Life-Plain And Simple...I Wish

Description of my family.....I have a lot of thoughts about my family and my friends seem pretty interested in them so I've decided to start posting stuff up in a story like way

(You Can Completely Ignore This Part If You Like, I Always Ignore Prologues In Stories....Cuz There Boring :))

Sooooo, I Dont Really Know What To Say. My Life Is Average. I Have Friends Family and Go To school. Now My Personal Life,The One I dont Share With Even My Closest Friends, Is My Real Story. Im One Of Those People Who Are The Happiest People You Could Ever Meet. You'll Never See Me Mad And You'll Never See Me Cry. Not Even My Own Parents Will. When I Get In Trouble, I Apologize, Nod, And Fix It.  I dont Want People To Know When Im Anything But Happy, Because I've Noticed That It Effects Their Feelings As Well. The Reason I'm Writing This Is Not For Sympathy Or To Entertain Others, But That One Day, If Someone Going Through A Rough Time Like Me, Or Worse, They'll Find Comfort Or Advice In My Experiences And ,If All Gos Well, Hope.

The End

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