Emerald in the RoughMature

She sat beside him and smiled as he began to play their song, but then after a while, she began to look absently to the other side of the room, not really focusing on the song, though it did play in the back of her mind. She sighed, her lips parting slightly.

The melody changed to his newer composition, as he looked at Melissa. "What's wrong?" he asked quietly over the music.

She took a while to answer and shook herself, "what? Oh yeah."

"What's wrong?" he repeated

"Oh! Nothing."


She giggled, "positive."

He arched an eyebrow, but shrugged and turned his gaze back to the score in front of him, though he didn't need it.

"First kiss..." she mumbled, figuring she might as well tell him.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, you know," he murmured.

"It's nice not to have secrets," she smiled back, knowing full well she was about to lie.


She thought on it, for a very long time. Then she remembered, just who she was talking to. "Gabriel," she whispered.

"Gabriel?" he asked, though he didn't seem surprised.

"Mhmm... son of a..." she just finished with a weak smile.

"I know. I'm sorry he was such a... well, y'know," he sighed, closing his eyes for a moment before shaking his head.

"I kinda forgot after a while... Albert an' all."

"Even so, the way he behaved with you - and others - was unfair."

"You don't know how he behaved with me."

"I have a fair idea. He went to parties, played the perfect, charming gentleman - which he was - he would listen to the people he met, and if it was a particularly pretty young lady, he might kiss them, or something inappropriate along those lines. Am I close?"

"I hate you," she murmured, huffing.

"Don't hate me, hate him."

She held up her hand, then brought it down on the top of the piano. "Ow," she murmured, forgetting what she was. "I hate this, right now so please. Let's drop it before I feel even worse," she growled to hold back the tears.

He stopped and put an arm around her, "sorry," he whispered.

She nudged it off, "it's fine." Sighing, he closed the lid on the piano and slumped over it, resting his head on the wood. "God... I'm sorry Lazarus."

"What for?"

"For nudging you off."


"Yeah, I just..."

"Good evening people!" Albert smiled, opening the door

"Turn around and walk away, right now," Lazarus said, not looking around.

"Not when the little lady was thinking about me," he smiled a little wider.

Lazarus stood up abruptly, stalking over to Albert and shoving him back towards the door, "get out of my home, get out of her head and get out of our lives!" he shouted.

"Hey, hey, hey! I wasn't in her head. I was stood at the door for a long time, I overheard... I just came 'cause I was worried."

"Worried about what?" he snapped, "you couldn't care less!"

"If Melissa could die of course I care!" Melissa whined at the brief reminder and Albert looked over Lazarus’ shoulder, mouthing an apology.

"Get out!" he yelled

"Why damn it!? I came to see Melissa, see if she was okay. What's wrong with you?"

"She's fine, we're both just fucking dandy, now go away!"

"No!" He snapped and Melissa appeared behind Lazarus, smiling weakly.

"Oh my God, it's true. You're human," he muttered and she nodded.


"Good, now you know, you can go."

"No, Melissa..." he whispered, taking a step forward, his eyes sad as he looked at her and she couldn't help but break the contact.

"Wrong way," Lazarus growled, pushing him back again.

Albert gave out a short, doggy whine and Melissa closed her eyes, but managed to smile. "It's okay, Albert. I remember." She opened them again, to see Albert smiling back softly.

He growled irritably, snatching up his wallet, "for fuck's sake, I'm not in the mood for this," he muttered, pushing past Albert, storming off down the hallway

As soon as he passed him she gripped her arms around Albert's waist and he hugged her back, just as she began to cry.

Lazarus could hear her sobs down the hall as he walked out, but he was too angry and stressed to be of any use even if he walked back. At least this way, he was avoiding a fight, he reasoned.

Albert rubbed his hand up and down her back comfortingly, “this shouldn’t be me. You should have told him.”

She took a moment to gather herself, “yeah, but...”
He changed the subject, hugging her a little tighter, “So, you’re human... what now? You can’t stand death.”

She nodded, “you’re right. But, I don’t think I can tell you.”

“You know... I really am so jealous I lost you.”

“It was your own –“

“Yes, I know,” he pushed a loose curl behind her ear and kissed her cheek, “I should be going, or... Alpha will kill me.” He pulled away, but she caught his arm.

“Albert, I know you better than what you were, don’t be driven by jealousy.” He nodded and smiled, taking her hand from his arm, he kissed it.

“I’ll keep that it mind, Emerald.” The use of her nickname made her smile and she allowed him to go, before returning to the piano seat.


The End

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