As they walked with Melissa’s arms around Lazarus’ she couldn’t help but think she should’ve thought this through first. The sun was shining and she was heading to the main coven to kill the master. She began to think that calling Lazarus the fool was hypocrisy. She sighed and stopped just round the corner to the coven. “Do you want to change before we go in?”

“No, not really,” he shook his head and Melissa just smiled comfortingly.

“You’re a better fighter that way, you know that,” she reached out to him, caressing his cheek softly.

He sighed, unwilling to argue, and pulled off his shirt and jeans, sitting on the ground. Lying back, he put the shirt in his mouth to muffle his cries and began to force the transformation.

She winced slightly, seeing him in such pain. But as the white wolf looked up at her she bent down to his level, touching his head softly, "I told you, you should've stayed at home!"

"It was two against one," Bane groaned as the pain faded, shaking himself slightly.

"That's unfair," she scowled and shook her head softly, rising again.

"Anyways, I'm here now. Let's get this over with,” Bane looked up at her impatiently.

She growled at his arrogance but nodded. "Be wary, these creatures will not play by the rules for your kind." These creatures, what was she thinking? She was part of those creatures.

 "No, well why would they? Not like we play by the rules either."

"I plan too. It's the only way I may get my... our lives out of this." He nodded his great head and she began to walk to the gates. But she stopped, "Just for a personal note, you're here for emotional support. I didn't like the thought of dying alone."

“You're not gonna die," Bane nodded confidently and she sighed.

"He's a six hundred year old leader of a coven. It's just a little bit foolish don't you think?" He didn’t answer the question, and they silently moved into the coven.

“Hello, Melissa.”

“No talk, I want this over with.”

“I know; we have a prophet here. But you’ll never meet her now hmm?”

“I’m here now.” Melissa growled as the rest of the vampires came, grabbing Lazarus and holding him close to the floor, pulling him back away from her. She watched in dismay before turning to Darren with a sigh. “I have something to fight for. I will win.”

Darren jumped, knocking her off her feet and instantly he went for her neck. She rolled her eyes, transforming her legs into that of a kangaroo’s she kicked his stomach, sending him flying into the chandelier above. When he plummeted back down she turned into her wolf form, pouncing, but something caught her in the side, sending her across the room. The silver arrow protruded from her side, stinging as her blood flowed around it. She change involuntarily back into her human form, where she weakly pulled out the arrow.

“Never do that again!” Darren growled, knocking the archer away.

Melissa lay unmoving on the floor, the vampires still holding back Bane. Darren grinned. Lazarus growled and barked at the vampires that restrained him. Darren snickered and motioned for them to let him go and he bounded over to Melissa’s side.

"Bane... I told you... this was, foolish." He moved so his neck was close to her mouth, "no, you stupid dog. I... I won't." He growled “No..."

"Why the hell not?"

"Just stubborn like that." She snarled weakly back.

"This is hardly the time to be arguing!"

"Bane... friends don't eat other friends."

"Yeah, and think what it'll do to Lazarus if you don't. I'm not putting up with another four hundred years of whining."

She sighed, "I'll try to be gentle," she whispered hugging the wolf to her, "Bane, I'm sorry."

"It's fine, just do it,” she kissed his neck gently and parted his fur, biting softly into his neck. The wolven form only enhanced the feeling and energy that coursed through her at that point; when she pulled back she closed her eyes, lying back on the floor.



"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" She grinned, flashing her bright eyes at him.

"No," he smiled, "only Lazarus gets to hear that."

"I love you, Bane."

He licked her face, "love you too."

She smiled, kissing his cheek, "now, I have a fight to finish, sweet." She kissed him once more swiftly, sitting up. He nodded and she turned into her wolf, jumping at Darren with one swift jump, catching him off guard as he was gloating.

She tore at him, but in a final attempt Darren kicked her back, sending her flying into the doors, pushing them open, the sunlight spilling in and sending him into a ball of flames and ash. Melissa would have taken a few moments to recover but as the sun scorched her fur she bolted inside, stalking into the shadows. Darren had been too stunned to move.

All the other vampires slunk off after Darren’s death and she looked to Bane, sitting on the floor, her tail wrapped around her hind quarters. “I... I did it.” She whimpered in disbelief.

He moved over to her, half smiling and she nudged him softly, "Thank you, Bane."

"S'ok," he mumbled, resting his head on her shoulder.

She rested her head upon his, licking it gently. "You know what his means right?"

"You're taking his place?"


"Better than someone just as bad taking his place."

"I can't leave you for the coven."

"Not like you have to live here though... is it?"

"Umm." She paused; he pulled back, lifting his head again to gaze at her uncertainly. "I guess I could change that..." He was silent and she flattened her ears to her head as she laid down on the floor with a whine. "I love you too much..."

"Huh, well I understand if you can't get away from here... Not sure Lazarus would see it quite the same way."

"Of course not," she hid her muzzle with her paw, "I don't want to stay here. I've gotten used to the company of wolves."

"I'd say we could stay here, but this place is making my skin crawl..."

"It's dark, all the time and smells of dead people."

"Reminds me when Lazarus insisted on sleeping in the graveyard after..." he shook his head and laid down next to her. "Never mind."

"I'd tell you to go on, but that's his place to say." She sighed, pressing up close to Bane. "How long do you have left?"

"However long I need, I guess. The moon has no influence over these transformations."

"Then stay with me, just a little longer... I feel so cold." She sighed, closing her eyes.

"Mmm," the hum rumbled in the back of his throat, as he moved so he could curl around her.

She smiled slightly, licking his muzzle. "You'll make an amazing mate one day, Bane. She'll be one lucky dog."

“Or he. Lazarus has rubbed off on me, to say the least."

"Then, they'll be one lucky dog."

"Still don't think I want a mate, particularly."

"Friendship can only do so much, sweet."

"I've managed."

"You've never had a chance before," she shrugged, resting her head by his chest, curling up as tight as she could against him.

"Can't miss what you've never had," he murmured.

"But you can hope to obtain it." She whispered back.

"I guess."

"You truly don't believe me on this, do you?"

"Nope. Sorry."

"I guess I'll have to show you... somehow." She sighed.

"Why? Why do I have to know?"

"You... you don't. I just wanted to..." she paused, sitting up. He looked up at her questioningly. "I wanted to mean the same to Lazarus as I do to you and I want you to feel the best! I... I didn't know I was forcing this on you, I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it... I've just never had someone trying so hard to show me something."

“Get used to it.”

The End

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