliment.

"It's us, summed up in a few musical phrases; I'm glad you approve of it," he smiled, his own arm moving around her waist in return.

"We seem to be more sorrowful than anything," she noted as they walked home.

"Mmm... you can blame a certain other wolf for that one," he muttered under his breath.

"Yes, well you've taken my heart for tonight," she smiled, trying to change the subject away from Albert. Lazarus quite happily kept away from talking about Albert any more than he needed to, returning the smile and planting a kiss on her cheek. She stopped them in the street and swung her arms around his neck, pushing all the love that had built in her into her lips and she crushed them against his.

He returned the kiss with equal passion, echoing his music in the touch. She smiled with her eyes before reluctantly and slowly pulled away. "Sorry, I don't know what came over me."

"No need to apologise," he grinned.

"Mmm," she smiled, her heart fluttering as she gazed into his eyes and she linked her hands together, "I love you," she whispered, her eyes glowing like they had when she was undead.

"I love you too," he murmured, pressing his lips on hers again for another, shorter kiss, but she didn't let him go, instead she pulled him closer to her and closed her eyes, taken over by the moment again.

 He tightened one arm around her waist, brushing his other hand through her hair, tucking a few curls behind her ear and she took herself away awkwardly, "I'm sorry. I really need to work on my self-control."

He couldn't help the soft laugh as he shook his head a little. "No you don't," he smiled, "a public display of affection is far more acceptable these days."

"I'm still stuck in the dark ages," she blushed, looking to the side, "I'm not used to being so overwhelmed by you before, here..." she mumbled, looking back at him and placing his hand on her heart once again, "it won't slow down!"

His smile didn't fade as he felt her heart racing. He ducked his head down and kissed her lightly once more. She fanned herself as she pulled away, biting her bottom lip slightly, "where have you been?" She asked, caught in a daze.

He laughed and took her hand, squeezing it gently. "C'mon. Let's go home." She tilted her head slightly and nodded, slowly walking back to the apartment, unblinking, "are you alright?" he asked after a moment, noticing the expression on her face.

She smiled and nodded, "I'm great."

He smiled back, "good."

"Okay, this may sound weird but, no sex for me for a few weeks, kay?"

"May I ask why?" he arched an eyebrow slightly.

"Because every time you kiss me I fall for you."

"And that's a problem?" he asked, trying to hide his slight smirk

"Yes! We'd never be out of bed."

"But how's that a problem?" he grinned, laughing.

"You'd get tired."

"So would you."


"Nothing wrong with getting tired," he chuckled.

"My word, the way you're talking I think you want to be bound to the bed."

"As long as I'm allowed to eat or go on the piano occasionally, I think I could live with that, yeah," he grinned.

"You're kidding right?"

He paused for a moment, "I dunno. I wouldn't mind a shower in the mornings too..." he mumbled, before laughing.

Her eyes widened and she looked at him, "I think I'd break or something if we were to stay in bed all day?"

"I'm not being serious, Melissa," he told her, still chuckling slightly, "but there's nothing wrong with a healthy sex life."

She sighed and shook her head, she knew he was joking; it was just the thought of it. “There’s a difference between healthy and obsession Mr. Lazarus Thorn,” she laughed.

"Mmm, I s'pose; I guess I never really figured out which was which," he smiled slightly.

"Mmm, then I just have to be your wife when you get curious," she laughed.

He nodded and smiled, "but what if I'm curious in the next few weeks of your abstinence?" he asked innocently.

"I dunno I can't have you going to other women..." she replied coolly with a slight shrug of her shoulders.

"I'll be left to sort my problem out myself," he sighed, pouting

"Oh, poor Lazarus," she mockingly said. "Actually, I couldn't imagine you... yeah."

"Hmm?" he glanced at her, smiling.

"I could never imagine you... on your own."

His smile widened, "you don't have to," he paused, "just don't disturb me in the bathroom."

She stopped walking, and closed her eyes, shaking the images from her mind, "nice, Lazarus."

He laughed, "You’re welcome to sort me out instead," he murmured in her ear, kissing her on the cheek.

"You do still have a point to prove..."

"Mhmm," he nodded.

"But I couldn't," she teased, running up the stairs to the apartment.

He chased after her and took the key out of his pocket, "you could," he muttered, opening the door for her, "you just won't."

"No, 'cause I just like torturing you so," she smirked.

"You're not the only one that can play that game," he grinned, kicking the door shut behind him, taking her in his arms and kissing his firmly. He let his hands slide down to her rear slowly before pulling away and sitting on the sofa, looking up at her.

