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"No!" Lazarus cried in the back of Bane's mind, watching in horror as Amber forced her way through, ignoring Melissa's screams of agony, "no, no, no, no!"

"Insolent little pup!" Bane barked as the wolf flexed its new muscles.

"What do I care what you think? I now have a body to kick your ass with," she laughed as his hackles rose, and a growl was torn from his throat.

"Please, don't do anything," Lazarus begged with his wolf, "don't hurt the one who made both our lives worth living."

She just continued to laugh and grinned at him.

"Go on then," Bane challenged, "make me sorry, pup. Throw whatever you want at me, I've had worse than a newborn thinking she can make me hurt."

"Who said anything about attacking you? I'm outta here..." she murmured, walking toward the roof exit. He moved in front of her, glowering at the smaller wolf.

"Where do you think you're going with my human's wife?"

"Away from you, grandpa, even if I have to jump from this building." The comment wasn't what stung; it was that she was taking Melissa away from him and Lazarus. He paused and shook his head, walking over to Melissa's shredded clothes.

"Fine," he muttered, picking up the key to the apartment, "go on then," he sighed and stalked past her again, pushing his way back into the building. She followed him, but only so she didn't have to jump from the building. He said nothing to her, moving the key in his mouth as he reached the door. He stood up on his hind legs and pushed the key into the lock, twisting it awkwardly until the door opened. Walking inside, he pulled the key back out of the lock and put it down by the sofa. Not bothering to close the door, he wandered into the kitchen and pulled a steak out of the fridge, ripping the packaging off and settled on the floor with it.

She, however, walked straight past the apartment, down the stairs and out of the door, before breaking into a sprint and using Melissa's memories to go back to the forest- to follow her instinct.

Bane nibbled at the edge of the steak listlessly, his appetite gone as he listened to her walk past and away from him.

"I hate you," Lazarus growled, "You didn't have to pick a fight with her. And now look what you've done!"

"I'm sorry," he whispered, abandoning the steak to close the door.

"What about the pack? You can't just let her walk off like that."

"Well we survived alone with a pack nearby, didn't we," he pointed out, "if she wants to wander off and piss off the pack alpha, then fine. That's her choice."

"Don't be such a dick, Bane." Lazarus growled and forced him to stand up.

"Fine!" he opened the door again and bounded down out of the apartment, across the town to the park woodland, following her scent.

After a few moments of following her trail, the scent vanished, masked by another, more powerful one.

"Alpha," he looked up at the man, sitting in a tree, watching him. He was wearing, once again, the dark jeans and tight black top.

"You're in the wrong form, outsider," he noted with a frown, "so is the pup. She passed by here not five minutes ago." Bane nodded and made to move away, but the alpha jumped from the tree, landing in front of him, blocking his way. "This pup... she's not that vampire that was humanising, was she?"

"Does it matter if she is?" he asked wearily.

"No, I suppose not, I was just curious. Oh, she's fine, by the way, if it's us you're worried about. We're not as unnatural as you two. We don't transform at the wrong time of the month..."

"Good, well, I'm glad you're happy being normal, and I'm quite happy bending the rules, now can I go and find the pup?"

"No, I want to know what's happening with the vampires."

"Good question," Bane muttered, "I don't know. That's up to Melissa, but really, I need to find her and sort things out."

"You two need to learn how to behave like real wolves. None of this shit where you name your wolf like a common domestic dog," he snickered, "or act like humans in the wrong skin." He sighed and looked at Bane for a long moment. He didn't let his discomfort show under the alpha's scrutinizing gaze. "You were never meant for the alpha role, were you? C'mon. Let's go find your pup. Maybe when you two have made up, you'll consider joining the pack - if you can get over your dislike for Albert."


The End

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