The people I loveMature

She had nearly guaranteed her escape from the apartment with those words. Lazarus stared at her dumbly, only glancing away when the child in his arms began to whine, sensing the tension as it mounted in the room. He tried to soothe the pup, but he was tipsy, and his hands had grown clumsy. The wolf usher smiled slightly and took the pup from him carefully.

Lazarus' hands fell to his sides a flicker of despair in his expression as he moved forward.

"Well, I do seem to have a habit of killing the people I love, don't I," he murmured quietly, stopping as he reached Melissa.

"That wasn't your fault, blame Bane for Gabriel. Plus, you weren't in control. I told you time again not to blame yourself," she reminded him and he shrugged. It was all the same to him now. She was the one who had declared their relationship a lie; why should he believe anything she'd ever said?

"Oh, wait a sec," she mumbled, slipping off her wedding ring and watching as it rolled across the floor, resting beside the broken violin and her wedding dress. "You know, I never managed to keep my violins intact."

"I noticed," he muttered, gazing at the ring. He ran a thumb over his own ring finger, feeling the empty space where his own ring should've been.

"Yeah. Oh well, won't be needing it anymore anyway." He said nothing, Bane's anger rekindling in the back of his mind. Reaching down, he grabbed the front of her shirt, pulling her up to her feet. The wolf's anger raged in his dulled eyes.

"I never did like liars," he growled, slamming her into the wall.

"What did I lie about?"

"Everything," he spat, "everything that mattered."

"I lied about nothing Lazarus, I did love you. I just don't do change. This was too much." The fist clenching her shirt tightened for a moment before moving up to her throat.

"You should've said," he hissed.

"You're right, well. I guess I did lie; my final-final wish is so that you don't ruin that dress. It's too beautiful to destroy." His hand tightened around her throat, enough to make breathing a struggle, but not enough to kill her. He wanted to. Bane wanted to.

"Mmm, good night, Lazarus. This has been the sweetest dream." She closed her eyes and a smile pulled her lips up. Seconds ticked by and no one moved. He wanted to. So why couldn't he snap her neck and be done with it? She tilted her head forward slightly, hiding her face from him.

But he still couldn't make himself.

With a wordless shout, he threw her to the floor. He was more angry at himself now than at her. In his frustration, he kicked out at her, his foot making sharp contact with her ribs. 


The End

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