Delaney is still very young; her mind is still new and fresh, just waiting to obtain so much information. She always says stuff that doesn't seem accurate or sane, but when you think about it, children see stuff in a different light. When I was little, everything I thought seemed so logical and intelligent, but now that I think about it, it was complete nonsense. I think that might be how Delaney thinks.  

            Delaney is a crooked tooth little girl with short red hair and a freckled face. She makes the weirdest expressions and has a contagious smile. She is defiantly a tomboy. She hates wearing skirts and complains about dresses, though, she doesn't seem to care about high heels. She has a weird way of showing her expressions and loves attention (good or bad). She likes being the baby of the house. She just turned 7 but acts and talks like a 4 year old. It gets kind of annoying, but I don't mind much.

 She doesn't seem to have much of here own likes (as in favorite foods or hobbies) I've realized that she usually just does what her friends want and is a HUGE pushover. I'm sure it's just a phase, but I worry sometimes.She loves to be the leader of games. Usually she'll jump right in and take charge.But if someone else wants to lead too, she argues a bit. If the other person bites back, she just backs off. 

 I'm not too fond of her friends. There always bossing and pushing her around and telling her it's okay to curse and ,as my english teacher Mrs.Mulkey says, dip from other peoples buckets. Sometimes I just want to spank those ignorant brats, but I know it would just make it worse for Delaney. Not only would I be teaching her a bad lesson, but her 'friends' would be gone and Delaney would go back to being silent and isolated. Sometimes I think it might be good for some people to get bossed around,otherwise they won't do anything or live up to there full potential. 

 I'm sure her future is bright.


To Be Continued

The End

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