Bane laughed slightly, nodding. It would be difficult to figure anything out when none of them knew what was happening.

"Mmm. Can you feel anything from the scratches? Like... umm, another presence in your mind?" he asked, wondering if she might feel it already.

"Umm," she closed her eyes a moment, wincing, "it does feel as though something is trying to get through." He nodded again ever so slightly to himself; so humans who chose this and were changed before the full moon could feel the wolf forming already.

"And... what happens if you let it through?" he wondered aloud, tentatively.

"I don't know... I haven't tried."

"Well- try?" She nodded, allowing the small voice in the back of her head take over.

"Wolf... what is your name?" the new voice asked.

"Bane. And you?"

"A good question, Bane. I do not know." He would have smiled, but he didn't, instinctively assuming the role of the alpha male.

"Ask your human."

"Human? So that's what that was. Okay, I shall ask." She closed her eyes, and went inwards as Bane and Lazarus watched together, the experience strangely bringing them closer together. "Human, what is my name?"

"My name, is Melissa, not Human and your name is Amber."

"My name is Amber," she stated simply, opening her eyes to look at him as she spoke.

"Amber," he repeated, committing it to memory.

"So, you are Alpha?" he nodded, not really feeling the need to speak to reaffirm his authority over the new wolf. "Then, Alpha, what am I?"

"I don't know yet. You're too young to assume any particular role," he told her, "I have yet to see how you behave."

"So when do I get my form?" Lazarus stopped listening as Bane replied.

"In three weeks, when the full moon returns."

She yowled, "then why have you your form now?"

"Because I am three hundred and seventy three years your senior," he growled slightly, "I don't think forcing a transformation before the moon returns for your first cycle would be a good idea, do you?"

She knelt before him, "I'm sorry. I just asked... I didn't mean anything." He nodded, silently considering the young wolf before him wearing the wrong skin. She looked up at him for a moment, before darting her eyes back to the floor.

"You'll learn," he murmured, standing, "bring Melissa back, I want to go outside."

She nodded, then Melissa rose to her feet and sighed, "I'm not your human slave you know."

"I know, but it's a nice thought. I'm hungry too, your stupid human husband hasn't eaten yet," he grumbled, padding over to the door, his claws clicking innocently on the floor.

She sighed, "I'll let you outside, I'll feed Lazarus when he comes back."

"He's still in here, you know - you could feed him now. I thought turning you like that might just turn him against me once more, but it seems to have brought us together a little. I think he's finally coming around," he smiled, opening the door and heading for the roof.

"I could, but I think your tastes differ slightly," she sighed, walking beside him out onto the roof. It was strange, walking out there in his wolf form in the middle of the day, out of the cycle. His smile grew slightly as he looked up at the light grey sky, allowing Lazarus to show him what it was supposed to look like.

"Being colour-blind must be hard..." she muttered, wondering what he was looking at must have just been a big blur of grey.

"Not really. I was born it, I've never missed seeing colour, though what Lazarus is showing me is impressive," he half whispered, still looking up as Lazarus' imagination filled in the gaps like the way the sun might hit the clouds and the colour of the sky farther out to the horizon. As he looked back at Melissa, Lazarus didn't need his imagination at all, showing Bane what she really looked like. He smiled, "You're a beautiful human. Much better in colour."

She smiled back, "thank you," she whispered before sitting beside him. A few moments later, he shuffled closer, pressing himself against her.

"He wouldn't admit it," he mumbled, glancing at Melissa, "and he'll be annoyed for me saying so. But Lazarus would quite like a hug." She laughed slightly and obliged, her arms hugging around the giant wolf as best they could. They hooked around his stomach, just behind his front paws.

"Do you know why?" She wondered, resting her head against the wolf's side.

"Because I love you," Lazarus' voice whispered out of Bane's mouth, "and because I can't bloody hug you in this form," he grumbled.

"Don't slate the form," Bane warned.

"Why not? It's the most ridiculous, impractical, stupid damn form in the entire planet! I could have been anything! But no. I'm a dog and I can't even hug my wife because you get cocky and decide you can take over whenever you want."

"You could try, umm... you're a little big though, probably just end up knocking me over," she laughed, squeezing him a little tighter with her new found strength.

"Mmm," he hummed happily, "might be a bit awkward though, since I can't bend my legs right for a hug."

"You'd just have your paws on my shoulders," she shrugged, "but I quite like this... I can hear your heartbeat."

"You still like listening to our heart then," he smiled, resting his head on her shoulder lightly. 


The End

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