Nothing for a dogMature

As she lay on the floor she found it very hard to rise again. Like, the world was pushing on her, making her knees trembled as she crashed back down again. She sighed, with a slight growling undertone. But not to her surprise she fell again. Her four legs splayed out as her claws slipped and slid on the floor. She laid her muzzle to the ground and snarled.  

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I can do this." She nodded, taking a deep breath before trying to stand again. She wobbled for a few moments, her legs shaking as she fell with a crash onto her stomach again. He gave her a concerned look as she took a different approach, changing back before using her arms to push herself up, but the same happened and she crashed onto her knees. He stood next to her, almost taller than her as she sat, slumped like that.

"Why can't you stand?"

"I don't know..." She whined, rubbing her arm as she began to get worried.

"Do you need more blood or something?"

"No... I'm not hungry. My body feels fine, just a little heavy. "

"Rest a while?"

"I've been resting!" She moaned, pushing herself up once more and once more failing.

He gently laid a paw on her shoulder. "Then rest some more."

"But... I have to," she looked to him and rested her hand on top of his paw with a weak smile.

 His pale gaze was quietly commanding for a moment, before he laid down beside her again, putting his head on her shoulder to keep her there. "No sense in pushing yourself anymore than you already have."

She sighed and turned, kissing his muzzle softly. "Bane..."

He smiled ever so slightly, closing his eyes. 

She sighed again, lying down beside him, "I can't stay here. I have to go home, Bane."

"It's light outside. You can't really go anywhere."

"I don't want to sleep here... it's so cold and no. I have to get up. Go home, get ready." She nodded, sitting back on her knees and pushing herself up to her feet. "I have things to do. Places to go," she urged, "people to see."

"Get ready to see whom, exactly?"

"The Alpha, of course," she smiled as she only slightly trembled, but as she paused and reached out her foot to walk the weight came back on her shoulders and she shook even more, "No. I won't fall. I won't." She shook her head fiercely.

"And you have to go see him so badly it won't wait til the evening?"

"I have lots to do, Bane."

"You can't go out in the day light!"

"I made it here, didn't I?" She frowned, as she took a step and began to fall backwards, "Ahhh!"

He lifted a paw to stop her falling, "so? You're clearly not in any fit state to go out in the light."

She growled. "You can't stop me. I'll crawl if I have to."

"I'm not having you hurt," he snarled.

"Humph, you're a dog, what do you know?"

"Why do you insist on insulting me when I'm trying to help you?" he asked, stung.

"Because you're not. I have loads to do; I have no time to stay here."

"You'd rather walk out into the sun?" he shook his head.

"I won't die and at this rate... I won't be walking either."

"Bane, why do you care so much?"

"Why shouldn't I care?"

"I asked first."

"I care because..." he paused searching for an answer, "I just do. Why shouldn't I?"

"Hmm, because... I've done nothing for you; you don't care. Do you?"

"What do you mean you've done nothing for me? You made Lazarus finally stop trying to kill me! I have control over my own body! I think that counts as something, don't you?"

She nodded, resting her back against the wall. "Yeah." He said nothing and she spoke again: "I don't think you want to listen to anything else I have to say, Bane."

"Why not?"

She smiled weakly, "Foolish thoughts, foolish words. Nothing for a dog. Nothing, you'll understand." He hid the anger that shot through him. Nothing for a dog?

"Huh," he snorted.

"Excuse me?"

"I said 'huh', is there a problem with that?" he couldn't hide the slight, irritable growl that entered his voice, though.

"No, I just didn't want to be so impolite as to blurt out 'what!?' I simply wished to know what's wrong."

"Nothing for a dog?"

"Do you wish to hear what I have to say?"

"If you want to share with a dog."

"I don't mean it like that, I don't want to hurt you... I don't want this to hurt you further."

"Because a bit of casual racism is better," he rolled his eyes.

"Damn it fool I love you," she let him soak in the words, but didn't let him speak. "I don't know how, it's something new. Not something from Lazarus, something new. The way you care so much, it's foolish! A foolish thought. Now you see why I shan't tell you."

"I fail to see how that would have hurt me more," he smiled slightly. How could that have hurt more than her casual racism?

"I'm a leech. You're a dog, a pure blood dog." 

"To be honest, it looks like this is hurting you more," he mumbled, glancing at the ground a moment, before looking back up at her. He edged closer and gently leant his head on her leg.

"It's not hurting me, Bane. Don't worry." She sighed, "no, I guess it is. It's hurting me that if I fall in love with you too, my beast may just fall further away."

"Fall further away?"

"My beast, it's what makes me who I am. The further it falls, the more fragile I become the more... human I become. I'll still be immortal and drink blood, but I will lose my strength, my speed and even my ability to heal will decrease. Thus is the cost of my love." She smiled weakly, softly running her hand through his fur upon his head.

"Should I stop myself from caring, then?" he asked, tilting his head slightly

She placed her hands under his head, lifting it slightly. "I never said I wanted to stop loving you."

"I don't want you to be weak because of me," he muttered.

"Don't think of that way, think of you becoming my protector, my guardian. I'll step down, from here."

"I don't want you to be weak because of me," he repeated quietly.

"I don't want to lose my greatest strength. Bane, I'm sorry."

"What're you sorry for?"

"For telling you. There was no need to burden you so."

"You haven't burdened me," he murmured, taking it in.

"I haven't exactly helped either and feel free to change back."

"I don't mind. I- I think I like it."

"Umm, you sure?" he nodded and she shook her head softly and smiled, "can you sit up please?" He pushed himself up, letting her wrap her arms around him, resting her head on his shoulder, just behind his ears. Smiling, he in turn rested his head on her shoulder, leaning into the hug. She kissed his neck softly, changing into her wolf form, her head just managing to lean against his back, not on his shoulder. She licked his fur warmly. 

He shifted slightly against her, getting more comfortable as he returned the favour, grooming her too. When she pulled back, she looked into his soft blue eyes, touching their muzzles together with a slight smile. He smiled back, licking over her muzzle lightly

She closed her eyes slightly, when she opened them again they sparkled ever so slightly and she fell onto her back, batting his leg playfully with her back leg. With a laugh, he moved over her and nuzzled her belly, licking her fur gently

She nudged his muzzle slightly, "that tickles," she giggled as she wriggled beneath him.

"Sorry," he grinned, pausing.

"No you're not," she smirked.

He pretended to consider a moment before shaking his head. "No, you're right," he laughed.

"Hey!" She growled playfully, her ears pricking up as she lifted her head slightly. He ducked his head back down, licking her belly again, still chuckling as she wriggled around on the floor, her tail flicking to and fro. "No, stop..." she laughed.

He lifted his head and smiled. "Apologies," he smirked, sitting down beside her instead.

She rolled over, looking at him, with a smirk before pouncing at him. "Pay back." 


The End

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