I think it's love...?Mature

They crashed to the floor in a tangle of brown and white limbs, laughing. He curled up in a tight ball, not letting her near his stomach. She nudged at his paws. He whined, his eyes flashing, before moving and pushing back down, smiling. She looked back at him and returned the smile, licking his muzzle. She nudged closer to him, realising how small she was compared to him, she was about half his size. 

"So what are we doing for the rest of the day?" he asked after a while.

"I don't know, I can stand now. But... I still feel weak," she murmured, 

"Let's stay here," he mumbled, "sleep doesn't sound like such a bad plan. Unless the other vampires intend to steal my blood while I'm asleep," he half laughed nervously.

She growled protectively and weakly, "They won't."  

"Heh. Don't you get like a special room now you're their new leader?"

"Umm, I dunno. I'll go check." She muttered, changing back into her vampire form and went off to search for another vampire.... yeah. Bane closed his eyes while she was gone, curling up into a tight ball. The house made his skin crawl and without Melissa by his side it was nearly unbearable. She ran back at a pathetically slow human pace. "Bane, come on," she called; it was quick for a human, slow for a vampire. He rose, bounding out toward her voice, eager to have a friendly face nearby.

She smiled softly, leading him off to the lavishly furnished room, the sheets had been changed and the room smelt nothing like Darren anymore. Those vampires moved quickly. He sat on the floor at the foot of the bed, looking around. "When I said special, I didn't think it meant this special," he laughed slightly.

"You can lay on the bed if you want to," she smiled, "According to the vamps, I now own Paris. This is big," she grinned as she noticed the change of dress on the bed and she quickly changed into the long, sleek black dress, throwing away the bloody, shorter one.

"Big isn't the word," he muttered quietly, getting up and sniffing around the room, resisting the urge to mark it as his territory.

"You can sleep umm... wherever you want."

"You won't mind dog hair on the bed?" he enquired lightly as he stuck his head in the wardrobe, inspecting it.

"Not really." He grinned at her and leapt up onto the bed, taking up most of the bottom half, even curled up as he was. She smiled, crawling onto the bed with him, resting her head beside his. "Nice bed?" She laughed.

"Mmm, I think I'd prefer the one at home, though, if Lazarus would let me on it," he laughed too, and she nodded, and put her arms round his neck, kissing the side of his muzzle softly.

He yawned, slumping into the bed as he relaxed. Smiling slightly, he poked his tongue out and touched it to her face gently, before closing his eyes

"I love you, Bane." 

He was quiet for a moment, opening one eye to give her an appraising look. "I love you too," he muttered, closing his eye again, "at least, I think it's love...?"

"You'll know, if it is." She smiled.

"Yes, but you and Lazarus both know, because you've both felt it before. How can you just... know?"

"I guess it's just that feeling when you just want it to be just you and them, nothing else matters. You just want to hold them close and never let them go. They mean everything to you and you would do anything to protect them."

He laughed softly, his eyes opening once more, "then yes. I have somehow managed to fall in love with you, Melissa Thorn."

She smiled, reaching her head up to kiss him once more, "that's good to hear, Bane."  He nuzzled her, smiling. "And I have somehow managed to fall in love with a dog. A giant, gorgeous, powerful wolf."


The End

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