The Great OutdoorsMature

The transformation wasn’t pretty, it never was. Melissa sat there, staring at her husband as the moon brought out the monster within. But the wolf itself wasn’t monstrous, the transformation was. Screams were torn from his lungs as his body contorted, transforming into the giant luscious wolf. It’s white fur, whiter than her skin and as they both stood there, gazing at each other, the tensions in the air rose. Melissa diverted her eyes away from the wolf, not wanting to challenge it. “Lazarus?” She asked, wondering how much control he had.

“Mmm?” Lazarus replied in her head, the wolf not moving as it sat staring up at her.

"You're not about to attack me, are you? I mean, you are in control." She had to confirm it, she had seen what the wolf did to her kind when it tore Logan limb from limb. She didn’t want to take that risk with her own life.

“No, I’m safe.” She nodded and took a step forward cautiously.

“Good,” she murmured edging forward slowly. The wolf just watched her as she knelt down before it, gently raising her arms and wrapping them around its neck, kissing its muzzle softly.

The wolf went to lick her face, but Lazarus stopped it, "Ugh, sorry."

"Its fine, I don't mind." She smiled, resting her head against its muzzle. "As long as he's not going to eat me it’s okay."

"I hate the moon. D'ya think we could go destroy it?" Lazarus sighed, which turned to be a low growl from the wolf.

"I can't fly that high." She laughed, ruffling the wolf's fur. "Plus, I like him."

"He's a pain in the ass, literally."

"I bet, but," she placed the wolf's great head in her hands, looking into his eyes. "He's cute, aren't you?" She asked, but the wolf just bared his teeth and growled.

Lazarus was relaxed however, “I don’t quite think ‘cute’ is the right word.”

This made Melissa think, looking over the wolf, at his great paws and giant muzzle, his pointy ears and pale blue eyes, then who could forget the giant gaping jaws full of clean, pearl white teeth.  "Hmm, well, you're ferocious and scary, but lovable, how's that?"

The wolf tilted its head, apparently thinking about it. "He says maybe. Actually, he wants to get out and go somewhere. I told him to just deal with it, but he didn't appreciate it."

"I'd take you somewhere if I could, but I don't know where the pack is and I don't want a run in with them. But, if it's fresh air you're looking for, we could go to the roof," she suggested and the wolf thought it over.

He inclined his head and stood up, walking over to the door. Instead of waiting for Melissa, he stood on his hind legs and hit the latch until it opened, letting himself out. "Sometimes I wonder whether I have any control at all," Lazarus grumbled as the wolf bounded up the stairs to the top floor where an exit led out onto the roof.

She laughed and bounded after him, closing the roof door behind them, "it's not exactly the great outdoors but it's better than the apartment," she took a seat on the edge of the roof, watching the wolf intently until he moved to take a seat next to her, inclining his head to the sky.

"So umm... wolf. What do you think of me?" She murmured, curiosity taking over.

“He likes you when you’re not calling him cute.” Melissa laughed and nodded in understanding.

“I’m sorry, forgive me?” She whispered, leaning on the wolf slightly as she followed his gaze, looking up to the moon.

He nudged her with his muzzle and seemed to smile. "That's the closest I can get to kissing you,” he laughed quietly, the wolf's grin widening with the laugh, "He forgives you though."

"You know... you truly are a beautiful creature." She whispered, not taking her gaze from the moon. The mixture of beauty of his snow-white fur and wintery eyes mixed with the terror and fear of his existence.

"What, an oversized dog? I'll take your word for it," he laughed again, resting his head against her.

It was her turn to growl, "He is."

"Okay, okay. I said I'll take your word for it." He sighed and shifted, curling up by her side.

Melissa closed her eyes, transforming into her own wolf form, curling up beside him, her speech turning into barks. "I'm glad, I have this power," she smiled as much as she could.

"Me too..." he trailed off, his ears pricking up as he lifted his head.

"What's up?" She murmured, tilting her head to him.

"One of the pack nearby, scenting their patch again."

"They won't come up here, surely," she whimpered, hoping they wouldn’t.

"No, they'll scent around the bottom of the apartment block, but the wolf wants to go defend his territory."

"It's not your territory." She barked, "And that's my fault."

