She smiled, “so... what does the change involve? Is it just a bite or... something more?” She couldn’t help wonder, though she kinda guessed it would ruin the moment. She never let go of him though, he was like her buoy, keeping her afloat right now.

“A scratch,” he shuddered slightly, "all it would take is a momentary slip in your temper to ruin someone's life so thoroughly.”

"Ahh," she nodded, "better than having some stranger latching onto your neck huh?" She laughed weakly.

"I think I'd rather have someone latch onto my neck than be attacked by a huge wolf," he gave a slight laugh too.

"So... it'll be Bane... thank God I know him," she smiled.

"Mmm. Oh, it'll scar. You might wanna tell him where to scratch you," he muttered.

"I've never noticed a scar on you."

"I've had loads of scars, but the best part of four centuries is a long time for something like that to fade," he shrugged, "it used to be on my calf," he explained and she resisted the urge to pull up his jeans and check like a little kid.

"I think I'd prefer my back,” she murmured to herself.

"No use telling me... tell him," he mumbled.

She held onto him tightly, "but just so you know... I am ready."

"Yeah... I should stop being a wuss and get on with it, really, shouldn't I?" he laughed feebly.

"Take your time, my love,” she encouraged.

"He's being an idiot," Bane's voice came out of his mouth, which kind of shocked her, "I'll do it now if you want."

"I don't mind, I want him to be comfortable with it."

"He's insisting on waiting till the next moon, but that won't give either of you time to adjust to it. You'll transform straight away. He might be your fool, but he's a fool, nonetheless."

She whined, "I do want it and I trust you... but I want Lazarus to accept it too."

"He does, he just wants to get used to the idea that your first transformation won't be like any kind of pain you've ever felt or imagined. If I scratch you now, he'll still have the time to get over it."

She nodded, "then let’s get it over with."

Also nodding, he stood, a little unsteady on the wrong feet as he pulled off his shirt and jeans, sitting on the floor and she knelt beside him with a weak smile as he began to transform, it wasn’t hard to watch, but she wondered how hard it would be to execute. When he had finished she slipped off her top and turned her back to him.

He put a paw in the small of her back, pressing gently, "any preference where?"

"Preferably higher on my back, than my lower," that was the least painful to her, from when her father used to hit her, plus, she would wear it with pride, she knew it.

Moving his paw up to her shoulder blades he sighed as Lazarus watched tentatively in the back of his mind. "Here?"

She nodded, closing her eyes, "that's fine." He lifted his paw and swiped it down across her skin, ripping into her muscle, her back arched on impact and she fell forward onto all fours with a small, muffled cry as she bit it back.

"Sorry," he mumbled, sitting beside her.

"No, never any need to apologise," she smiled, but it faltered as the marks on her back began to burn. He lapped up the straying blood and cleaned the wounds before resting his head on her side gently. She sat back on her knees again and ruffled his fur, "it's burning quite a bit," she remarked, gripping onto Bane tightly.

"At least you're not transforming right now, a staggering newborn with the same gashes on you. When I think about it, I suppose I can see why Lazarus resented the change so much even before I killed the wrong person," he murmured, shuffling slightly so she could hold onto him better.

"So as a wolf... I won't know anything?" She gulped as the wound finally began to heal over slightly, at least... she could feel the skin mending, but it was still tender.

"Your wolf won't, no. Why d'you think I'm more human than wolf?" he laughed

"Well, you're gonna be my mentor then won't you? What do I call you... master?"

“You'll turn out an odd wolf if I’m your mentor," he smiled, "but if you want. You can stick with calling me Bane."

"How else will I learn?" She wondered, trying not to mention Albert.

He growled quietly to himself, "The blonde one offered to help earlier."

"Oh? Lazarus won't be pleased," she muttered quietly, relaxing her hold in his fur as the wound finally stopped burning.

"No, I know. I can't say I'm overly fond of the idea either, but I suppose that's just prejudice from him," he shook his head slightly, "I should learn too. Lazarus may just have to swallow his pride entirely, if the blonde one is the only one willing to help."

"I don't think I'm too fond of the idea either, of course I don't mind Albert it's just too much... too many memories."

"Well it's up to you."

"No, not again," she whined.

"Well it's not me that has a problem with you learning from him. Although Lazarus is telling me that if you're learning from him I have to be there too, to make sure he doesn't try anything," he rolled his eyes

"But... we were strong, if my wolf picks up on that... what if she falls for him?"

"I don't know."

"So what is gonna happen now? It's stopped burning... though I think it's still tender."

"Um, well usually becoming a werewolf isn't a choice thing, and as far as I know it's always been done at full moon, so... heh. No idea. You might get your good senses back though."

She looked to him and sighed, “This is going to be really hard, if none of us know anything.”

The End

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