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Together they hid from the sun light creeping into the sky, asleep in each other's arms on the sofa. Their slender, naked forms were pressed together like a sculpture lazing in the middle of the apartment.

Lazarus was rudely ripped from his sleep as the intercom buzzed angrily by the door. He slipped off the sofa gently, glancing back as Melissa stirred. He picked up the phone muttering a tired "hello?" into it.

"Mr. Thorn? We have your bed delivery," the man on the other end said in a thick accent.

"Oh... oh, okay. I'll be down in a minute," he mumbled, rubbing his eyes with his free hand, before pushing the button to let them in. He pulled on the first pair of jeans he could find and a random shirt, which he buttoned up quickly, standing over Melissa. "Melissa," he muttered, "Melissa you need to wake up. The bed's being delivered," he said, picking up her clothes.

Melissa simply growled and turned over, ignoring him. "Honestly," he mumbled, "it's like trying to wake the dead," he laughed at his terrible joke and draped a spare blanket over her instead, dragging the sofa to the side of the room out of the way. He ran down the stairs and met the delivery men in the lobby. They took the frame and the mattress up in parts and took it into the bedroom to assemble it.

One of the men looked over at Melissa sleeping under the blanket with a little too much interest for Lazarus' liking, but one quick, threatening look dissuaded the men from stealing any more glimpses of her.

They were done quickly and he paid them generously, eager to get them out of his apartment again. Once they were gone, he put clean sheets on the bed and found the pillows, and he nearly crawled straight into it then and fell back to sleep. But first, he lifted Melissa off the sofa, cradling her in his arms as he carried her through the apartment into the bedroom.

"I'm up, you know," she said and he nodded, humming a tired "mmm" as he laid her down again on the bed before crawling under the covers beside her, not bothering to get undressed.

"You wake me up just to go to sleep again?"

"It's the middle of the day," he moaned, "I'm tired. I only woke you up ‘cause I thought you might wanna get dressed before we had a bunch of strangers putting the bed together."

"Wait, what? What did they see?"

"Nothing, I put a blanket over you," he yawned.

"Oh, thank you." She smiled, getting up again. "Sleep well, Lazarus." He hummed another "mmm", half asleep before she had even left the room. As he drifted off again, he heard Melissa playing the violin in the other room, filling his mind with music.


As the sun began to sink over the horizon again, Lazarus finally awoke, yawning. He pushed himself up and sloped into the kitchen to get a drink of water, smiling sleepily as he passed Melissa.

"Sweet dreams?" she asked as he filled a glass.

"They were very musical," he murmured, drinking down his water in one go.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I disturb you?"

"Not at all; I was enjoying it, even if I was asleep."

"That's good. My repertoire is rather limited though, I'm sorry for that." He waved a hand dismissively.

"My repertoire is limited. It doesn't matter; all that matters is you were enjoying playing it, hmm?" He smiled, leaving the kitchen to kiss her gently.

"Yes, and I was, I just wish I was better and making my own songs. I want to compose one for you; I just fear it won't be that good." He smiled. She could compose something with all the skill of an infant and he would still love it.

"I'm not one to be impressed by the complexity or technicality of a piece or anything like that. What impresses me is the effort and honest love that went into composing it," he chuckled lightly, "my sister, bless her, couldn't compose to save her life, yet she would sit down and write a piece just because she enjoyed it. I always loved listening to her works."

"Then, I'll try my best." He kissed her again, his eyes sparkling before he moved over to the piano.

"The moon's less than an hour away," he murmured, lifting the cover off the keys, "what shall I play?" he asked, turning to Melissa.

"I don't know," she mumbled with a delicate shrug of her shoulders.

"No preference?" He wasn't sure why he wanted to play out of the blue like this, but he knew he wanted to play before the moon rendered him incapable of anything useful for the next three nights.

"Not particularly." He shrugged and turned back to the piano, playing the first thing that came into his head. His latest composition leapt to his fingers and while it had seemed so hard to play as he crafted it, halting and unnatural, it felt easier now Melissa was here to listen to it.

"That's new, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I've been working on it for a while now... It hadn't felt quite right until now," he nodded, slowing slightly as his concentration was split.

"It's beautiful, as always." He stopped and stared at the keys for a long moment.

"No... hmm. It doesn't feel right, it just feels better. There's something missing still."

"Oh?" his stare turned into a scowl as the keys seemed to taunt him, keeping the missing element to the composition a secret from him.

"I don't know," he huffed, wincing as his arm muscles shuddered for a second, "there's just something... I'm not sure."

"Perhaps I could create a violin accompaniment in the morning, for now I think I'm going to be looking after you." She smiled weakly, taking note of the small spasm in his muscles.

"I'm fine," he smiled back, waving her concern away, "still got twenty minutes."

She wrapped her arms around him, "is there nothing I can do for you?"

"Heh, transformations are the only time I miss alcohol," he mumbled, "but I have to do it sober, so what you can do for me, is make sure I don't run off to the nearest off-licence."

"Okay, I think I can do that."

"Good," he murmured, turning his mind back to his composition. "I want my piano to just tell me what to play for once. Thinking hurts my brain," he pouted.

"Then, stop thinking. Close your eyes, place your hands on those keys and let the music flow. Allow the music in your mind to control your fingers, making them glide across the ivory and ebony keys." She smiled, moving her arms so she wasn't restricting him. He took a deep breath, told the wolf to stop bugging him for ten minutes and closed his eyes, running through what he had written, trying to find where it was lacking something.

But he couldn't find it and the wolf wasn't listening to him, his arms twitching more regularly making him falter. He sighed and opened his eyes, dropping his hands from the keys.

"Are you okay, Lazarus?"

"Yeah, I'm fine... you might wanna stop hugging me in a minute though," he half whispered sadly, grimacing as his stomach twisted uncomfortably. She dropped her arms from him, kissing him passionately before edging away a little. He turned to watch as she moved away from him, the sparkle in his eyes gone as he stood up, removing his clothes to save from ripping them. Sitting on the floor with his knees hugged to his chest, he looked up at Melissa as he waited for the moon to pull the wolf out of him.

The End

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