She was sat beneath a tree, silently, just resting against it. She liked the smell of the forest, even if it was tainted strongly with the smell of wolves. The wind rustled through her fur and she smiled slightly.

But it soon dropped when she saw two figures in the distance, walking toward her. She sighed and stood, moving away from the tree and closer to the figures. It was all Amber now, Melissa was dormant in her mind, too shocked by the pain to influence any action in the pup.

“Amber?” Bane asked tentatively and she bit back the urge to growl.

“What do you want?” She sighed, just wanting him to leave her alone.

He growled ever so slightly, still easily irritated by her defiant attitude, "I came to apologise for snapping when I shouldn't have."

"And, if your humans can get over their hatred for Albert, there is a place for each of you in my pack," the alpha added.

"I knew you were a liar." She growled before turning to the real Alpha, "who said I want to stay here?"

"A liar?" he tried to hide the anger in his voice, "I was never lying when I said I was superior to you!"

She shrugged, "stop following me and leave me be," she sighed, walking away from them casually.

"What about Melissa?" Bane whined.

She shrugged, "the human means nothing to me. I have the form now."

"Melissa is your dominant form, pup," the alpha said coolly, "you have to obey her."

"I have to do nothing," she stated as Melissa began to wake up and slowly began to piece together where she was and what was going on.

The alpha strode over to her, taking hold of the scruff of her neck as he knelt down, making it easier to hold eye contact. "You're already breaking the laws of nature by transforming out of the cycle; disregarding your human, your dominant form is wrong. You can't hold the wolf form forever. Transformations may be painful, but you will cause more pain and damage to yourself if you remain in this form for too long."

She hung her head and snarled, allowing Melissa to come forward again, curling to sleep in her mind as she fell to the floor in a slump.

"Melissa?" he let go of her.

Her eyes opened and as she saw the man before her she let out a shriek, hastily covering herself with her arms, "y-yes?"

He smiled slightly and stood up. "You need to learn how to control your wolf. She's rather annoying." Bane padded over to her and licked her cheek, sitting beside her.

"I-I know," she stuttered, "Is... is Albert okay, do you know?"

He shrugged, "seemed fine to me, but then it's not like he's an open book."

She smiled, looking to the floor, "I know," she looked at the Alpha, "I think I'm going to make a horrible pack member."

"I'm sure the others will be more than willing to sort her out."

"I also meant the fact that I used to be a vampire."

"The pack members are sensible. They're a bit beyond petty bullying."

"Hmm, I dunno. I don't think I could be naked in front of so many people either... you're bad enough." She blushed, holding her head down to cover herself as best she could without moving her hands.

"Well it's not like you'll be the only one without clothes," he laughed.

“Not the point," she murmured, his words just finding to embarrass her further.

He simply smiled. "Stay here with... Bane and I'll get you some clothes so you can get home."

"Thank you."

He walked away and they both watched him, “Are you okay?" Bane asked after a moment.

"No! How could I be okay!?" She whimpered.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, licking her cheek again, wishing he could do more for her.

"I find out my wolf's an annoying kid, I transform back, naked, in front of a stranger..." she trailed to herself, working out the kinks in her muscles "and she thinks I'm a fool." However she knew Amber did not put it so nicely.

"Why does she think you're a fool?"

"Because I believe in Love, to her it's the greatest weakness. You give someone your heart and you're at the most vulnerable. It's gonna take a lot for her to trust you."

"Then both Lazarus and I are vulnerable, aren't we? Well...Lazarus more than I. I thought he was going to go insane when she threatened to leave," he sighed and lay down next to her, "I hope she trusts us soon...”

"Doubtful and look, Bane... she's terrified of you, she'll hate me for this but you scared her. Why do you think she was so protective and ran away?"

"That's why I came to apologise. I didn't mean to snap."

"Then you snapped again, you forced my change because I refused to run away when she so desperately wanted to."

"I'm sorry!" he looked away, out into the trees, hoping the alpha would return quickly.

"Bane..." She sighed wishing she could just get up and leave.


"You know you can just leave, I'll meet you at home."

"Well do you want me to go?"

"That's not want to go."

"that's not it either," he sighed, "I just want to stop screwing up and upsetting everyone."

"I want clothes..." she mumbled and sure enough he returned with a pair of jeans and a plain shirt for her. "Thanks, Sir."

"It's fine," he shrugged, looking at Bane curiously for a moment, "well you know where I am if you need me," he smiled, stepping back to let them leave.

"Of course." She smiled back. She finally stood, fully clothed. Bane rose silently, nodding at the alpha before glancing at Melissa, she sighed and walked away awkwardly, despite wanting to hug Lazarus really badly, she still managed to walk back without glancing at Bane too much.

The End

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