Love is like a Mate.Mature

She sighed, “Now I have to find and kill a hunter.” She moaned, wondering what the hell she was doing befriending the local pack and selling out her coven. “I think I need to practice my powers... I’m guessing you’ll be sleeping now?”

I'll help you any way I can. I was the one that set him on the path for revenge in the first place; it's not fair that you got landed with dealing with him."

"I decided to talk to the pack, for now I think we should rest,” she smiled, kissing Lazarus once more.

"Sounds like a good plan," he murmured and they both got up, moving over to the bed. Tomorrow would be the last day of the change and Melissa needed Bane. They lay down together, tucked securely in each other’s arms as they slept, dodging the morning.

When night came and Lazarus changed into Bane, Melissa was ready. They’d need to be on best form to beat the hunter, then the vampires. “Bane, Lazarus told me what good fighters you are. I want to test that, care to fight me?”  

"You've already seen that I can overpower you," he muttered, "remember at the hotel when you wouldn't stop drinking and I transformed?" She shuddered but nodded.

"Okay, yes, I remember. But I need to practice my transformations," he nodded and she opened the door to the roof. When they stood on top of the roof she changed into her smaller-than-Bane, timber wolf form. “Okay, show me how to fight.”

He gazed at her, meeting her eye for a moment in challenge before lunging at her, feinting right and clawing from the left. She fell for the dummy move and whimpered at the claw slicing into her. She looked to him, running and pouncing at him.

Dodging her charge, he stepped to the side and batted her with a paw, pushing her off balance. She fell and sighed, growling at herself before jumping back to her feet, glancing at him with a frustrated snarl. He sat down, watching her carefully.

She looked at him before charging toward him again, jumping over his form and skidding to a halt on the other side, before charging again, her jaws ready.

As she ran towards him, he twisted sharply, teeth snapping. He clamped his jaws around the scruff of her neck and pulled her down to the floor. She whined, hanging limp in his jaws. He released her and stood back.

She flipped onto the floor, growling mindlessly to herself, before cursing and pushing herself up once more. Lifting his head, Bane sniffed and growled in disgust. "That Beta wolf is nearby."

"Ignore it. Come on. I need to do this." She growled.

"You could have attacked while I was distracted," he pointed out, moving back a step away from her. She looked to him, her eyes dimming as she fell to the floor, the claw wound in her side not healing; the sticky substance clinging to her fur.

He walked back over to her, concerned. "Change back."

She jumped up, clawing at his muzzle. "One thing a vampire can do, is play dead." She grinned, pushing him further back, the wound in her side healing up.

Laughing he retreated a little, "good trick, I s'pose that one might work."

"I'm really bad at this wolf stuff."

"Try another form then."

"No, I wanna do this one for you." She shook her head, "I mean for you and Lazarus. I want to master this form so I can be with both of you all the time."

"Then you better think fast," he growled, leaping at her.

She rolled to one side, skidding to her feet as she faced him again. "God you're fast," she mumbled, continuing the thought in her head, ‘and bigger and stronger than me.’

"I do my best. Are you any good at sneaking up on wolves?"

"I don't know," she shook her head uncertainly, her paws making her sway side to side as the adrenaline ran through her.

"Try it then," he laughed and padded away from her, turning his back and staring out at the city. She crouched low to the ground, padding slowly, her tail ceasing to move as she moved at a snail’s pace behind him. "I can hear you from here," he said, trying to hide the laughter in his voice.

She sighed, closing the gap between her and the floor before rolling onto her belly, spreading out. "I give up."

Turning to face her, he reproached her with his eyes. "Don't do that. You'll get it soon enough. I've had longer than you to practice with this form, remember? Even if Lazarus was intent on cutting me out of him somehow." She looked up at him, putting all her strength into bowling him over so she pinned him to the floor, just barely as his size was so much bigger than her. But she knew he was right. In fact, when she looked back she wondered how the hell she did that.

Laughing, he licked her on the nose and rolled out from under her. She strolled up to him, nudging him in the side with her muzzle softly.

