The First Close Call


                The streets are busy today. Thats good, I'll blend in more. Last thing I need is to be noticed. I still haven't mastered the "thoughtless zombie" look quite yet. I'm working on it.

                I've just got out of work. It's hard work, but the hours are short and the pay is good. I've got an Alienware m900 desktop replacement gaming laptop in my backpack. But trust me, i'm not planning on any gaming.

                Recently, word has been going around about a new member of A.K.A. Word has also been going around that he is slightly smarter than the rest of A.K.A. That could be the problem. That could be a very large problem. Currently, we're surviving for the simple reason that, well, A.K.A. isn't very intelligent. That's gonna change.

                So why am I walking around with a gaming laptop? Simple. I'm checking up on this new member of A.K.A. Why can't I just google him? Simple. If people can't think, why do people need Google. For that matter, Why do people need the internet at all? Simply stated, A.K.A. decided that only loyal A.K.A. members were allowed to use the internet.

                So how is a computer gonna help me research someone if I don't have internet access? Thats the fun part. The government forgot to put passwords on their wireless networks. After all. If people don't think, why would they try to use the internet? It seems the majority of A.K.A. has forgotten how to think too.

                I can see a government building up ahead. Looks promising, hopefully they'll have wifi. I'll just have to find a way to get into the sewers beneath the building.

                I walk down some alleys behind the building. They aren’t busy, and since the majority of the public doesn’t think, no one will be asking why I randomly am walking down a back alley. A sewer grate ahead looks promising.

                I pull out the tools of the trade. Standard issue crow bar, gloves, and explosives (probably won’t use those, but you never know...). I put the crowbar into the grate, pull, and...nothing? It didn’t move? It seems they smartened up and locked it. I have a real problem with this new guy.

                “Please put your hands in the air.” Blasted from behind me. Probably through a megaphone or something.

                I turn around slowly, the picture of an obedient citizen. Yeah right, I'm pretty sure I didn't look innocent. A quick glance showed that I was wrong, I wasn't getting yelled at by a megaphone. . 4 mechs stood behind me. This could be a problem.

                I dove backwards, hand picking up the explosives I had left on the ground. As I hit the ground the payload left my hand, as it reached the mechs it blew up in midair. The front two were disintegrated immediately; the other two flew backwards a few feet. Time to leave.

                A nearby fire escape looked like a likely getaway. Taking the stairs 3 at a time I flew up. The mechs began to pick themselves up as I reached the top. They looked unarmed. That was good. Jumping from roof to roof I quickly reached the main road running through the city. I planned to lose the mechs in the crowds. I jumped down into the alley running parallel to the main road. A quick right turn and I was running towards the roads. I  looked into the road to see how big the crowd was, only to find that, the street was deserted. And in the place of a large crowd sat a bunch of mechs. These ones were armed.

                It took me a moment to recover from the shock of finding the main road completely deserted. A quick glance around showed police barriers. It seems that the police were slightly more organized than I thought. My hand flew to my pocket and grabbed my pistol. Not exactly gonna destroy an armoured mech. But it made me feel better.

                I flew through the alleys until I reached another fire escape. I love these things. I took the steps 4 at a time this time. Nothing speeds you up quite like being chased by armed mechs.  I reached the roof and looked around. The mechs were behind me, but they were gaining fast. I needed an escape route. I ran aimlessly over the roofs, no clue how I was going to escape. Just trying to stay out of reach of the mechs.

                Suddenly, a flare shot off a few buildings ahead of me. That could be a good sign. I ran to where it flew from and looked down. Standing beneath me with a sewer grate open was Mike, the leader of our small resistance. I jumped down, and landed beside him.

                A few moments later we were flying down a ladder into an old sewage pipe. We got to the bottom, paused for a moment to catch our breath, and took off toward our resistances base of operations, a large sewage pipe under a traffic circle. We arrived without seeing or hearing any signs of pursuit.

                “I think we lost them.” I said between gasps for breath, “How did you know to open the sewer grate for me?”

                “I saw them following you down the street. Couldn’t go up and tell you or they would have followed me too, so I decided to prepare a getaway. This is the first time they’ve shown any sign of paying special attention to us. We have to be more careful now.” He responded, slightly nervous, “We’ll have to call a meeting of the leaders of our group, spread the word around, no more unauthorized explosions, paintings, or hacks. I think our lives are about to become a bit more exhilarating."


The End

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