The Little Kid WithinMature

She walked back through the coven doors to be greeted by a range of hisses, to which she ignored with a smile. Until the dark, steely voice of Darren wiped it. “What’re you doing here?” He spat, but the look of desire in his eyes, whether it was for her body or the power that coursed through her veins however, she could not place.

She instantly dropped to her knees, although she really didn’t want to. “I’ve come for forgiveness and to ask if your invitation to the coven is still open.”

Darren was taken aback and had to try very hard to cover up the surprise on his face, “for someone as powerful as you, of course it is, but what of the dog?”

She sighed; she knew it would boil down to Lazarus... bloody Lazarus. She shrugged, “he and I are quite distant for a while, I simply wish for a haven.”

“Our doors are open to you childe.” He motioned for her to stand up and he moved to her ear swiftly, gracefully. “So are my arms,” he smiled, kissing her cheek as he moved away. “Will you be staying for the night?” He asked and she shook her head solemnly.

“No, I need some time to think. I’ll be wandering tonight.”

Darren nodded, “I hope to see you tomorrow,” Melissa nodded back, glad the meeting had been swift and as she turned to walk out of the doors again no one looked at her. She had made it in, without suspicion.

“Where are you?”

"At home. Why?"

“Just wondered.”

"Oh... okay."

"Care to meet me? I'm in the market near the apartment,"

"Sure. I'll be out in a minute."

"Hello, Lazarus." She smiled weakly.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Not really but... I dunno."

"What's up?"

"I feel like your second prize.”

"Why d'you think that?" He frowned.

"When I feed from you, I delve into your mind, what I've seen... just recall how many times I have drunk from you.”

"What about it? The past is the past, right? Took me long enough to learn that, I know, but y'know..."

"But it's just, the excitement and the look of forbidden passion in your eyes..." She sighed, gazing up at the faint sliver of moon. "You loved them both so much..."


"Gabriel and... yeah. It doesn't matter."

His frown grew slightly as he tried to remember. "Oh... James? I didn't love him, it was just experimenting..." he shrugged slightly, "you shouldn't feel second best to a couple of guys that died nearly four hundred years ago."


He opened his arms, offering a hug, "I love you, Melissa," he murmured.

She looked away, "yeah. I love you too."

He dropped his arms, stung. "You don't believe that, do you?"


"Huh. You'll listen to things that I rarely think about anymore, but you won't listen to things on my mind in the present."

"Sorry, I am." She sighed again, sliding off the market stall. She began to walk away, but stopped, looking at her hand with a growl. She breathed heavily, and hung her head. "They may have died, four hundred years ago. But so did I," she looked to the ground beside her, turning her head slightly, "and they're not dead to you."

"You're not dead to me, but what am I supposed to do if you won't listen to me when I say that you're the only one I care about?"

She unclenched her fists. "Show me."

I dunno, memories since she's been around and how he's stopped thinking about Gabriel I guess

She shook her head softly, "what if hmm? What if I'd died back then and Albert hadn't saved my life? What if you weren't a werewolf? You'd be with him, not me. He was your... one."

"Yeah well I wouldn't have met you to change my mind if you'd died, would I?"

"Another thing I should curse Albert for?" She growled again. "I, I'm not meant for you. We're too different, we're too different...”

"Didn't bother you when you first told me you love me," he said in a low voice, "has spending one night with a bunch of vampires really changed your mind so quickly?"

She turned to face him, her eyes red, her hands flexing under her rage, “the vampirism, doesn't bother me."

"We've come through so much together. I can't believe you would throw it all away now just because of a few faded memories in my head!"

"It doesn't feel right."

"/What/ doesn't feel right? Knowing I used to fuck a rich kid behind his parents backs?"

"Knowing I don't make your eyes shimmer like he did!"

"It wasn't him! It was the danger, knowing we might be found out and jailed or executed for what we enjoyed! I'm sorry you don't think you make me feel as alive as he did, Melissa, but you do. I love you, do you really not get that?"

"No, no. I get that."

"Then what do you want?!"

She slammed her fist into the market stall, making the metal pole snap. "I want all this, over!"

"Want all what over, exactly?" he asked quietly.

"All this, damn it. I didn't know, I couldn't possibly have dreamed of how many people will die because of my plan. Yet I want to hit something..." She growled again.

"They don't all have to die."

"One life is enough! I'm no angel, but I'm no killer... oh who am I kidding?" She snarled, stamping her feet as she paced irritably, different animal tails flicking and changing behind her.

"I thought the pack were gonna do the killing anyways.”

 "So, I'm still connected, I'm... I'm leading them to their deaths like a pale pied piper!" She sped up a little involuntarily and tripped, falling to her knees on the cobbles. "Ow." Lazarus offered his hand to help her up. She took it and sighed, "Déjà vu." She muttered as she watched her scraped knees heal. "I'm gonna stop wearing short dresses."

"Mmm... the only one you need to kill is Darren, isn't it? Just tell the pack not to kill anyone else."

 "Tell the pack? Just who do you think I am? I'll be torn to shreds."

 "Hell they don't even have to do it. I'll do it."

 "What!?" She murmured, looking at him, shaking her head.

 "What? It saves you having to do it and then we don't have to get on the pack's good side."

 "You can't do that, you won't beat him."

