A vampire with all the strength of a humanMature

She never actually managed to sleep that night, but as she ran her hand through his silky smooth fur the night didn't seem as uncomfortable. She dreamt of the sun, seeping in through the cracks beginning to appear in her pale form. She knew she was breaking; she had too much to do now. She forgot the last time she could just lay with Lazarus and not worry.   She thought on it, that's all she really wanted, was to just lay with him... but right now, Bane's warm, comforting made do.

She had laid all night with her head nestled into his side. With a deep sigh and a tiny whimper she rose from her sleeping place and shook her head, clearing her mind of all thoughts that clouded it; the pack, the coven, Lazarus, Bane and Albert. It all began to dawn on her and she realised that was the weight on her shoulders. She was wearing herself out and right now she wanted to go home.

"Bane," she muttered, gently nudging his side, "Bane, please. Wake up," she couldn't sweat but she knew that if she could, right now, she would be. She whimpered once more, repeating her instruction with more urgency this time. 

"Wha...?" He grumbled roughly, his eyes slowly opening as he craned his neck to look at her.

"I wanna go home. I want to go home now and I ain't leaving you here," she spoke matter-of-factly and commandingly, sliding off the bed and opening the door just to see a younger vampire walk past and he simply bowed his head to her and continued to walk.

"What time is it?" Bane asked wearily and Melissa replied instantly.

"9 o'clock."

He groaned, clearly not liking the idea of being woken up. "Sun's down right?"

"Of course," Melissa nodded, leaving the door open as she turned to him.

"Mmm," he pushed himself up, "okay... what's the rush?"

"I don't like it here, I want to go home." As he slipped off the bed, leaving a few white hairs behind, she continued, "no offence, but I want Lazarus back too." She didn't mention her dream, she didn't want to worry.

"When we get back," he almost sighed, making Melissa feel guilty. She didn't want to shove him aside, but she needed someone to hold that would hold her back.

"Of course," she replied bluntly again.

They walked in the moonlight in utter silence with tension rising with every step. She walked up to the apartment and he laboured behind. As she let him in she sighed. She was happy to be home but she didn't want to push Bane away.   

"Thanks," he muttered, walking in and curling up on the floor near the sofa.

She rushed after him, crouching to his side before he even thought of letting Lazarus back. "Bane," She whispered softly.

He looked at her, "what?"

She reached a hand out, gently stroking his muzzle. "I do love you," she smiled weakly, hoping he knew.

"I love you too," he mumbled, licking her hand, "you can have your husband back now." She smiled stronger and kissed the top of his muzzle before moving away, cowering as his muscles contorted and ripped, shrinking to the form they were originally meant for.

Lazarus lay there, quivering slightly under the pain that came from the transformation. Melissa immediately swooped down to his side again, wrapping her arms around his trembling, naked form. "Lazarus, my love, you're back." She whispered excitedly.

He shivered slightly, trying to get used to having his body and control back. "Mmm," he coughed into his hand slightly, before returning the hug.

She tightened her arms around him, clinging to him so childishly, so much like a lifeline. Her hands were flat on his back, her head resting on his shoulder, her breath gently tickling his neck and her body was pressed so closely to his. "I missed you, so much," she repeated the word so, for quite a few times until she realised how ridiculous she sounded.

Laughing slightly, he kissed her cheek, holding her close. "Couldn't have been that bad, you love Bane too, after all."

"Of course, but when you fear that your life is slipping away, you miss the one you've sworn your life to." She pulled away, somewhat reluctantly. As soon as she broke it, she longed to remake the contact. "I should let you dress."

He didn't move, frowning. "Slipping away?"

"Surely you saw when I was fighting Darren. I almost died," she explained with an unhappy and grim look contorting her features.

"I... Bane was being restrained by the other vampires."

"Oh, well. No need to worry then." She smiled slightly. "I'm here now."He returned the small smile, putting his arms back around her. She returned her original position, pulling him to his feet before holding him close again, "it looks like you now have a child to care for or at least, sort of."

"A vampire with all the strength of a human," he mused.

She nodded against his shoulder, "I know, how pathetic."

"Isn't there any way of getting your strength back?"

"If you die," she mumbled. "Till then, I don't know what is gonna happen. This is rare, people only know that we humanise. Nothing else," she didn't particularly consider getting her strength back, because gaining it physically would mean losing it mentally.

"Ah. Well you've got quite a long wait till I die," he half laughed as she rolled her eyes out of his sight, "guess we'll have to find out what happens, eh?"

She didn't seem too fond of the idea and she pulled back again. "Now, you really must get dressed unless you wish to continue giving me a bare hug," she giggled, smiling at him, her tone instantly changing with her use of the ridiculous pun. He laughed softly and nodded, disappearing into the bedroom to find some clothes.

She followed him in and smiled, "You have me for the whole night, I'll give you that." She just wanted to be free from everything for a night.

"And what would you like to do for the night?" His question made her pause.

"That's a good question," she nodded. He sat on the edge of the bed, looking up at her expectantly waiting for the answer and she thought for a moment, before sitting on his lap, "All I want to do is spend it with you."

"I think I can arrange that," he smiled, encircling her with his arms.

She smiled back, "I just want one night away from everything," she murmured, not letting her nightmare penetrate her smile.

"Mmm, now do I take advantage of where we are, or do I play the gentleman and offer to simply play the piano for you?" he wondered aloud, laughing.


The End

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