"Thank you," he murmured, "for being my friend and persuading Lazarus to give me more control."

"There is no need to thank me for anything," she smiled, licking him gently.

"What, after being punished by your own host for what you are over the best part of the last four centuries? Of course there is."

"Then, don't worry about it." She shrugged, as best she could in this awkward form before batting his ear playfully. He smiled and ducked slightly. She laughed, nudging him again. "It's unfair; you're twice as big and strong as me." He smiled and moved closer, grooming her a little.

"I do love you Bane," she whispered, lying down on the roof, rolling over onto her back so she could look up at the sky.

"Love me?"

"Yes, you know the emotion right?" She laughed, but she wasn’t completely sure he did. He was a wolf after all, but he was also Lazarus...

"I know of it... Lazarus used to go on about it, but I never understood what he meant."

"It's that feeling, when you can look at someone and no one else matters. As long as they are alive and safe your life is complete. Like... a mate, in your case, I think." She smiled, stretching out a little; it felt weird on her back.

"Oh... so that was what he felt for his lover, the one I killed and now you?"

"Yeah, you can understand why he was upset, can't you?” She smiled weakly, although her smiles weren’t really smiles, just showing her teeth a little in a friendly way.

"I suppose. I would probably understand it better if I knew what that felt like."

"Then you need to find a mate," she muttered, her smile growing as she rolled back onto her front so she was looking out to the city.

"I'm not sure I want to. Not after watching and feeling Lazarus grieves for nearly four centuries over his last mate."

"Well, I don't plan to go the same way, thank you." She looked to him, "now lighten up and enjoy the freedom and the view, kay?"

"Mmm," he lay down beside her and stared silently out at the view for a few moments. "That Beta... what's his problem?" he asked, glancing at the ground again.

"I used to be in love with him, when I was human. Then my father found out and had him killed. I didn't realise he was turned into a werewolf and so I didn't resent him for letting me turn into this. But now I find out he could've saved me and somehow he wants me back. That's the gist of it anyway." She looked down with him gazing at Albert as she talked.

"Ah. Does he dislike Lazarus so much because of that then..., because you loved him?"

"I guess so," she fell into him with a sigh, closing her eyes, she was sick of talking about Albert, "how many fights do you think are left?" Not that the subject was any cheerier.

"Hard to say... It depends on how much the Beta digs his heels in about letting us near the pack." She couldn’t help but wonder, “Was he this serious, all the time?”

"Great." She whimpered, hiding her muzzle under her paws.

"The alpha wasn't as bad as he could have been though. I've met worse." She was silent, just hoping he would stop talking, just for a minute. But she didn’t want to be rude. He nudged her gently, licking her ears gently, the way she had before. "We'll be fine."

"How can you be sure? I have a power that is pointless! I can't even use it properly."

"It's not pointless. You wouldn't have it if it was pointless, Melissa."

"Yeah... Bane, could you promise me something?"


"Next time we're with the pack, you'll look for someone, a mate, someone that'll make you happy."

"Why would I do that?  It'll only hurt Lazarus."

"Forget him; you only have three days every month to be with someone you love. You have to take it. I want you to be happy, as much as I want Lazarus to be happy."

"He might be a whiny bastard, but I couldn't tear him like that."

"Then think on it, will you?" She asked, uncovering her muzzle and looking him in the eye, half-challenging him, but not for dominance.

Surprisingly he was the first to look away. "A werewolf mate isn't just for three nights a month. I couldn't do that to you or him."

"It's for life, I know that." She rested back on her hind quarters to show him the gold band that was wrapped around her ankle even in form. "Immortality, till death do us part."

He smiled, "I'm quite happy with talking to you like this, definite improvement on being stuck in your husband's head all the time."

"What are friends for, hmm?" He grinned and licked her, resting his head against her shoulder. She smiled, resting her head against his too, looking out to the vast expanse of urban city and she wished that she could run with and like Bane, through the forest. To become in harmony with the forest, to discover that sort of freedom. Freedom you can never get from a city.

The End

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