Reluctantly, and a good hour later, they broke their embrace, each taking a shower and dressing.

"Coffee?" Lazarus asked as he buttoned up his shirt on his walk to the kitchen.

"Please," she beamed up at him from the sofa as he walked past. He nodded and got out two mugs, flicking the switch on the kettle as he put them down.

"Milk and sugar?" he glanced over at her.

"Milk, no sugar," she answered.

"Mhm," he nodded to himself and got the milk out of the fridge, finding a bowl for some sugar puffs. He handed her coffee to her, settling down beside her with his cereal. "Oh, sorry," he muttered, slapping his forehead, "I forgot you eat now. D'you want anything to eat?"

"I'll get it in a minute," she smiled, "don't worry about it."

"Okay," he mumbled, spooning his food into his mouth, "what d'ya wanna do today?" he wondered in between mouthfuls. She chuckled, but shrugged.

"I dunno, we could see if Albert's going to 'behave,'" she suggested, but wondered if it was still shaky ground with him. A small scowl flickered across Lazarus' face as he thought about actually having to be civil to the wolf that had previously been determined to ruin things for him. "It's okay, just checking with him."

"Mmm," he grunted, finishing his cereal. She kissed him sweetly, "you're my one and only," she whispered to him as he set his bowl on the floor.

"I know. I want to get a parrot, and teach it to swear at him for me," he grumbled, seriously considering the possibility.

"We're not getting a parrot," she laughed, "just try and be nice." She mumbled, getting up to get her own breakfast.

"Why not? I always wanted a pet, but I don't think the snails I used to bring into the house as a little kid really counted," he gave a slight pout as he watched her looking through the cupboards.

"You can have a pet, just no birds. I've never been a big fan of birds. Plus, is it wise? With our wolves an' all."

"I guess another dog would be one dog too many," he laughed, trying to imagine the apartment on a full moon.

"Exactly," she smiled, as she pulled out a bowl and some cereal. He smiled too, still fond of the idea of having a parrot to swear at Albert on his behalf. She walked back over to him moments later, "what if he has changed? Would you still hate him so?" He frowned slightly at the wall.

"A man that obsessive doesn't just change like that. Perhaps gradually, but not that quickly," he murmured, thinking. He had been perfectly civil in the church, despite Lazarus' behaviour only minutes before. But that didn't necessarily mean anything. Anyone could act, given the practice. And Albert had been around for four hundred years - plenty of time for him to perfect a friendly act.

"Perhaps he can? Perhaps he saw something?"

"What would he have seen to change his mind so quickly?" he asked, turning his gaze to Melissa.

"I... I don't know. Perhaps he's found someone!" he wasn't convinced, but he wasn't in the mood to argue about it; instead he nodded and stayed silent, looking back at the wall. Or maybe he's seen a chance to try and win you back and is sucking up to you, he thought bitterly as she shoveled the food into her mouth, savoring the taste as she slurped the last bits of milk from the bowl, "Mmm," she murmured, "never had cereal before." He smiled slightly.

"Cereal was a good invention," he nodded, "especially whoever thought of the sugary ones," he laughed.

She grinned and nodded too, "I think I'm gonna like humanity."

"Says she who was complaining about how embarrassing being a human is," he chuckled, glancing at her again.

"Well, that feeling is."

"No it's not," he chuckled, taking her bowl and picking his own up, dumping them in the sink before returning to the sofa with her.

"It is, it's like really warm and.. makes me tingle, then it just takes over my mind and I only want one thing from you and I guess I feel like I need it."

"Could be worse," he smiled, pulling his legs onto the sofa so he was sat cross-legged.

"How could it?"

"You could have to pay to have that feeling satisfied," he laughed.

"Mmm, father warned me of such places. Horrific they are." She paused, "I got curious, I guess I now realise that it did actually kill the cat." He leaned over and kissed her, grinning.

"They weren't that bad," he mumbled.

She shook her head, "they were terrible, you can't say you liked them?"

"Well I wouldn't have eaten for a long time if I hadn't worked in them," he shrugged.

"You worked in one?" She asked, her eyes widening slightly.

"Several," he corrected with a slight frown, "I thought you'd figured that one out."

"Not quite." His smile returned as he resisted the urge to laugh.

"I'd meant it when I said I was a whore, y'know." It wasn't something he was proud of, but her slow uptake on this fact was strangely amusing.

"Oh," she murmured and he put a hand over his mouth, covering his smile as he mumbled an apology into his palm. She narrowed her eyes and huffed.

"I shouldn't have said anything," he mumbled, taking his hand away from his face when he was confident he wasn't still smiling, "sorry."

"It's just... it's just." She stuttered.

"I'm clean if that's what you're worried about," he shrugged again, leaning back into the sofa, letting the cushions hug him.

"No, it's just..." She mumbled again, not able to bring herself to say it. He didn't really know what she was getting at and he didn't want to make her say it when it clearly made her so uncomfortable. So he said nothing, wondering if he could build a time machine and go back in time to make his past self find a better job than selling himself to unfulfilled men and women. She sighed, "I would've thought if it was your job you would be... better." She giggled with a mischievous grin. He laughed, the slight worry lines that had begun to form on his forehead vanishing.

"A hundred years is a long break from that profession, thanks," he muttered.

"Humph, I expect better from you, Lazarus Thorn." She huffed, her arms crossed as she tried to look disappointed, but she couldn't stop the smile that appeared.

"Apologies, Melissa," he bowed his head, attempting to keep his face straight as he looked back up at her. She turned her smile into a smirk.

"That's better, I expect more next time. If there is ever a next time," she threatened. He made his eyes widen in pretend shock and innocence.

"I merely wished to allow you adapt to feeling the same way a human does gradually. I didn't want to overwhelm you," he grinned.

"I highly doubt that, Mr. Thorn." She frowned, "stop making excuses."

"I shan't hold back next time," he smirked, "if there's a next time," he added.

"You're right if there is a next time," she looked him over, "I hope you to think on this, Thorn..." she smiled and giggled slightly, "my husband Thorn."

"Y'know, only two hours ago, you were calling me a God. I'm surprised you'd defy your God, Melissa," he grinned.

"I'm willing to face his wrath."

"Mmm. Good thing I'm in a good mood today then, hmm?" he smiled, leaning over and kissing her warmly. 


The End

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