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Soon they were both in that familiar place, but to Melissa it was so much more now. She had a real heartbeat that accelerated with every one of his movements and she could feel his doing the same. She actually began to sweat, the wet substance creating a thin film over her body and she finished much quicker this time.

As she lay there, in his arms, sweat rolling over her skin, her heartbeat not slowing, she grinned. She ran a hand through her hair and blinked a few times. The pleasure she had just experienced seemed too good to be true, yet, from times before she knew it could be better than that. “Lazarus...” she moaned, one last time, her body quaking slightly.

He smiled and kissed her, his arm over her waist. "I'm so out of shape," she gasped as her heart finally decided to calm slightly allowing her to kiss him back warmly.

"You're not out of shape, you've just never felt it so intensely," he smiled

"And I know it gets better," she smiled back, her eyes shimmering with joy and still a little hint of passion.

He half nodded, holding her a little closer against him, "mmm," he hummed happily.

She steadied her breath for a moment, "I love you," she gasped, her mouth reaching for his again.

"I love you too," he whispered, his lips obligingly pressing against hers.

"But now comes the other human emotion, I'm so tired..." she muttered, a yawn appearing to reinforce her point.

"Sleep," he mumbled, pushing her hair out of her face gently, planting another soft kiss on her lips.

"I fear I'm gonna have to," She sighed, pushing closer to him, her warm body drawn to his even hotter form. He held her there silently, enjoying the feel of her heated skin on his and she was content, pushing her hair back once more, her eyes flickered closed and she let sleep conquer her with a soft sigh. He kissed the top of her head gently and smiled as he followed her into slumber a few short moments later.

When she awoke, she felt warm and tingly, but as she tried to move, her muscles ached. She moaned, realising that for the first time, as a human, she'd have to shower. Lazarus opened one eye and smiled, "you're awake," he mumbled, opening his other eye. "Good sleep?"

"Yeah," she nodded, sitting up slightly and trying to work out the kinks in her neck.

"You can have the shower first, if you want."

"Umm, I may be a while," she laughed awkwardly.

"That's okay," he smiled again, pushing himself up too, leaning back on the wall.

"Umm, can't we like..." she paused, blushing ever so slightly, "no, never mind," she laughed awkwardly.


"Shower... together?" She mumbled. She didn't want to take forever figuring out what to do, though she was sure it wasn't hard. She was used to slaves doing it for her and with a bath too.

"Oh. Yeah, sure," he laughed slightly and swung his legs out of the bed.

She blushed, before slowly doing the same, moving like a mouse into the room, she pushed back the glass and stepped into the quite large cubicle, slowly followed by Lazarus. She switched it on, like she had before, then stood under the water, running her hands through her hair, feeling it straighten under the pressure of the water.

He stood with her under the water, wetting his skin and hair before grabbing the shampoo lathering some of it into his hair before passing it to her

She watched him, without making it too obvious, before grabbing it from him with a thank you and mirrored his movements.

Mumbling an apology as he got in her way, but she just smiled, watching him intently as he washed the shampoo away, reaching next for the shower gel and a sponge. She then stepped under the water, letting it wash her hair clean again, leaving behind a pleasant, fruity smell. Catching her looking, he gave her a questioning look but she shook her head as she blushed again.

He smiled and kissed her on the cheek, washing the soap from his skin before rinsing the sponge and passing that to her too. "We need to go shopping," he laughed

She paused, squeezing the sponge slightly and smiled as the soap oozed out of it before nodding and mirroring his movements once more.

He stepped out of the shower and dried off. "I'll just get you a clean towel," he muttered as he pulled on his boxers and she nodded, stepping out and moving over to the mirror.

Once there she looked at her reflection, her slightly pink skin and her wet and straight brown hair. She reached out a hand, touching her face's reflection. Lazarus came back with a towel and she pulled her hand back swiftly, grabbing the towel from him with muttered thanks beneath her breath. He smiled, walking off toward the kitchen and she wrapped the towel around her.

She moved into the bedroom and looked through the wardrobe, pulling out a pair of black skinny jeans and a long pink top, before slipping on a pair of flat shoes. She was kind of shocked at herself when she realised she only had lacy underwear, but she was even more shocked when she sat at the vanity, rubbing her hair dry and she realised that for the first time ever she would have to brush her own hair. She looked at herself for a moment and sniffled back tears.

“I never thought...I never thought I’d be like this,” she sobbed under her breath.

The End

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