Forget about Paris.Mature

He barely touched his meal provided for him on the evening train to Paris. Though he had nothing better to do on the journey, he found his appetite had abandoned him. Lazarus and his leech had escaped the coven. Though it meant Lazarus was once again vulnerable to attack, they had angered the other vampires by their unexpected and unorthodox exit. It wouldn't just be him after Lazarus' blood - although they wanted his blood spilt for different reasons.

It was a challenge the hunter intended to overcome, however. His phone vibrated across the table as he stared at the packaged slop in the partitioned tray before him. With a tired sigh, he picked the phone up and answered the call.

"The dog and the leech just left the church. Just got married," the voice on the other end said, his tone disgusted. The hunter's face contorted into a confused mask of horror and revulsion.

"Oh, Christ. Who let that happen? Urgh," he groaned, "you're lucky I wasn't eating when you called."

"How many times?" the hunter could almost hear the other man rolling his eyes, "you know how I feel about blasphemy."

"Sorry," he muttered, not really meaning it.

"Anyway, you know where they live now, yes? You got the fax?"

"After my fax machine chewed it up, yeah. Don't worry, I've got it covered."

"Okay. Be careful, though. It's the first day of the cycle tomorrow, and there's a strong local pack that's going to be running wild."

"I know, I do keep a track of the lunar calendar, y'know."

"Good. I'll meet you at the train station when you get here."

"Sure." He hung up and leaned his head back on the headrest, staring at the ceiling. How could a leech and a dog ever get married? It was absurd. If Lazarus thought that what he had for Melissa was any more than the kind of love a domestic dog has for its owner, he was more stupid than the hunter thought. "Urgh," he muttered again, grimacing at the flickering fluorescent light above him. The train slowed and came to a stop, the wheels screeching. There was a moment of confused silence as people looked out of the windows to see that they were nowhere near their destination.

The hunter looked out of the window too, growling quietly with frustration as people began to mutter to each other. The intercom crackled and the driver rambled in French and the hunter sighed, pushing his dinner aside and banging his head down on the table.

It was dark long before the train began to move again. He looked up at the moon out of the window. In less than twenty four hours, Lazarus and a whole pack of other dogs would transform and run wild. It was his job to make sure they didn't ruin anyone else's lives the way Lazarus had ruined his.


Lazarus loosened his tie, put his jacket back on its hanger and pulled the rose from his button hole, smiling as he put it back in the vase with the rest of the roses. Melissa went to the bedroom and got changed, carefully hanging the dress up, smiling at it as she put on a pair of jeans and a blouse.

"Husband and wife, eh?" He grinned up at Melissa from the sofa as she emerged from the bedroom again. It was still a strange feeling. Something he had been convinced would never happen until he proposed. And even then he had been left with a surreal feeling.

"Yep," she nodded, sitting beside him. He put his arms around her, kissing her warmly, his smile still not fading. "Now we have to face the world... or at least the Paris part of it." She smiled back, with a slight sigh.

"Mmm... let's forget about the rest of Paris for tonight," he murmured, kissing her again, softly along her jaw line as he held her close against him.

"That shouldn't be too hard." She smiled, slowly gracing her lips over his. He smiled back, but it faltered slightly, and he hesitated a little, as the thought of Albert watching nagged at the back of his mind.

"Good," he mumbled, hiding his hesitation in another long, loving kiss.

The End

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