Melissa waited for the second night with anticipation after Bane’s new found independence turned Lazarus a little bitter. They were sat on the roof again, beneath the stars and the glistening moon. She dangled her feet over the edge of the building, her arm draped around Bane’s neck, just talking, about anything and everything. Until two hands appeared on Melissa’s shoulders, the figures cold breath in her ear as he whispered, “fly for me.” Before she could react he had pushed her from the edge of the building and he looked down at her with a smirk. Darren.

Melissa’s eyes widened as she concentrated on slowing her decent, she looked to the crow in front of her, focusing on its wings, trying to form her own. Smaller, black wings appeared on her back and she beat them rhythmically, but although smaller they still lifted her back onto the roof before disappearing into a flurry of shadow.

Bane snarled, launching himself at him, teeth flashing dangerously, Melissa called him off, “Bane, get off him.” he hesitated, before forcing himself to step back and sit by her side. “You are a fool to come here on a full moon.”

“Yes, I had quite forgotten about your guard dog,” he snarled, standing and brushing himself off.

“Oh, but how could you? He’s the best wolf around here. You are a bigger fool for forgetting.” She bent down to lean into Bane, her arms round his neck.

Darren looked at her in disgust, “he’s not your servant is he?”

Melissa shook her head figuring they were already on their bad side, “No, I am nothing to the wolf, but the man is my husband,” she muttered.

"You're forgetting that you're my friend, Melissa,” Bane whispered.

"You know that's not what he means." She whispered back, ignoring Darren as he rose a brow in question as to what they were whispering, Melissa stood again, to face him as he spoke.

“The pack will never let this stand, neither will we. Beware when this full moon ends.” He didn’t wait for an answer, instead jumping from the roof and disappearing. But Melissa wasn’t scared, she knew the vampires would never speak to the pack and the pack would never listen to the vampires... she hoped.

“Great.” She moaned, slumping back down on the floor. Bane whined and nudged Melissa's side affectionately, curling up beside her. "We'll need to get to the pack first," she told him.

"Why? That blonde one already knows." Bane replied, though she wasn’t sure he knew everything about Albert that Lazarus did.

"Albert? No, I need to go higher."

"But he's the beta. Their job is to protect the whole pack... I think that's as high as you need to go, isn't it?"

"But he won't care. If I tell the Alpha, we can bring down the coven. The Beta can't do that." She rested her head on his side and began to think. She needed to be sweet, show that she isn’t a threat. Show that she is lower than them if she has to.

"Oh, is he the one you don't like? I don't tend to listen in on your conversations." He sighed, looking around

"That's a question, what do you do while Lazarus is in control?”

“I just zone out, or sleep. I'm there when he needs protecting, but other than that I keep out of his mind."

"Oh, how would you act if we walked into the pack's lair?"

"Have you spoken to him on the matter?"

"I don't need to. He's not as strong as me as a human."

"Okay, if you're so sure, anything I should know about wolf etiquette?"

"How would I know? Other than eye contact being an issue. This is going to be as much of a learning curve for me as it is you."

"You're kidding," a wolf that doesn’t know how a wolf acts, he’s useless.

"I've been alone all my life. I didn't have anyone to teach me," he had a point, but she didn’t want to end up making a wrong move. This would be interesting to say the least...

The End

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