Life-an Indefinable Term chp.2 : Solution

That day was a very tiring day. I hated it when I started up with something I really wanted to tell and then when I end up not telling anything and the other person is really pissed off about it.

As usual, no one was home except for Maria and Jane, the housekeepers. Well, yes, I AM the rich-father’s-spoilt-daughter. I live in a grand house, with two maids around. Whenever I want anything, they would bring it to me. But I didn’t like all this service. I wanted to be alone. Sometimes, they would over-serve you, if you know what I mean. That’s something I really hate. Sometimes, they try to interfere into our problems, more of my problems.

Maria opened the door. She asked if she could carry my bag till my room. I refused to give it to her and I walked straight into my room, looking nowhere. My eyes were still wet.

I went into the washroom and had a sight of my face. It wasn’t that bad. It looked fine. The mascara had spread a little under my eyes. I washed my face with the cleanser and changed into short pants and a white tank.

I closed the windows and put on the music player. I had already inserted some slow melodious music and I didn’t change it. I let myself fall on the bed. I sighed a big worrisome sigh and stared at the white ceiling. After a few seconds, my eyes shut and they didn’t feel like opening. I dozed off after that...

I had the most awesome dream; I could call it awesome only if I wasn’t going around with Jayden. Cameron was in it. That’s why I couldn’t name it awesome.

It was dark, in the woods, with thick vegetation around. I was just walking to the north, myself not knowing where I was going. Later I realized I was heading to a small cottage in the forest. A dim light was lit at the doorstep. I walked towards the house. Before I could knock, someone opened the door. Cameron.

“Hey, you came!” he said, pulling me into an embrace.

“Yes, I did.” I said.

I frowned. What was going on?

“Come in.”

We walked inside the small cottage. I wondered how he fitted inside it. A 6 feet person couldn’t, you know.

“Have a seat.”

I obeyed him silently.

“Kayl, thank you, I knew you would choose me.”

Choose him? Choose him for what? 

“Of course I would. I always loved you more than Jayden.” I said, hugging him tighter.

What? NO!

“I know that. I knew you would leave him for me.”


I got up right after that. No, what was I doing! I wasn’t going to leave Jay for Cameron. This is not right. I deserve Jayden and not Cameron! Cameron is so old (6 years older); he’s too old for me. Jayden is at least my age!

I couldn’t handle it. I called El.

“El, this is wrong. I don’t know what I’m doing!” I said immediately.

“What are you saying? Hold on, get clear, Makayla.”

“I'm not giving my hundred percent to Jayden.”

“What?” she asked confused. “But you’re dating him right? Don’t you think it’s too late to state that?”

“I don’t know, El, Its wrong. I’m not loyal to him. You know how much I like Cameron.”


“What do I do?” I asked quite vexed.

“Why did you tell him yes then?”

“I don’t know. I mean, I did think over for a day, El, it just seemed right to me at that time. I felt that Cameron is too old for me and Jayden is just perfect, you know. I knew I would never get to date Cameron; neither will he ever turn to have a look at me in that way. So I thought maybe Jayden wouldn’t be like Ethan.”

“He isn’t like Ethan, Kayl.”

“I know that. But now, I'm so in Ethan’s position.”

“But you’re at least not double dating Jayden with Cameron.” She declared.

“You’re right El, but... I think I should break up with Jayden. I’m doing it right away.” I said immediately.

“Hey, no, that’s a wrong step. Have you ever thought what he’ll go through if you break up with him? C’mon, you guys’ relationship is just a week old. Let it grow older. Get strong you guys.”

“Don’t you understand? I just can ditch him. I don’t want to become like Ethan.” I said.

“You are not becoming like Ethan, Makayla. You’re better than him. At least you feel guilty about it. Anyways, that’s altogether a different thing. And another problem will arise if you break up with him.”

“Now what?” I whined.

“Alyssa. She made this thing. She hooked you guys up. She’ll stop talking to you.”

“Oh man! Why me?!” I moaned.

“It is okay, Makayla, it happens. But just one present advice, don’t break up with Jayden. He’ll really be hurt. Okay?”

“Okay,” I sighed and kept the phone. I stared at the clock above the music player. It was 5:15 and the second hand was ticking past 7. I continued to stare at the clock and wondered how time was passing by. Maybe El was right, I shouldn’t break up with him. It would be wrong. I should really try to get feelings for him. After all, I was never going to get Cameron anyway.

The End

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