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She nodded, “of course, it’s soothing. It’s almost like a lullaby; I can hear it, beating. It’s louder now...I’m getting my senses back and it’s so sweet,” she murmured, her eyes closing as she relaxed with him.

The air began to smell sweet with the cake shop that lay just down the road. She could smell the smoke from cars as they whizzed around down below. Colours seemed brighter, more attuned and as she opened one eye she could see a woman sat in an office cubicle on the phone, in the building across from them. She had an open box of doughnuts on her desk that was beside her bag. As she put the phone down and picked it up again, Melissa even saw the number she dialled.

But then she simply closed her eyes, tuning back into the fast beating of Bane’s heart.  “So sweet,” she repeated but he remained silent.

“So, you’re the most dominant form?”  The voice in the back of her head asked and she confirmed it, “Melissa... it’s nice to meet you.”

“And you, Amber,”

“, what is it? You keep thinking about it.”  She explained it the same way she did with Bane and the wolf made an understanding, ‘Ohh.’  “I’m bursting with energy, I want my form!”

Melissa sighed, “You’ll have to wait, I’m sorry.” This was just answered by a short huff from Amber.

 "I love you, Melissa," he whispered quietly, but it caught her off guard as she was busy talking to Amber, she heard it in the background though, so she zoned back in.


"I love you," he murmured, raising his voice a little so she could hear him better.

"Oh, I love you too, Bane,” she smiled for a little moment before it fell again. “But now it's not me you have to convince."

"I know," he sighed.

She nudged his side slightly, "you'll be fine... you’re charming."

"Depends if Amber goes for charming," he laughed lightly.

"I don't think I know what I go for," Amber murmured through Melissa.

"You've got plenty of time to figure it out," he smiled. Amber noticed the smile and used her host to find out it was a nice gesture.

"So you're not still angry about earlier? I didn't mean to challenge your authority,” she muttered, pulling away from him instinctively, making a polite distance between them and hunched her form so she was lower than him.

"No... You’re a pup. I possibly should have been more tolerant," he sighed.

"Well I'm sorry, Alpha." She bowed her head, not making eye-contact with him for fear of challenging him again.

"I forgive you," he stepped forward and licked her face, before moving back again, looking out over the city, "this time," he laughed slightly.

She faltered with a frown for a while, before making Melissa smile. She found it hard to manipulate Melissa’s strings to make her do anything and for the moment she was happy she was sat down. "Thank you, Alpha. I'll make it up to you." He nodded silently, wondering what to say to the pup. "You know, I like you, Alpha,” Amber announced, taking both Melissa and Bane by surprise.

"What?" She asked, looking at him questioningly.

"Nothing, I just wasn't expecting it, that's all," he smiled.

"I just said I like you, you're kind, that's all," she muttered

"I try. Clashing with an alpha as a newborn isn't a good experience, I know."

"Well, don't expect anything more, just... acquaintanceship." 

"Who said I was expecting more?"

"Hey, just 'cause I ain’t talking, don't mean I ain't listening,” he was silent for quite a while, making Amber-Melissa’s smile grew into a wide grin, "I caught you out wolfie-boy," she laughed.

He growled irritably and glared at her, "do not call me 'wolfie-boy'. I only wish to protect our humans. If you insist on finding someone else, then fine, but it will be on your conscience if you tear Melissa apart."

"Ahh, but you love her and she loves you, I either love you or no one. I'm not that cruel." Amber stated coldly and Melissa breathed a sigh of relief, "sorry, I guess I sorta got too relaxed in your company, won't happen again." She murmured mockingly before clumsily rising to her feet and bowing to him.

He looked up at her for a moment and then back up at the sky, "I have a name, I suggest you use it."

She snarled, rolled her eyes and walked a few steps away before stopping, "I suggest you bite me.

"Don't tempt me," he growled.

"Try it," she barked and grinned; as much as Melissa tried, she couldn't stop Amber from turning and motioning him to bring it on.

He leapt at her, bowling her over. They crashed to the floor together, all his weight focused on her shoulders as he pinned her down with his huge paws. His teeth snapped together, clamping around her throat threateningly.

Melissa's stomach convulsed and she screamed out in agony, "Go on then, do it!" Amber managed to snarl through it all.

His jaw tightened ever so slightly, but the cry in the back of his head as Lazarus shouted at him to stop made him pause. He released her after a moment, but remained standing on her.

Melissa cried out once more, tears streaming down her face but Amber was still in control, "You wimped out," she laughed slightly, as her form began gasping for air.

"I didn't wimp out," he growled, "I'm protecting our humans."

"That's why... why she's in so much..." Amber growled as Melissa tried to fight back, "pain."

He stepped off her and walked to the other side of the roof away from her, apologising to Lazarus for snapping all the way.

"How do I fight it?" Melissa screamed, "How do I stop it?"

"You're supposed to be the dominant being. Make her listen to you," he called.

"I've never been a dominant being in my whole life."

"Well you're gonna have to be, or she'll take over," he snarled, "And make all our lives a misery at this rate," he added in a quiet mutter.

"Don't snarl at me," she commanded, bringing Amber's fury with her own. "Don't you dare snarl at me!"

"Or what?" he snapped.

Her body convulsed again but she didn't fight back this time, she was with Amber... she didn't want to back down. But the pain she felt made her tighten herself into a ball, her arms hugging around her form as her muscles grew. "Just you wait," they both chimed together.

Amber’s energy and excitement about gaining her form rippled through Melissa and Melissa tried her best to communicate with her. “You do realise I’m the dominant one between us both, right?”

Amber sighed, “Yes, but I don’t know how you could like this mongrel, let alone love him! I’ll teach him a lesson and then you can have your body back.” He turned and watched, moving away from the edge of the roof.

Melissa screamed as the pain racked her body, twisting her muscles, tearing her flesh. Her clothes were already torn and she had begun to sprout thick, golden brown fur all over her body apart from her underside where it faded to a light blonde. Her emerald green eyes dilated and tears rolled down her face as everything went numb and the transformation began to end. Her ears twitched and her tail swung like a pendulum behind her.

She opened her jaw and closed it multiple times as she adjusted and her claws scraped against the roof before she let out one long, ear-piercing howl.

The End

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