Immortal Blood for Immortal HeartsMature

Melissa unfurled herself from his arms with a little sigh. She knew the job she had to do, she knew her head and her life was on the line. It would take excellent acting to slip into the shoes of a coven vampire. She scooted off to the bedroom, without another word to Lazarus, who followed her in. She slipped off her trousers before following Lazarus under the covers.


She welcomed it; she still smiled warmly to Lazarus to dispel his possible thoughts that something might be wrong. The silence allowed her to figure out some sort of rough plan of how she would infiltrate the coven. But it was only short, brief and in short, she had no plan at all. The next night came all too quickly as she closed her eyes. The moon came round to battle the sun for dominance over the sky and shortly, her eyes were open again.

When she woke, she pulled out her black dress, it sleek look and backless cut accentuated her figure and along with a pair of strappy sandals enhanced her beauty, her lips perfect ruby red, her eyes shining emeralds. Her skin was as pale as the ivory on Lazarus’ piano keys.

Lazarus got up too, some few moments later. He wandered into the living room where Melissa was stood, leaning against the wall, her gaze blank as she looked upon the wall in front of her. “

I don't want to go," she whimpered, much like a little kid.

"I don't want you to either, but d'you really want Darren to hang around any longer than he already does?" She shook her head.

"I don't do the cold-blooded thing though, as much as I feel I have to. I just... can't." She sighed, although she knew full well that she had become the cold killer so many times.

"It's not compulsory," he shrugged, "just be you."

"I'm a little soft for a woman to be a good asset to the coven."

"Hmm... I dunno what to suggest. Well, I have one idea but you'd hate it."

"Try me."

He hesitated and shrugged. "I could be your asset. Keep me around, and let them use me for... snacks," he shook his head, "I dunno why I'm telling you, I already know what you'll think of it."

"Of course, you don't know how precious your blood is, do you?"

"I know it tastes good,” he laughed weakly.

"Immortal blood for immortal hearts. Lazarus, your blood allows me to heal even quicker, makes me stronger and faster than I was before. It gives me a link to you and the fact that I have drank from you for so long and even had a blood transfusion from you makes me explosive. Lazarus..." she paused, taking a seat on the couch again. "Vampires have become mass slaughters of your kind because they have become addicted to the liquid that runs through your veins. I'm not power hungry like them, but in the hands of Darren? Do you really want to give him that advantage?"

He shuddered slightly, "not to Darren, no. But hey, I already knew you'd disagree."

"You're not food to us, you are higher on the food-chain that us; no matter how many vampires detest the thought."

"Well... run through what you have to offer the coven. I dunno what's useful to vampires."

"I have my speed, my transformation powers and my half werewolf body."

“So, why wouldn’t they accept you?”

“Because of my infatuations?”

He sighed, "You shouldn't have admitted we're married."

"It's nothing I am ashamed of."

"I know, and I'm glad you're not ashamed of it, but... I dunno."

"What's wrong?”

"Nothing, I'm just fed up of fighting our own kinds."

"Hopefully soon, we won't have to." She smiled, kissing him. "Just think, if we were human. Everything would be exactly the same.

"How would it be the same?"

"Our classes, sweet," she smiled.

"Class doesn't matter these days. Unless you meant back before we got turned," he shrugged. "I'm good at having forbidden relationships," he laughed bitterly.

She tapped her head, "I know it all attacked me when I was drinking from you."

"That can't have been much fun for you."

"Lazarus, I'm sorry. I know I could never replace Gabriel. But I'm trying."

"I don't ask you to replace him. All I ask is for you to be you, Melissa. That's who I fell for, after all," he smiled, kissing her softly.

She nodded, "but you fell for him first, even though you knew me. Can't help but feel a little weird about it."

"I had a couple of brief meetings with you. I knew him since I was fourteen."

"Yeah, I know..." She whispered with a deep sigh. "I should be going, the night is growing thin." She nodded solemnly and rose from her seat and headed to the door but he caught her arm and pulled her into a hug warmly.

He kissed her again, "Good luck."

She snarled slightly bracing herself till he was done. "Thank you." She smiled weakly.

He looked at her curiously. "Just a hug, no need to growl at me," he muttered, getting up and moving into the kitchen.

"Don't forget to see the pack," she reminded, forcing herself to stay till she got a reply.

“I won’t,” she nodded and disappeared, there was no need to act cold. She felt it already along with deep hatred for Gabriel. “God’s angel, humph.”

The End

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