Little Girl... Scraped knees...Mature

Melissa’s eyes flickered as she looked at the Alpha, the hole in her stomach still bleeding along with the faint stream of blood trickling down her neck. “Do you trust me now?” She growled to the Alpha, her eyes swirling red as she kept losing blood. She didn’t like the fact that she stood inches away from a werewolf alpha, inches from death. She needed to rest and to drink, not to be stood proving herself to the dog. But she stood defiantly, looking up at the beast as her breathing accelerated. Her fangs elongated, so she diverted her eyes from the Alpha she didn’t want to be seen as challenging him.

"Yes. Go feed," he nodded.

She bowed her head and gulped as she struggled to right it again, "thank you. Out of curiosity, what're you gonna do with the body?" She asked and then shook her head, "excuse me." She whispered, taking off her bloody top as it stuck to her stomach wound, making it even more uncomfortable. She then used the dry bits of the top to lightly pad away the blood, holding it to her stomach to stop the bleeding.

"We'll deal with it. Go." His voice was softly commanding and even she became in awe of him, for a little while.

She bowed again and straightened up as she walked away. "Lazarus... can I ask you something?"


"Carry me." He nodded and scooped her up in his arms; she rested her head against his chest and snarled; “now I know why I feel sick, half-deadness.”

He walked quickly back towards the apartment, "I'll give you some blood when we get back. Or I can go find some blood bags."

"No. I need a pulse; I'll feed on the guy next door.”

"Why not purge Albert's blood now? Might as well now half of its gone."

"You've just got out a fight with silver, Lazarus!"

"So? He only got me once on the leg. I've had worse."

She looked up at him with sorrowful eyes but nodded. "Sure. But I'll need to feed soon, Angel."

He kissed her on the cheek and nodded again, "I know. I wouldn't offer if I wasn't willing."

"I know, but I wouldn't kiss me again, you're neck gets so tantalisingly close."


She grinned, showing her elongated fangs before turning her head away, "Lazarus, meet the beast within, beast, meet Lazarus."

"I think we're fairly well acquainted."

"Well, as a warning Bane better be ready."

"He knows."

"He's still up?" She wanted to heal the wounds so badly know that the silver had gone, but if they were going to purge Albert’s blood she wanted as much of it gone as possible.

"I already warned him about purging Albert's blood."

She clawed at his shirt impatiently until they finally got back to the apartment and they headed upstairs. "Hurry," She moaned, her arm falling from her stomach as she lost the grip on her top. He opened the door and laid her down, pausing to kick the door shut before walking back over to her. "I'll try to control her as much as possible." She gasped, reaching up to kiss him passionately.

"Yeah, well I'll push you off before you take too much, don't worry about it." She nodded and took a deep breath, pulling him onto her, so he laid over her and changed their position so she was on top before kissing his neck softly and plunging into it.

The warm feeling slid down her throat and she closed her eyes, the sweet copper taste that was like the greatest wine to her, she felt her wounds heal almost instantly and she took more, still feeling empty. But then she got the craving she despised and the beast kicked in. Even though Melissa tried to hold her back it licked its lips and dug in, tearing at his neck slightly to make a bigger wound for it to drink from. “Now, Bane... Lazarus, stop me.”

He growled quietly and put his hand at the base of her throat, pushing her up. She snapped her jaws like a hungry dog, licking her teeth clean to get every last drop. Continuing to push her up, he moved so they were both sitting. He stared into her eyes, waiting silently for her to calm down. She gazed into his eyes for quite a few moments defiantly before they relaxed and she collapsed in a slump against him

"Done?" he asked quietly, putting his arms around her.

She began to cry but she nodded, "yeah, I'm done." He rubbed his hand up and down her back comfortingly, holding her quietly. "I don't want to try to kill you every time I hear your heart beat." She stuttered through her sobs, shaking her head defiantly.

"You don't. You didn't last night after I transformed back.”

 "I was never comprised of ninety-nine percent of your blood then."

"Mmm... well you're welcome to go fill up on someone else, if you want. But I'm confident you'll be strong enough to control it."

"Yeah. Thank you, Lazarus." She mumbled, wiping away her tears so she could look up and kiss him.

 He kissed her back, his touch filled with love as he smiled. "Anything for my gorgeous wife," he laughed softly.

 "Hardly gorgeous when I'm crying blood, fool."

"If you say so," he smiled, kissing her again

"You can't tell me it's gorgeous, It's an ugly trait.”

"I'm hardly going to go around calling you my ugly wife, am I?"

"Shouldn't tell lies."

"Exactly. You should know by now, I'm no liar. So you are my gorgeous wife." he laughed

"Question, if I told you to smile, would you remember back when you were about, eighteen to twentyish?

"Um... I dunno. There was a lot happening back then... smile... smile..." he trailed off, thinking

"Little girl, scraped knees..." She prompted, hoping with all her might that he might remember something.

"The rich kid that scolded me for swearing..." he looked at her carefully, "was that you?"

"I couldn't believe you swore at me! I was twelve."

He chuckled, "and I was common as dirt!"

"Huh, sorry for lying, I wasn't really paying attention at the concert, I had to say something though, I didn't want to be rude."

"That's okay. I'm sure not many people listened, they just wanted to flash their cash by going out to some kind of concert every other night."

"Well, my sisters loved you if it is any consolation, even though they were spoilt, evil brutes."

He nodded, remembering, "I would have done more than say you're a good sister if I hadn't been so afraid of your family. Or my dad."

"I notice you tried to help me too, but you got dragged away. Don't worry, I didn't actually collapse I just knew being confined to a bed was better than being beaten. My ribs hurt just thinking about it."

"Yeah, my dad wanted me to talk to more upper class twats," he paused. "No offence."

"None taken, I tried not to follow their rules, money is nothing after all."

"Yeah, you said when you were in the village. I remember thinking you were stupid to say money didn't matter."

"And now I believe you when you said I'd get married and move away from them."

"Never thought you'd be marrying me, though," he laughed.

"No, not that Lazarus," she laughed too. "Though I'm glad I did. You are the greatest thing in my life, I thank you for that and even if you didn't help me when I scraped my knees over three hundred years ago.”

"Well I didn't know what to do. You were the rich kid, I kinda... I dunno, I guess I figured you'd reject my help, 'cause I was a village kid."

"Even though I told you it didn't matter to me. I kinda wished I got to marry you though, at one point in my life." She shrugged, "you were cute."

"And you were young. I doubt you would have reacted well knowing who I was taken by at the time."

"Probably not. I would have been the perfect cover up though."

"He was the one who worried about covering up."

"I know, he married into my family." She reminded him.

"And I died 'single'," he laughed.

"I died single, virgin and never kissed. Don't worry about it."

"I didn't. Only person who cared that I spent my life 'single' and died unmarried was my dad," he rolled his eyes, smiling.

"Yeah, I wish I enjoyed sex while I was alive," she laughed.

"Part of me still can't believe I was your first time, to be honest."

"Why not?"

"I dunno. Probably just 'cause I grew up round the corner from a brothel, and spent a long time working in places like that," he shrugged.

"So you should be better than what you are? Did you lose it over age?" She grinned.

"Am I not that good, then?" he asked curiously.

"Why'd you want to know?" She teased.

"No point carrying on the same way if it's not good enough."

"My word, you shouldn't worry about it that much."

He smiled sheepishly, "sorry. Years of enforced perfectionism. Blame my father. In fact, just blame him for everything."

"I can't blame him, you are perfect." He kissed her warmly and she kissed him back, despite knowing how cheesy that line was.

The End

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