"Next moon..."

“Bane? No!”

"Why not?"

 "I won't have either of you hurt."

"It's not like I don't have any experience of fighting vampires."

 "I know you tore my father to shreds. But, no. I won't have you doing it."

"I meant others," he shrugged, "whatever, it was just an idea."

 "It's one I will never agree to, fool!"

"I might be a fool, but I'm your fool, at least," he smiled weakly.

 "LAZARUS!" She cried, coming to a realisation. She sighed, looking at him. She paused, dusting herself off and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him to her tightly.

He hugged her back just as tightly, "forgive me for having those stupid memories?"


 "Right..." he muttered, uncertain.

"You should never ask forgiveness for who you are. Forgive me for being such an idiot." She sighed tightening her grip, but careful not to use her extra strength.

He laughed slightly, "I dunno. I don't think you're being an idiot for being upset about seeing my memories."

 "Some things, I really didn't need to see."

"Yeah... sorry about that."

 She gulped, shaking her head to rid the memories from her mind. "But, I'm sorry about James, I'm sorry about Gabriel."

"Don't be," he mumbled, "I've spent too long being sorry about it all, don't you start too."

 "Okay," She kissed his cheek softly, letting her linger there. He turned his head after a moment, meeting her lips with his. Her eyes widened for a while before softening again, deepening the kiss hotly for a moment, before breaking away with a smile. He returned the smile warmly, glad she wasn't yelling anymore.

 "I love you."

"I love you too. My heart, forever yours, remember?"

 "Forever is a very long time."

"I thought forever wasn't long enough?"

"I was on about you, not me.”

"Yeah well, forever'll do, I s'pose," he smiled, "would be nice if we could have longer, though.”

 She nudged his neck, nestling her head on his shoulder. "You can't love me so much."

"Now who's the fool?"

 "I'm not a fool!" She whispered harshly, unwilling to raise her voice.

"You are if you don't think I love you that much, Melissa."

 "Am not."

He kissed the top of her head and squeezed her gently. "Hmm, okay."

 "You don't believe me?"

"Do you believe that I love you that much?"


"Then I believe you're not a fool," he half whispered.

 "If I'm a fool, at least I'm your fool." She smiled, kissing him again. Kissing back, he grinned.

 "The sun's coming up... but I don't want to move."

"You don't have to. I'll carry you," he laughed.

 She shook her head, "can you kiss me while you carry me?"

"Of course," he beamed, lifting her in his arms, bridal style. Lowering his head, he pressed his lips to hers as he walked back to the apartment with her.

 She grinned, kissing him back, warmly making out with him on the way home. "I miss this." She whispered swiftly, ending with another kiss.

"Mmm, me too."

 "I think I've lost count of how many times you've carried me like this... I feel like a little kid in your arms." She laughed slightly, resting her head against him.

"Is that a good thing?"

 "Do you like kids?"


"Then yes, it is." He smiled and kissed her again. She pulled away, looking up at him. "Let me down here."

*puts her down*

"I'll see you tomorrow."


"I'm going back to the coven."

"What for?"

"To kill Darren, as much as I can be, I'm more used to the light than him. This isn't yours... or Bane's cross to bear." She pulled her rosary from his pocket, "It's mine."

"I'm coming with you," he said firmly, "I'm not about to let you walk off to kill Darren, knowing you might get hurt."

"Into a nest of vampires? Are you mad!?"

"Yes, yes I am. Dress me up as a servant again if you must, but I'm not letting you go alone."

"I'm not letting you come with me, it's almost sunrise. I'm not arguing!"

"What and let me sit at home worrying like crazy?"

"I'll come back, I promise you."

He scowled, worry lines already creasing his forehead.

"Do you trust me?" She asked, firmly gazing into his eyes, her hand on his cheek.

"Of course I do,"

"Then trust me to keep you safe. Go home and I promise I'll return to you."

"I trust you to keep me safe, but I'd rather you kept yourself safe too."

"I feel, I have to do this, Master of Paris or no, I may come home with a few minor injuries, but I'll come home."

"I'd rather you didn't get any," he mumbled under his breath.

"You've just come back from a full moon. Lazarus. You will stay home."

"What's the moon gotta do with it?"

"You're weak."

She sighed, handing her rosary back to Lazarus. "Looks like you'll need this more than me."

He took it from her, pulling her into a quick tight hug. "I love you," he whispered before letting go of her.

She smiled weakly, "I love you too."

"I shan't hold you up any longer," he mumbled with a sigh, "good luck."

She nodded, "yep." She muttered, turning and walking from him, tears streaming down her face again. She sniffed, wiping them away swiftly or as swiftly as she could. He watched silently as she walked away, wishing she would let him go with her, wishing she would let him keep her safe.



"Can I have those back?" She murmured.

"Um, yeah, okay." She walked solemnly back to him, her head hung as she took back her brightly coloured beads and wrapped them round her arm before wiping her eye again and slinking off.

"Go with her," Bane murmured in his mind. He blinked, "Go on." With a slight nod to himself, he began to walk, trailing behind her a little, reluctant to disobey either of them. She stopped, waiting for him to catch up before grabbing hold of his arm tightly, hugging it close to her.

Smiling slightly, he let her cling to his arm as they walked.

The End

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