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She smiled at his warm kiss and moved so she was on her side, facing away from him as she edged closer. “The pack, what’re we gonna do?” She muttered. She had to ask before sleeping, it was bugging her too much.

"I dunno... I guess if we can all find some way of getting along it would be okay, but it's more up to Albert if he decides to play nice..."

She nodded, grabbing his arms and pulling them around her. "I think he will, if not...I'll set Amber on him," she laughed slightly.

He linked his hands together, holding her against him with a smile. "He'll definitely behave then."

She hummed happily and opened her eyes a moment, "one question, are you still naked?"

His brow furrowed slightly as he realised this was a strange question to be coming from his wife, “yeah...why?"

"Aren't you cold?"

"No. Especially not now you have your own body heat," he laughed softly.

"Oh," she nodded, turning her head slightly so she was looking up at him and smiled, "Angel."

He smiled back, planting a loving kiss on her lips. "I love you," he mumbled in between smaller kisses down her neck, "so very much."

She closed her eyes and smiled, "and I you, my love."

"Mmm," he murmured happily, "sleep," he whispered.

"But I don't want to lose moments with you," she muttered in return, turning her head back to a more comfortable position so she was facing the wall opposite and smiled.

"You won't. I'll still be here. You'll enjoy the day better when you're not half asleep anyways." She needed no further persuasion as her eyes began to flicker closed like a dying candle. She continued to smile as she hugged his arms tightly to her slender waist. He, in turn, kissed her neck once more before shutting his own eyes, holding her close.

Her dreams were flawless, full of images of her and him being peaceful... there was no fighting, no war... just harmony. But then the peace turned to something else and she found different images spilling into her mind. Of her and Lazarus fitting together like puzzle-pieces, their heartbeats beating as one like a few nights before and she woke, with this image firmly imprinted in her brain.

But nonetheless this helped her to maintain her smile until she awoke and the light streamed through the open blinds, illuminating their sleeping forms. They had stayed in the same position all night and when she finally pushed open her eyes she still hand her hands on top of his. She squeezed them gently, testing if he was awake.

"Morning," he mumbled, his voice rough having only woken up a few minutes before

"Good morning," she chirped happily.

"Mmm, good sleep?"

She chuckled slightly, "perfect, you?"

"Yeah, it was good," he shifted ever so slightly, closing his eyes again, "I'm very, very comfy. I don't wanna get up."

"Oh, well I'm going to have to go cool off I think, but if you're still in bed when I get back I'll join you again." He whined slightly and squeezed her gently, kissing the back of her neck before allowing her to get up. "It's for the best," she muttered with another little giggle.

"Mmm. Come back quickly," he grinned, opening one eye to look at her. She nodded and disappeared into the bathroom where she repeatedly splashed her face with water, then brushed her teeth. Before splashing her face with more water in an attempt to clean her mind.

The whole process only took a few minutes and she returned to him quite swiftly, “I’m back,” she smiled, lying beneath the covers once more. His arms instantly folded around her once more, a soft smile on his lips. "You don't plan on sleeping again, do you?"

"I dunno. I'm not really tired, I'm just comfy."

She sighed for a moment, he was right she was comfy too but; "there's nothing to do in bed."

"You get bored too easy," he laughed slightly.

"I know, it's plagued me for centuries," she laughed too, remembering the times when she didn’t even have anyone to share her bed with.

"Whereas I'm easily entertained," he smiled, "doesn't take a lot to keep me busy."

"I know, but this isn't really helping me," she shuddered, "why do you have to be such a naturist?" She laughed, the thought in her brain searing her like a brand. She didn’t even dare to blink in case the images played themselves again.

"Sorry," he muttered, "I'll go have a shower and get dressed." he took his arms back from around her, pushing himself up

"No... I didn't mean it like that..." she sighed, hitting her forehead and cursing herself.

"Sorry," he muttered, "I'll go have a shower and get dressed." he took his arms back from around her, pushing himself up.

"No... I didn't mean it like that..." she sighed, hitting her forehead and cursing herself

He looked around at her, surprised, "what?"

"I didn't mean for you to be upset and walk off..." she mumbled, pushing herself up so she sat, looking at him.

"I'm not upset," he smiled, "I don't wanna make you uncomfortable or anything because I couldn't be bothered to get dressed yesterday," he shrugged lightly.

"You're not making me uncomfortable... that way,” she admitted with a blush.

"Oh?" he asked, laughing

She blushed, "don't make me explain." He smirked and leaned over, kissing her firmly and she kissed him back, "you know you said anything human was good? I don't like this feeling. It's embarrassing."

"There's nothing wrong with it," he chuckled, "it's a good thing."

"It's embarrassing when that's all you can think about. I've never felt it like this before."

"It's not embarrassing, it's human."