She shrugged and casually sat beside him, "what was that?" She laughed mockingly. He slipped his arm around her, his fingers sliding under the hem of her shirt, brushing gently against her skin. She looked away, trying her best to ignore him, but she didn’t push him away.

Smiling, he moved his fingers ever so slightly against her, moving them down to the waist band of her jeans slowly and back up. He repeated the motion, drawing light patterns

She shivered slightly, but shook her head, "Lazarus stop it."

"Sorry," he said, ceasing his movements, though he left his arm around her.

"You are obsessed..." she mumbled.

"I was just teasing," he smiled, kissing her on the cheek, "do you want a coffee?"

"Yeah well..." she shivered again, "yes please." He stood up and moved into the kitchen, switching on the kettle and leant against the counter to wait for the water to boil. "You know what? I'm just gonna go to bed. I'll see you there," she called.

“Oh okay,” he shrugged slightly and got up to disappear into the bedroom, but she had no intention of sleeping.

When Lazarus made his coffee and went into the bedroom Melissa was waiting for him, she was laid widthways across the bed with a nightgown that only went to her upper-thighs. It was made out of a thin black lace that left nothing to the imagination, “you’re not the only one that can play that game,” she whispered seductively with a smirk.

"Ah, but you're the only one claiming abstinence here," he grinned, crawling onto the bed over her.

"But, what if I change my mind?" She whispered, moving so she was on top of him, her hands snaking underneath his top, "I know you want it, you want me."

He smiled, "I always want you, you know that," he mumbled, reaching up to kiss her, she smiled to him in reply. She then kissed him back swiftly, before using her tongue to create patterns on his chest, moving slowly down to his jean waistband, before she stopped.

He pushed himself up so he was sitting, his hands on Melissa's hips as he pushed his lips on hers once more.

"Oh, but you're right... I'm meant to be on abstinence,” she shrugged after kissing him back.

"Y'know, technically, that doesn't stop you helping me out,” he muttered just making her grin.

“Oh? What's wrong?"

"Well there's this lump between my legs that needs seeing to."

She smirked, "Mmm, you should probably get that checked out," she nodded expertly.

He nodded and looked at her as innocently as he could, "I think you're perfectly qualified to check it out."

She rested her head on the pillows beside him, "I dunno, maybe you should see a doctor or something."

"I don't like doctors though," he pouted again, "I want you to look after me."

"I will I'm always here to look after you... if you ever become ill."

"I'm very ill," he lied down and put the back of his hand on his forehead with a groan, pretending to be ill.

"Aww, fine, I'll kiss it better." She murmured, leaning down and kissing between his legs softly before climbing back on top of him, "get well soon," she smirked, closing her eyes to pretend to sleep.

He hid his smile, "but I'm still sick," he whined, "you can't go to sleep! What if it gets worse?"

She whined and fidgeted, rubbing against him as she rolled over and over again, before finally opening her eyes. "I'm sure you'll be able to find some way of curing your... problem."

"I could, but what about the whole 'in sickness and in health' thing?" he gave her his puppy eye look and she found it very hard to resist.

"Yeah, what about 'till death do us part?'" She wondered, "Just... fix it," she laughed.

He rolled his eyes, "I want you to fix it," he mumbled, putting his arms around her as he rolled onto his side.

She sighed and roughly undid his trousers, tugging them down shortly followed by his boxers, "now that I have no fangs..." she mumbled, moving further down the bed, wriggling out of his grasp as her head became level with his groin, "but... how much do you want it?"

"Depends on what you want me to do for it," he muttered dubiously.

"The house chores for a week," she whispered, "nothing, fool."

"I'm always a fool," he laughed slightly.

She rolled her eyes, "how much do you want it...?" She repeated.

"Mmm... quite a lot," he mumbled. She brought her lips to between his legs and moved quite quickly, she just wanted it over with... the moment had gone and though he had realised the moment was gone too, he couldn't help the small growl in the back of his throat. She then brought her hands into the motion too and closed her eyes, feeling boredom creeping in. It didn't take long for him to finish, not bothering to hold out. He sighed and apologised quietly, pulling his boxers back up.

She shrugged and rolled over, pulling the covers over her and kicking his jeans onto the floor, he crawled under the covers too, lying on his side as she edged to the edge of the bed and pulled the cover round her, clinging on to it. He sighed again and closed his eyes, whining slightly as Bane berated him from the back of his mind, she couldn’t believe she’d willingly done that, knowing full well she didn’t want to, “What about the whole ‘in sickness and in health’ thing?”  You know I’d never leave you Lazarus... You know that.

The End

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