First meal.Mature

Lazarus didn't know what to think; it was hard enough to think of Melissa as a fragile human, let alone a wolf. He didn't know whether he would have accepted the idea by the next full moon. If anything, he was more likely to justify reasons not to do it by then.

Though there was a small part of him that believed he would cope with it, that in a way, it would make things easier; he would have someone to run with, someone Bane could really love. He had to admit, however reluctantly, a small part of him did like the idea.

He broke the kiss and sighed, holding her close, silently. She folded herself in his arms with a smile. They remained like this for a few moments, before Lazarus kissed the top of her head, "you never had that cake," he mumbled with a smile.

"No and my stomach feels funny." He frowned slightly.

"Maybe you're just hungry? I mean, it's been four hundred years since you had a proper meal," he laughed a little.

"Yeah," she nodded, thinking on it for a minute just as her stomach growled, reminding her it was there.

"Wanna go for breakfast somewhere? My treat."

"Sure," she nodded again with a smile and he rose, pulling her up with him, returning the smile with a small kiss.

"C'mon then," he took her hand, leading her out of the apartment block, "there's a little cafe in the town I found when I was looking for the suit."

She smiled, "My word, I can't remember the last time I ate. Well, you know..." he laughed again as they walked out into the street, relaxed in the sun light for the first time.

"Mmm. I suppose being a wolf does have a couple of benefits. Insanely high metabolism - I can eat anything I want and not get fat," he grinned.

"If you're worried about the pain, don't be. I've been through so much pain I think I can handle it," she explained, looking around at the town, now dim and dull to her human senses.

"That's hardly a reason to put you through more," he mumbled, his smile fading a little as they neared the cafe.

"No I didn't mean to... please smile." He pushed the smile back to his lips, hoping it didn't look as fake as it felt, and opened the cafe door for her. She smiled back and thanked him, stepping into the cafe. Her eyes widened at the smell of food, her stomach rumbling even more. As they sat, he pushed a menu towards her.

"So what's your first meal of this century gonna be?" he asked, watching her face as she pored over the menu.

"Oh, I don't know, I think I'll just stick with my idea of cake."

"It's not very filling," he muttered, but shrugged as the waiter came over, looking at them expectantly. Melissa gave him her order and Lazarus shook his head. His appetite had deserted him when Melissa had told him she wanted to be a wolf with him.

"I didn't really eat much before; I guess it's a habit. Gotta maintain a figure, right?" He rolled his eyes and smiled.

"C'mon. First thing you've eaten in four hundred years. Who gives a stuff about maintaining a figure when you've not eaten for that long?"

"Why d'ya think I've ordered cake? Triple chocolate to indulge." She grinned. He laughed and watched her expression as the waiter placed her generous slice of cake before her. Her grin, somehow, managed to become even wider as she stared at it for a few moments. Then, picking up her fork she daintily cut into it. As she placed the sliver of cake into her mouth, her eyes closed and she hummed happily. Her taste buds exploded, it was such a simple piece of cake, but the retrospect that came with it gave her the ultimate taste sensation. 

"So what's it like to be human again?" he asked after a while and half the cake had been demolished.

"It's strange, but discovering everything again is so good." She smiled, "I can't believe I didn't miss this."

"Mmm," he nodded slightly, falling silent again to allow her to finish. She took a few more delicate mouthfuls to finish the cake and smiled, pushing the plate away from her slightly. "Even your kisses have become sweeter and hotter."

"Yours are warmer too. I'd gotten used to you being cold, but I definitely prefer you with your own heartbeat," he murmured, leaning forward so his chin was resting on his hand.

Her smile became a little softer, "me too, I feel alive."

"I'd be worried if you didn't," he half laughed.

She rolled her eyes but her smile didn't fall. "I guess, it's even nice to feel cold," she said with a slight shiver.

"Cold?" he arched an eyebrow slightly, "it's warm in here," he smiled, but moved his chair so he was sitting with her anyway. "I'd offer you my jacket if I was wearing one," he mumbled, putting his arm around her instead.

"I think your body heat is enough," she smiled, leaning into him. "I'm only slightly cold, like from a slight breeze." He held her gently, afraid to hold her too tightly now she was human. He'd forgotten how humans needed to be treated like porcelain dolls. Kissing her cheek lightly, he glanced at her empty plate.

"Want anything else, while we're here?"

"No, I'm fine. Thank you," she turned to kiss him back.

"Wanna go back home then?" She simply nodded in response and he stood, leaving a tip on the table before taking her hand again. 


The End

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