"I know it's not my territory, but the wolf doesn't see it that way."

"Strangely enough, I wasn't talking to you." She mumbled, nudging the wolf's side, "wolf. Do you know what I am to Lazarus?" The wolf nodded and she continued, “What am I to you?” She hoped the question would distract him from the wolf below.

He whined and tilted his head. "Good companion. I've been lonely, and Lazarus hates me. I like you."

"Thank you. I'm not sure he hates you, but the change hurts him, that's all," she barked back, unsure by the fact she was talking to the wolf first hand. It was strange.

"I don't mean to hurt him. That's just how it is for all our kind. He still resents me, I know, for killing his old lover," Melissa nodded, nudging the wolf comfortingly.

"Of course, our kind doesn’t exactly make it easy on you either. I'm sorry by the way; when I feed I don't mean to get so out of control." She paused, licking his ear lovingly, "but, he's moved on now... I think, I'm his and yours too if you'll allow me that close."

"I know, and Lazarus knows that. It's just a natural defence mechanism if his human form is in danger I protect it."

She nodded, still ashamed of her own beast, "And what of my second statement?"

"Dunno... never really thought about it. It goes against every instinct to even sit here and be civil, or let Lazarus near you. I've spent the last three and a half centuries trying to get him to go for someone else like him."

"I'm sorry you don't approve, my own instincts say the same and you've both seen my beast. It's nowhere near as civil as you," she tried to not let the wolf see how much this hurt her, she hoped there might have been some chance, any at all.

"Don't get me wrong. As a person you're great, just what you are... it's odd. I can live with it though; you make Lazarus happy."

"But, you're a part of Lazarus, your opinion counts to me too," she whimpered slightly, letting her head rest on her paws.

"I'm just a creature that shares his body - I'm not a part of his conscious thought. I do like you, though, if you really think my opinion matters."

"You share my job and that is to protect him, of course I care what you think. If he had chosen another werewolf female, like yourself then he would love her human and you would love her wolf. I know I could never be the same but I'll try." She whined slightly, “I’ll try.”

His wolf moved, pressing his body up against hers comfortingly, "Just give it some time. I like you, but I don't often get a chance to think for myself; it's why I used to be so uncontrollable. Three centuries of fighting your own host wears you down after a while."

"Yeah, fighting yourself for about four hundred years does that to you, then when you've finally accepted it, the whole world's waiting at your back to tear you down too." She mumbled, flicking her tail from side to side, her head tilting to face him.

"The whole world might be waiting at our backs, but Lazarus'll carry us through it. I give him physical strength and you give him mental strength. I know you doubt yourself, but you haven't seen how much the inside of his head has changed since you arrived. To put it in perspective, this is the first free control he's ever given me. He never would have trusted me before."

"I don't want Lazarus to carry us through it, but I am so damn tired," She moaned, four hundred years of fighting without a rest. She was just so sick of it all.

"Any way I can help?"

"I don't know," she changed back into her normal form, to find she was laid on her stomach, looking out to the city below. "I just don't know." The wolf whined again and sat up, nudging her in the side and she sat up, turned her head to him and sighed.

"Please don't give up, Melissa,” he pleaded.

"I won't. I can't." She looked to him, her eyes flashing blood red for a second. "I can't give up until the final battle is won."

"That's more like it," he seemed to smile again, "I could get to like you quite a lot more, Melissa Thorn."

She smiled back. "Good to know, wolf, do you have another name to go by?"

He shook his head, "Never needed one."

"Then will it be Wolf for the rest of your life?"

"I dunno. To be honest, I thought I was gonna be 'the nuisance in the back of my head' for the rest of my life. But you can give me a name if you really want.”

"Oh, I wouldn't trust me with names. How about...Bane? I don't know, I terrible with these things."

"So? You think a wolf could come up with a better name?" Even with limited facial features he seemed to mock her intelligence on the matter.

"Bane it will be then, I'll give Lazarus at what for if he makes any smart remarks."

"Have fun with that one. He'll only sulk."

"And contrary to what he says, I do think you are a beautiful creature."

“Thank you,” he smiled again and they sat there for quite some time, just talking like that. It seemed a nice way to spend the transformation.

The End

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