Life's RequiemMature

Sequel to Death's Symphony and Midnight Melodies. Another romance story, enjoy.

The moonlight filmed in through the stained glass windows, illuminating the white dress of the even paler white figure; the bride. She was stood in a tight embrace from her protective husband, looking over at the one man that could destroy their existence in a click of his fingers. But as they looked at him, they knew that neither of them would go down without a fight and that the fires of hell would have to freeze over a thousand times before they gave up. The only ending to the story, would be made by them and no one else.

Albert clapped, the sound bouncing off the walls, silencing everything to make way for his voice. “Beautiful, truly, beautiful,” he smirked, pretending to wipe a tear from his eye.

Lazarus tightened his arms around Melissa and she held him back, though it was clear to tell that Lazarus was the dominant one that would tear Albert to shreds if he made a wrong move, “you were told to stay away, Albert,” he snarled.

But Albert remained cool, taking a step from the pews so he stood in front of the couple. “I just couldn’t resist.” He took a casual step forward. “I am stung that you didn’t invite me though.”

"I don't care if you're stung. You know you're unwelcome," Lazarus stared him down, his eyes connecting with Albert’s dangerously.

“You want to stop me?” He challenged, though his intentions were not to fight. Just to irk them a little, he’d already won.

“One perfect day. That's all we asked for. One, perfect day that you wouldn't ruin," he tried to keep his voice strong, but you could hear the sorrow that lined it.

"Fine," he held his hands up in surrender, "you can have this one day, just so you know, the hunter knows you're here, just thought I'd give you the warning."

A muscle in Lazarus' jaw jumped angrily, "just get out," he growled.

Albert bowed, "as you wish," he shrugged, walking from the aisle coolly and slowly.

Melissa turned to Lazarus, leaning into him a little more, her head resting on his chest as Jacques used the moment to slip out of the tension filled room. The priest however murmured his apologies before departing in much the same, silent way. “Lazarus, can we please forget he was ever here, please?” She asked in a whisper.

"Mmm. Sounds like a plan," he muttered quietly, kissing the top of her head as she listened to his heartbeat, it had become a past time of hers. She had lost her own; she had made a vow that she would never hear his stop.

“Let’s go home and try to enjoy the rest of this beautiful night, Lazarus.” She smiled weakly, looking up at him as if it would comfort him. She knew he was upset and angry, she was too. But she knew how to hide it, how to be emotionally strong for the both of them.

He smiled back, just about managing to hide his own anger. "So, how does it feel to be Mrs. Thorn?" he asked, taking her hand as they walked back up the aisle.

"It feels wonderful. Melissa Thorn. I love it." She grinned, unable to stop it as it spread across her lips, flashing her fangs as well.

"My beautiful wife," he rolled the words around his mouth, "never thought I'd ever get married; not till I got your engagement ring, of course," he smiled back as they began walking home under the moon that was almost full. It made her skin and dress glow so she became one heavenly shimmer of white.

“Me either, I guess I had almost given up; until I met you,” she replied, a slight breeze ruffling the feathers on her dress, but it did not make her shiver. It wasn’t the fact that no wind could chill her bones, but that she felt so warm and bright inside. She could hardly believe that she was now walking beside her husband... the man she thought she would never meet.

“And now you're stuck with me forever," he chuckled, pausing to kiss her. She sighed, he was always like this, but as he stopped their walk to bring her close to him, she couldn’t help but feel that bit warmer.

"I'm not stuck with you, you would never be such a burden to me," she whispered before kissing him back.

"Tied to me then," he grinned and she couldn’t hold back the slight laughter that escaped her lips from his odd expression.

"I guess that's a little better. I wish I could say the same, but you already had me before I walked down that aisle," she murmured, being the serious romantic as always and breaking the light, joyous moment.

"You had me long ago, too. I meant a legal tie." he lifted his hand to look at his ring.

She did the same, smiling at both the engagement ring and the wedding ring, but she couldn't help but wonder what she had seen before, on the inside of the golden band. She gracefully slipped it off her finger, gazing at it as a soft smile tugged at her lips. “My heart, forever yours.”

He watched her smile grow, "I couldn't resist."

"Oh Lazarus!" She smiled, her bottom lip wobbling a little as she bit back tears. "Thank you," she murmured, for lack of anything else to say.

He laughed and hugged her tightly, "no need to thank me."

She sniffed slightly, "you've got me in tears now you fool," she laughed too, using her hands to wipe away the tears, instead of hugging him back, she didn’t want blood on her dress. But when she pulled her hand away she saw that they were clear as if God had been watching over their union, allowing it.

He pulled back slightly and wiped them away with his thumb and her hands dropped to her sides as she looked up at him. "Can't be having my lovely wife in tears now," he grinned.

She smiled softly back, her hands on his waist. Just stopping, absorbing the moment as they gazed into each other’s eyes under the heavenly view above them.

The End

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