Kind eyes.Mature

When they returned to the apartment, Bane skulked around the back of the sofa, still saying nothing as he curled up and closed his eyes. He didn't feel like he had anything to say, other than repeating his apology.

"Are you changing back?" She murmured, crouching before him, her hand resting softly on his head.

"In a minute," he muttered quietly, still not opening his eyes. He was still inwardly apologising to Lazarus for upsetting Amber enough to make her want to run away. She woke Amber up from her mind and as they both looked at Bane's mournful form she spoke through Melissa's mouth.

"I'm sorry for being so much trouble, Bane," she smiled weakly, though he could not see and moved her hand round from his head to just under his muzzle. He opened his eyes glancing up at her.

"It's okay... I'm sorry I was a bastard," he mumbled, looking away again, ashamed now of how he had behaved.

She used Melissa to move his muzzle and he didn't bother resisting as she looked into his eyes, "It's okay... they're kind eyes." She smiled softly now, touching her nose to his.

"Kind eyes?" he asked dubiously.

"Your eyes are as pale as winter, yet they show no bitter cold."

"Being bitter or cold is pointless," he murmured.

"I know," she mumbled, losing herself in his eyes for a moment before pulling back away from him and shaking her head. "Humph, I guess I'll see you next moon, wolf." He nodded slightly, rolling onto his side.

"Melissa can have her husband back now," he muttered, his body shuddering as he began to relinquish control. Amber nodded and returned to sleep within Melissa's mind as Melissa began to wait eagerly for Lazarus' return. He shivered and whined as his body broke and reformed, coughing and gasping for air as it was torn from his lungs.

When it was over, he lay there on his side for a moment, trembling ever so slightly, "the floor's cold. I want a carpet," he whined, sitting up. She gave him no more time to move before she flung herself at him, her arms wide and latching around his neck. He laughed slightly, slipping his own arms around her waist, firmly holding onto her.

"God, I'm so glad you're back!" She squealed, burying her head in his neck.

"It's good to be back," he smiled, using her new body heat to keep himself warm on the cold floor. She whimpered and hugged him ever tighter. He returned the firm embrace, pulling back to kiss her lovingly for a moment before sighing slightly. "Mind if I get dressed?" he mumbled.

"Yes." She pouted. He laughed and stood, lifting her with him as he moved over to the sofa. Sitting down, he pulled her onto his lap, hugging her there instead. She clung to him like a kid, not caring that he was butt-naked, her head still buried against his neck. "I love you," she whimpered, "so much, I do."

"I love you too," he smiled, "I'll definitely need to get you a new ring now though... you can't wear the silver anymore."

She looked at her hand, "I never really noticed," she murmured and held him as close as she could, "I still want to get closer," she whined, closing her eyes. "I missed you too much." He in turn quietly strengthened his grip on her, enjoying the feeling of her clinging to him. "You should really get dressed, this must be embarrassing for you," she whispered, not moving. He smiled.

"You know it's not embarrassing for me. I don't care if I'm seen naked, especially if it's you."

"Good, 'cause I don't wanna let go."

"It's not like I'm gone when I'm in my wolf form. I don't know why you missed me so much," he mumbled, kissing her neck gently.

"You're different to Bane... plus as a human, I can do more things with you," she told him and he nodded slightly, mirroring her by resting his head on her shoulder. She sighed softly, and she wriggled on his lap a moment to get comfortable before kissing his neck softly.

"I should have found you sooner," he said with a smile after a few moments.

"Hmm?" She hummed, absently tracing patterns on his chest with her finger.

"Just thinking, about how I could have spent longer with quite possibly the best woman in the world if I'd found you sooner," he laughed, realising how cheesy he sounded.

"What do you mean 'found me'? You've known me a very long time and how am I the 'best woman in the world?" She asked incredulously.

"Okay, granted, you found me, but that's not the point. And you're the best woman in the world because you're loving, and kind, and beautiful. And you truly make me happy," he grinned, moving so he could kiss her.

As she kissed him back, she let her hand rest in the middle of his chest, "I thought you said you didn't have a way with words?" She whispered, kissing him swiftly again.

"I don't," he laughed, "but if it involves being cheesy I seem to manage alright."

She rolled her eyes slightly but smiled, "are you tired?" She wondered aloud. He shook his head slightly.

"No. I'm kinda hungry again, though. I might finish that steak," he muttered, looking over her shoulder into the kitchen to see the steak on the floor, "are you?"

She nodded, "that transformation really took it out of me."

"Mmm. I guess it would," he half smiled, kissing her again, "c'mon; go to bed. I'll be with you in a few minutes, okay?" She nodded and smiled softly, muttering an "okay" as she got up from his lap and disappeared into the bedroom. She took off the clothes the Alpha had given her and exchanged it for a silk night gown before crawling under the covers and pulling them around her, substituting them for a lack of Lazarus.

He picked up the steak from the floor, grimaced at the dust on it and changed his mind about finishing it off. Throwing it away, he cursed Bane and turned to is small stash of pizzas and quick meals. He stuck a pizza in the oven and waited impatiently for it to cook.

When it was done, he cut it up and took it into the bedroom with him, sitting down on top of the covers next to Melissa with it.

"Want some?" he asked, offering her a slice.

She shook her head softly. "No, I'm not hungry thank you." He shrugged and demolished the pizza by himself with ease, quickly returning the plate to the kitchen before climbing into bed with Melissa, kissing her sleepy lips warmly as he slid his arm around her waist. 


The End

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