Life's Beginning

     My life didn't begin until she walked through it.  I slowly languished my way through each day, politely acknowledging passersby as if I cared to know anything about them.  Timid interactions and silent nights were my safety, my refuge from anything real.  Then she glided in.  She exuded the warm glow of affluence, giving off the feel of wealth without throwing it in your face.  She was intimidating.  She was captivating.  Her good looks pushed me away, but her eyes called to me even harder. 
     I was compelled to approach her.  Her appearance alone was enough to speed the pace of my existence.  For some reason, when I saw her I knew that I couldn't let her simply pass through my life like a sad sigh.  I immediately began to muster the courage to approach. 
     As I slowly convinced myself that I was somehow qualified to speak to such a beauty, that I even stood a chance, she flitted to a far corner where she promptly occupied a dark booth. Alone.  As if destiny had frowned upon my life and decided to give me this one chance, she sat alone. 
     Not willing to waste another moment in my obscure mundane shell I approached her with nothing in mind but what fascination she inspired.  This seemed a poor plan, as I soon discovered I should have approached with something to say when I finally got to her.
     Upon my arrival I struggled to conceptualize what I had done.  Having moved without serious thought or planning, I found myself placed in front of a woman who would ultimately give me a life, with nothing to say. 

The End

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