"Human is embarrassing all I want to do is... you know what, you don't need detail." She rolled her eyes at herself and brought the covers further up, so they covered her face.

He knelt over her, tugging the covers down away from her face so he could kiss her again, pushing his lips against hers passionately

She closed her eyes, instinct taking over; wilder than before, as she kissed him back. "You're really not helping..." she muttered.

"I know," he grinned, "what can I say? I'm a professional tease."

"Well it's not nice to tease your wife."

"Who says it would stay as teasing?" He asked and she raised her brow and tilted her head slightly. Slowly, he pulled the covers farther down, resting on all fours over her as he kissed her again and she half-smiled, kissing him back.

"Unless you object, of course," he half whispered, his breath dancing over her lips.

"When it's this close, why would I object?" She whispered back, her breath accelerating slightly.

He smiled, shifting his weight to free one of his arms, stroking his hand down her side, following her curved down to her hip.

She took her hands up to his sides and stroked down them before resting her hands at his waist, all the while she pushed her lips seductively to his. His hand slipped from her hip to the hem of her nightgown, snaking under it as he kissed her back.

She however had no clothing to get in her way and her hands daintily moved between his legs, manipulating the flesh there slowly, he returned the favour, touching delicately and matching her speed. Her heartbeat became ten times faster under his hot touch and she found her moves faltering; and for the first time yet, she cursed her humanity. Noticing this, he held back a slight chuckle as his own movements remained smooth. He shuffled into a better position, freeing up his other hand as he sat back on his heels to use his other hand to stimulate other areas of her body.

She smiled, her head thrown back against the pillows as she pushed herself closer to him, her hands no longer able to fulfil her favour as they clung to the sheets. He renewed their kiss, his tongue pushing gently against hers as he pulled her night gown up, breaking the kiss again and holding her up to lift it off and when the garment was flung to the side she hastily re-made their kiss, twining their tongues together like two serpents as her legs spread slightly wider apart.

His hand wandered back down, teasing along her thighs for a few moments, his other in the small of her back to hold her close, but this contact was really not needed as she already clung to him, with her arms around his waist and her hands resting on his back. "It’s not nice, to tease your wife," she repeated in a whisper as the very act of talking took her already few breaths away.

"Ah, forgive me," he murmured, allowing two of his fingers to push inside of her, flexing gently against her muscles, which made her stomach tighten and she found herself sinking deeper into the bed, than being pulled closer towards his body as she let out a fulfilled moan, her heels digging into the mattress.

He pushed a little harder, speeding his movements ever so slightly, smiling at her expression and her body writhed beneath him, though she tried to keep it still and she couldn't help but groan her yearning for 'more.' Taking his fingers away, he returned to his position on all fours over her, lowering his body over hers, kissing her hotly as he entered her.

Her eyes slipped closed as she found herself gripping at his back, sweat once again filming her petite form and she felt her heart, and his pounding in their rib-cages, beating separately; beating as one. He moved slowly at first, his thrusts firm, but gentle. She smiled up at him, her eyes opening and meeting his as her lips did the same.

He growled slightly, the contented noise rumbling in the back of his throat as he moved a little faster, her hips arched upward and she smiled even wider, even though she found it hard to make his mouth meet hers. He ducked his head down and kissed her for a brief moment, not knowing it would be a whole lot more, as if remembering for a second that he was neglecting her lips and she held him there, using most of her energy in securing that one, hot, passionate kiss. His movements slowed as their tongues danced for a few long moments before speeding back up as the kiss was broken, so she closed her eyes again, leaning back into the bed, her face content as she felt his power above her.

He let out another growl, this one more animalistic as he moved faster still, making her brow furrow slightly as she let out another low moan, this time calling his name with it. Calling her name in return, he lowered his head, kissing down her neck as he moved his hands onto her chest. Her head thrashed from side to side as she felt was coming next, then, with another loud moan she let go, feeling the warmth course through her body igniting all her limbs.

As she convulsed around him, he couldn't hold back any longer, his own climax hitting him with a force that stole his breath, forcing him to slow. Then as she began to only slightly tremble beneath him, she weakly leant upwards, meeting their mouths together for a fiery finale.

He smiled, kissing her back before moving off and lying down beside her, his arm draped across her shoulders.

She turned to look at him, still slightly regaining her breath, "God..." she murmured

"See? Much better being a human," he laughed, which made her shake her head.

"I was on about you," she grinned and surprise flickered across his face for a moment before his smile turned into a grin to match hers, hers however began to relax from a grin to a pleasant smile, "why so surprised?"

"Just never heard that one before," he chuckled.

"Get used to it," she whispered while continuing to smile, he kissed her again, the contact more loving this time and as she pulled back she closed her eyes and grinned, before opening one eye, "my human lycanthrope God."

"The one and only," he laughed which just made her cling closer to him with a smile, she was definitely comfy in bed.

The End

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