Final WishMature

Melissa took a while, waiting for time to pass and Lazarus to change back before she decided to head back into town. She snuck through the shadows and down back alleys, always staying down wind and out of sight. When she got to the apartment block, she took the back ladders and snuck down the corridor silently.

Letting herself into the house she already had a plan of what she wanted. She realised no one was in, so she grabbed her violin from the corner of the room and walked into the bedroom. There she saw that all her clothes had gone. But that wasn’t why she was there. She picked up her wedding dress, but before she could even think about going back to the front door it swung open, clattering against the wall. Growls and snarls could be heard as she pushed herself flat against the wall closet the window.

Then everything was silent, and Melissa cursed her heart as it pounded in her chest. Kito put his hand on the handle and pushed it open slowly. Lazarus froze and their eyes met for a brief second, but it was lost when Kito attacked her, knocking her off her feet. She put up little defence, apart from a loud swear as her violin hit the floor and shattered. Again.

He watched for a moment as the alpha attacked her mercilessly before shuffling into nursery room with his children, shutting the door behind him and sliding down it. He didn't want to see. She snarled, looking at him with another swear. To her, he was just a coward. "Get off me, I will never return it you let me go. Just think, if I didn't take these, Lazarus would have never gotten rid of them and he would have been destroyed further!" He didn’t stop his relentless attack, drawing her to her last resort. She brought up her knee, attacking between his legs.

He faltered for a second, but tried his best not to let it affect him, “Next time, I'll make sure you never have pups you swine!" He ignored her and instead simply pinned her to the ground as a wolf appeared to usher Lazarus and the twins out of the way.

“Fine! Kill me then,” she growled in desperation as Kito continued to keep her still. As the wolf passed he took especial care to stand on her hand, making Melissa instinctively bite his leg. He kicked her off as Lazarus watched from the doorway.

"Y'know, I figure if you are a noble Alpha. You should give me a final wish."

He smiled slightly. "Go on then. What’s your final wish?"

"Lazarus kills me."

Lazarus thought his heart had stopped. Kito turned to look at him, silently questioning him: would he?

The End

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