The Omega OutsiderMature

As Bane howled eyes began to pierce the shroud of shadows that consumed the forest. Melissa looked at them, determined not to let her fear show. Then one wolf padded forward slowly, its dark fur making it camouflage into the shadows effortlessly. He brought back his teeth and Melissa knew this would be the alpha. Just behind him she could see the dark blue eyes of a blonde-furred wolf. Albert.

The Alpha said nothing, looking at Bane, their eyes staring at each other, fighting each other. They stood like that, frozen for a few moments. Before finally Bane looked away, reluctantly, though he knew this was not the time, or place to fight him. Melissa dropped to her knees, sitting looking at the wolf, not directly, more at his muzzle than his eyes. The wolf was big, even bigger than Bane and Bane was already pretty big.

Albert looked on approvingly and Melissa knew she was doing something right, she remembered about height, eye contact and other than that she would just be polite. “What do you want?" the alpha snapped, "What’s so important you, the outsider and you, the leech, felt the need to disturb my run for?

"I wish to give you a proposition, sir. One you might like to partake in."

"Stop fucking around, spit it out." Vulgar creature, Melissa thought, she didn’t like him at all. He stood upright, commanding his dominace.

Melissa bit back the growl rising in her throat, "A chance to take down the coven."

He laughed, until he realised she was serious, "oh, you weren't joking. Go on then. How do you propose to do this?"

"I will accept their invitation and then tell the layout of their house, the people, the powers and the ages. You can rally your pack and take them down easily."

"And how do I know you're telling us the truth? I don't know you, you're a leech; two very good reasons to not trust you."

"Okay, first of all I may be a... leech, but I am in no way a friend to any of the other vampires here. I want them dead if anything. Trust, okay," she took a pause, "My name is Melissa Thorn I am an aristocrat from four hundred years ago, I try not to kill the people I feed from and think that I am a monster to say the least. I am faster than I am strong and my power is transformation."

"That's just a bunch of facts. You have to earn your trust, same as everyone else. And what about the outsider?" he snarled, staring at Bane again, "how do I know you won't challenge me or threaten my pack? You know there's a hunter in town, and I reckon he's looking for you... he's already seen both my partner and I, and he did nothing."

"Then how will I earn your trust? As for the hunter I will find him and bring him down myself. He's done too much to us, me. I have no mercy for him left."

The alpha leered at her, "good. You can start earning my trust by killing the hunter. I want him dead by the end of the week. I've had enough of nosy humans. As for you, outsider, if you ever challenge me, you will be torn to shreds and your miserable, packless life ended. I know someone all too willing to do it."

"Are you on about your Beta?" Melissa asked cautiously, a growl building again in her throat.

"I'm not interested in why. I'm more interested in finding a way of making him shut up about it."

"Then tell him that within your pack, you will not allow him to be with a vampire." She growled and Albert stepped forward.

"Enough!" He snapped and Melissa smiled.

"Get back, Beta," the alpha snarled, "you know your place." Albert bowed his head and moved back into the shadows, though his green eyes could clearly be seen through the thick foliage.

"You have my word that the hunter will be taken down, but if your Beta decides to ruin my life anymore I will snap his neck in two and I don't care if you'll hunt me down for it." Her fist became clenched as she looked behind the alpha, to Albert. "You lost my heart years ago fool, give it up." She could feel the Alpha’s burning eyes on her as she spoke and she knew she had overstepped her bounds.

Bane looked Albert's wolf in the eye and held the gaze, silently commanding him to go back into the woods.

"How dare you command a member of my pack, outsider!?" The alpha growled, his hackles rising.

"Am I not allowed to protect my human's wife?" Bane asked calmly.

She stood, changing into her russet wolf and stepping in front of Bane, "he meant nothing by it, I'm sure, it is his job. You know that."

The alpha and Bane both growled. Bane lifted a paw and swatted her on the back roughly, "move," he muttered.

She whimpered under his paw but shook her head defiantly, "no."

"Move! It's bad enough challenging the authority of one wolf, let alone another," Lazarus' voice broke through as he spoke through Bane's growling.

"No!" She growled, shaking her head again.

The alpha seemed to smirk as he stepped back from their argument. "You have until the end of this week to kill the hunter. I'll leave you to your little... domestic," he laughed, turning away and walking back into the trees.

"For an alpha your decisions are horrible," she muttered, changing back into her human form.  Bane just growled again and walked in the opposite direction to the alpha, but Melissa didn’t move, she just sat in the forest, sitting down on the floor. She knew she just did something to Bane... but what, “what did I do?”

The End

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